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Pan | Oct. 9, 2015 | New Trailer on Page 25!

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Pan has been routinely played by actresses in plays and in movies so I won't be surprised if they actually pick an actress to play Peter Pan.


Actually in most movies Pan has been played by a boy (Disney's Version, 2003 film etc..). 


On stage though, yes he has played by a woman several times.

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I like Keira but I don't think she will play the part even if it is offered to her. I hope they offer this role to an actress as that will make the movie really something to look forward to. As it is I don't really have any fucks to give about a straight-up Peter Pan adaptation.

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There's a lot of fun twists and turns in it, but a lot of times when [writer Jason Fuchs and I] talk about it, I think about Arrow a lot, because there's obviously certain beloved characters that come along with an entity like that.


So you want to do honor to them and the essence of who they are but also find new ways of arriving at them. But it is a prequel in the sense that it is an origin story about this character. So there's a big nationwide happening here for Peter right now and also all over the world.


That's exciting. I feel like I've seen every child, every young potential Peter between the ages of 9 and 14! And there's some other really fun exciting casting things coming up as well.


Movie will about Pan and Hook's friendship.
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This made me laugh out loud,


"Wright is planning to create a world that very international and multi-racial, effectively challenging audiences’ preconceived notions of Neverland and reimagining the environment".


So you cast a white girl as an Indian. Okay, okay! 


Also they considered Lupita and Adele Exarchopolus, yet they choose an actress who is not a box office draw either.


Unless they change the race of the character, I could see this causing controversy. 

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