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Fake Actor Database

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For use in our films, if we can't find a real actor that fits, this is a list to supply us with some new ones.I am starting with the one I added for Interconnected, "Don Rodriguez."Don RodriguezAge: 24 (9/27/87)Height: 5'11Weight: 250Talents: Drama, Over-acting? (Tends to work well in villain roles)Films: Interconnected

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This is good, just two things to remember.

1) Fake Actors age like in real life, so DR is 24 now but on 1/1/12 he turns 25 (unless you want him to have a specific birthday)

2) People shouldn't use other people's fake actors/actresses without their permission

Casey Donnolly

Age: 13 (5/14/1998)

Films: A Bend in the Road (Year 1)

Background: New to the world of cinema, Casey's only acting experience prior to appearing in A Bend in the Road was a recurring role on the hit CBS crime procedural The 14th as the precocious only child of the female lead.

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