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Transformers: The Last Knight | 6/21/2017 | Big Budget, Weak OW?

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Finally watched it.


I honestly don't get the rejection that it suffered everywhere, even from Chinese, the only explanation is that people are completely tired of this franchise as a whole, which is terrible news for the future installments.


The movie basically follows the same structure (or lack of it) of the previous movie, actually, it may in fact be the funniest Transformers movie yet, every scene between Hopkins and his butler robot were the highlights of the movie, and I wish we could spend more time with them.


While the action didn't impress anymore like it used to impress, it still well made enough, and the whole scene under water is just phenomenal.


The plot makes no sense, but apart of the first movie, when it did? Lol. It's redundant to complain about the plot in the fifth installment of the series.


My biggest problems were Megatron being used as villain once again, for god's sake, this is getting ridiculous, the guy has been appearing since the first movie, time to move on, there's another villains that could be explored. And the lack of development of Izabella, she had potential to be such a strong characater, something like Rey in the Transformers Universe, but apparently Bay doesn't know what to do with her, I guess that strong females characters are not something that he's used to, but at least he tried this time, lol.


I'd say it is on par with the fourth movie, and behind 1 & 3 as the best TF movies. Bay left the franchise on the right time, since people finally got tired of the concept as a whole, it became a bomb waiting to explode in the hands of the next lucky guy, I just hope for a FINAL movie truly epic as that scene after credited promised.   

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On 7/23/2017 at 9:19 AM, Mockingjay Raphael said:

I just hope for a FINAL movie truly epic as that scene after credits promised

Same here man, same here. That's really all I all from here on out for this franchise. I've liked every film to an extent. DotM was my favorite

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3 hours ago, Noodlebug said:

Looking at the estimated ticket sales for this franchise, this looks really brutal:


TF1: 46,402,100

TF2: 53,900,900

TF3: 44,260,900

TF4: 30,375,600

TF5: 14,416,900

Damn man....some course correction is needed for Paramount, Hasbro and this franchise. They need to do something really special with the Bumblebee movie. 

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12 minutes ago, YourMother said:



A fully animated theatrical Transformers movie is being made but in the Michael Bay universe.

By the same people animating the pony movie. It'll look cheap as fuck.

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28 minutes ago, John Marston said:

Ok just curious. Did this film make money? 

from theatrical revenue, I can't see how it would have made money. But it also sells toys, plus ancillaries and home media etc I'm sure it will make its money back somewhere along the line.

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