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Comic to Film- Bottom 10 Supervillain Adaptions- Blockbusters

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Here is my list of the bottom 10 supervillain adaptions in films that made 100m DOM or more. Feel free to add your lists.


10. Green Goblin II

9. Doctor Doom

8. Whiplash/Crimson Dynamo

7. Mephisto

6. Bane

5. Venom

4. Silver Samurai

3. Deadpool

2. Parallax

1. Galactus


If you want a more detailed list and the reasons I feel the way I do, go here:






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    [*]Bane from B&R

    [*]Harry's Green Goblin, he was like u said all over the place, with no real purpose

    [*]Silver Samurai



    [*]Mr. Freeze


    [*]Dark Pheonix


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Two-Face from Batman Forever deserves strong consideration for this list. They completely ruined the character in that film.



I definitely considered Two-Face, but there were redeeming qualities to the character. They got the coin thing mostly right, and his origin was pretty much straight out of the comics. Also, he was involved with Robin, he didn't kill Dick Grayson's parents, but he did murder the second Robin, Jason Todd's father.


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Mr. Freeze.


Just compare the quality and execution of the arc in the animated series to the one in B&R.


That was something I decided I would not do with this list. This is comic to film, not film to film, or TV to film. Mr. Freeze in the comics has a long history of inane plots and an obsession with his wife. Bane, on the other hand, was a modern character, and they completely missed the reason for his very existence.


They may have adapted a Mr. Freeze from an era of Batman we'd rather forget, but at least they adapted some version of him that has existed. Their Bane was not Bane, other than his look...kinda.


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6. Mandarin 



I also considered Mandarin. I really hated that they turned the character into a joke, but Killian ended up the Mandarin. Still, a poor adaption from comic to film, but honestly, the character itself is inherently racist, so I let it pass since changes were inevitable.



"Ultimately we do give you the Mandarin, the real guy, but it's Guy Pearce in the end with the big dragon tattooed on his chest." - Shane Black

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Dr. Doom and Galactus should be a the top of every list. Remember how Galactus was a cloud and they killed Dr. Doom with a fire hydrant? lol


The one aspect I tried to focus on was the soul of the characters. The soul of Galactus is he is so huge, we are like fleas to him, so why should he care about us? They stole that from us by making him into an indistinct cloud. Dr. Doom would have been higher, but they at least gave some effort into his look and his vanity. Doom in the comics fuses his mask to his face because of one tiny scar. I wish they would have went that far in the film.

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