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Hiccups's Critical Review Year 8

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I will review films in the order they are released. Review format will be as follows.





Rating- Number 

Rating- See or Not



Rating Scale



A+ = 10

A = 9.7

A- = 9.0

B+ = 8.3

B = 7.4

B- = 6.6

C+ = 5.8

C = 5.0

C- = 4.2

D+ = 3.3

D = 2.5

D- = 1.6

F = 0


Rating Scale


Must See!


Don't See!

Steer Clear!

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Blood Brothers 


Melodramatic and uninteresting that not even Tom Hanks or Morgan Freeman can save, Blood Brothers is a waste of talent and fails to be the Oscar musical event that it hopes to be. 




Don't See!



The Good, The Bad, and The Dead  


Bizzare, gory, and sometimes fun, Sam Rami's zombie flick shines bright in the light of horror comedy films but is weak as a western action flicks and this is what brings it down. 





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Bloodbath Unite 


Violent, gory, and disgusting, Bloodbath Unite is a bloodbath but not in a good way. Poor acting and lack of real scares makes this film a miss in the horror genre. 




Steer Clear!

Hard to Find


Generic but also well casted, Hard to Find will provide excellent counter-programming in the barren January month and it will be well liked by fans of comedy/drama how it shouldn't appeal to anybody outside of the genre.




See it!


Unbalanced 5 


Unbalanced 5 concluded the epic horror franchise on a good note but not a strong note as fans would like. The single story is good and creepy but lacks genuine scares and disturbing scenes that make the franchise so successful. 




See it!

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1944 Part I: Resistance


The film is well acted although there should be more character development so you can be invested more in the actions of the characters. The score and direction were solid. The ending is abrupt and probably the weakest part of the film. The film is very long and can get dull at times but it always seems to grab your attention. 




See it!


Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel


The third installment of Army of Two remains on par with the first two action flicks and it plays it safe thought the film giving audiences what they are looking for. The acting is good for a action film and the action sequences are well done. 




Don't See it!




The intentions and original story help keep Chessman from being a completely dull animated film however this film can't seem to rise the occasion. The acting is mediocre although well casted and the animation is rough and low quality.




Don't See it!

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Ice Station 2: Area 7


One par with the first, Ice Station 2: Area 7 is a solid sequel with a strong cast and good direction. The film is rushed at parts and sometimes loses focus on the story but fans of the series will probably ignore these errors.




See it!



Slenderman: The Beginning


Slenderman: The Beginning reminds us why most horror films should go straight to Netflix.




Steer Clear!

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Mega Review Time




Curling Men- 5.0/10 (Don't See It)



Silent Invasion 3: The Attack- 4.5/10 (Don't See It)


We are the Champions 2: Rise of the Crusaders- 6.0/10 (See It)


A Love to Die For- 8.0/10 (See It)


Demon: The Summoning- 3.0/10 (Steer Clear)


Farmville- 6.5/10 (See It)


Hush Hush Little Baby- 2.5/10 (Steer Clear)


Darkseed- 6.0/10 (See It)


Spinach Artichoke Dip- 3.5/10 (Steer Clear)


Daniel Tosh: New and Improved- 7.5/10 (See It) (I love Daniel Tosh and I'm not ashamed)


The Guardian of the West- 7.5/10 (See It)


The Last Rider- 1.0/10 (Steer Clear)


MirrorWorld- 8.0/10 (See It)


At the Mountains of Madness- 9.5/10 (Must See)


Twinkie- 4.0/10 (Don' See It)


Espionage Project 2: This Time, It's Espersonal- 3.0/10 (Steer Clear)


Pompeii- 7.0/10 (See It)


Lost Planet- 8.5/10 (See It)


Hairspray- 4.0/10 (Don't See It)


Thomas Was Alone- 7.0/10 (See It)


Keg Party- 5.0.10 (Don't See It)

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Remember Hiccup we're trying to get actuals for January-March completed by Friday the 27th.


December 27th? Is it okay if I start tonight? Also where are the hold overs?

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April Reviews!



Life- 8.0/10

Horror House- 3.0/10


The Legend of Redwall- 7.0/10


The Most Dangerous Game- 8.5/10

Walls of Stone- 9.0/10


Next Vegas- 3.5/10

Stephen King's It: Part 2- 7.5/10

Happy Tree Friends- 2.0/10

Move- 2.5/10

Run and Gun- 6.0/10

Edited by Hiccup
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May/June Reviews


StarCraft: Brood War- 7.5/10The Academy- 5.5/10

Christine- 4.0/10


Digimon: World Invasion- 7.0/10

Stranger in a Strange Land- 6.5/10Candy Crush- 4.0/10

The Dresden Files: Stormfront- 5.0/10Hand Drawn Heroes- 9.0/10

Interconnected: An Empire Risen- 8.5/10Age of Empires- 7.5/10

The Chain- 1.5/10

Wizardversity- 7.5/10Godzilla: Apocalypse- Part 1- 8.5/10Land of No Left Turns- 6.5/10 

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