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The Box Office Hunger Games (CANCELLED)

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'Twas in the not too distant future when the great, noble and maybe slightly deranged armies of Rukaio101 invaded the land of Box Office. Any resistance was quickly oppressed defeated by my gorgeous self and the land entered into a great age of peace, harmony and prosperity for me all.


Well, except for the poor fuckers I force to fight to the death every year.'

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It's the Hunger Games. You should probably know this. For the sake of courtesy however, I shall explain. 12 people (not 24 because I'm lazy) go into an arena. 1 person leaves. Because the other 11 will be dead. Very very dead. The person who is not dead at the end is the winner. 


Now, you can control your character within the games by PMing me with exactly what you plan to do. I shall then PM you back telling you exactly what just went wrong with your plan and why you are now on fire. I shall provide you with any important information or answer any questions, as long as it's about something your character would've realistically noticed.


Here are some basic ground rules.


    [*]No posting in this thread about events inside the arena. [*]Reading the books or seeing the film is not necessary, but advised. [*]No Tribute/Sponsor or Tribute/Tribute conversations without my permission, once the game has started. [*]Do not treat this like a RP, and do not attempt to godmod. [*]After death, there is no contacting other tributes about events. [*]I am allowed to deal out punishments at host discretion.

You can make alliances among yourselves in the days leading up to the game but once we getting running, you can only communicate through me.


With that out of the way, here's the sign-up sheet. You have 10 points to distribute freely between Agility, Stamina, Strength and Skill.



District: (see below)

Ranged Weapons or Melee Weapons: (aka, which are you more skilled with?)

Ideal Choice of Weapon: (Please conform to the choice above, so don't choose ranged weapons and make your weapon of choice melee)

Times Most Available: (Since we have a lot of different people from different time zones, this'll be useful for knowing when everyone's active. If you could make sure your answers are in British Time, I'd appreciate it. Don't know what time British Time is? Google it. (also don't worry if the times you're most active  at are really late since I have very odd sleeping patterns.)


Agility: (Affects how fast you can move and how capable you are at it.)
Stamina: (How well do you cope with pain, thirst, hunger and tiredness (which will be things here).)
Strength: (How big a weight can you move.)
Skill: (How good are you at building weapons, aiming and meddling.)


Your choice of district will also affect those four stats. Each district has its own specific boosts as listed below.


District 1 has +2 Strength
District 2 has +1 Strength and +1 Agility.
District 3 has +2 Skill
District 4 has +2 Strength
District 5 has +1 Skill and +Agility
District 6 has +1 Stamina and +1 Skill
District 7 has +1 Skill and +1 Strength
District 8 has +2 Stamina
District 9 has +1 Agility +1 Stamina
District 10 has +1 Skill and +1 Strength
District 11 has +1 Agility and +1 Stamina
District 12 has +1 Skill and + Stamina


Naturally, since there are only 12 players, only one player can represent each district so it'll be first come first served.




For those of you who have unfortunately (or luckily) missed out, you'll still have a chance to participate as a sponsor! 


Basically, as a sponsor, you'll start off with a set amount of funds and access to the Sponsor chat area where we can discuss goings on outside the public (and participants) eyes. You shall also select a participant to sponsor.


While your funds will be too low for you to be able to buy anything at the start (unless you pool with other people), you have an opportunity to bet your funds on certain things your sponsor will do (eg, killing someone, not dying, picking his nose and eating it, etc), which may end up winning you enough to buy objects to send to your sponsor. If your sponsor dies, you can choose to sponsor someone else, however, you will lose a quarter of your funds.


If you wish to be a sponsor, just post in the thread telling me so and I shall send you a PM with the Sponsor chat address.


Note for Games Participants: There shall also be NPC sponsors who will reward things like killing people. Take note.


Alright then, since I think I've covered everything, I shall leave you with one final message.


May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favour. Because, with me in charge, you'll need a bloody miracle to get out of this unscathed.


Cancelled due to lack of players

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Username: k1stpierre

District: District 4

Ranged Weapons or Melee Weapons: Melee

Ideal Choice of Weapon:  Axe

Times Most Available: This is the only part that worries me. I'm almost done with school, but my job hours aren't set hours, it changes every week. I'm mostly available on Mondays I'd say from 9:00pm-12:00am. Sundays at night, 9:00pm-12:00am are also good for me. I just wanted to throw it out there that even though it's highly unlikely, my job 'could' get in the way. I don't know how big of a problem that would be. And of course, those times are eastern times (mass girl here :) )


Skills: Is the +2 already included in the ten or is that extra? (meaning 12 points?)

Agility: 3


Strength: 3

Skill: 1

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The points from your districts are extra, so you'll have 12 points in total.


Also, don't worry too much about times. I'll adapt as necessary.

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Username: Empire

District: District 8

Ranged Weapons or Melee Weapons: Ranged

Ideal Choice of Weapon: Throwing stars

Times Most Available: Late night is best


Agility: 3
Stamina: 4
Strength: 2
Skill: 3


This includes my already given +2 for stamina

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Username: The Panda

District: 9

Ranged Weapons or Melee Weapons: Because my weapon of choice is a knife it's technically either Close Ranged or Long Ranged due to being able to throw one, but no in between.

Ideal Choice of Weapon: The Knife

Times Most Available: 7:30-12 AM CT which is 1:30-6 AM British Time Mondays - Fridays and Weekends vary.


Agility: 4 (5 with the bonus)
Stamina: 2 (3 with the bonus)
Strength: 0
Skill: 4

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Okay, I'm going to extend the starting date to the 20th since we don't have enough sign-ups yet. Although, if I get a enough sign-ups in the the next 5 days, we'll begin on the original start up date

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