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Retro Throw Back: 2005's King Kong- What Went Wrong?

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Movie did $500M worldwide.


Pretty good for something that went wrong.


That being said, the film was sluggishly paced, and the casting was simply off IMO.


Watts was good, but Brody was a misfire in his role.  They had no chemistry.  Jack Black was...fine in my book, but not sure people took a shine to him in that role either.


Quite frankly...I think Jackson took the serious drama bit too far...in what should've been a little more faster paced adventure/monster film.


At the end of the day, despite all that, it still made a decent chunk of change.

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the film def wasnt unnecesary imo



that chem between Kong & Ann was worth it :worthy:

as a huge fan of romcoms & romantic dramas I'd rank it up there with the greatest couples' chemistries

& considering 1 half was a cgi gorilla thats saying smth

Andy & Naomi did a terrific job 

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I loved KK. Sure, it could've been shorter (it had a lot of padding), but the fx and cinematography was spectacular, the action was breathtaking, and the relationship between the beauty and the beast was beautiully rendered, in no small part thanks to Naomi Watts's heartbreaking performance. Watching the last ten minutes of KK made me bawl like a madwoman, and to this day, I can't even watch a Youtube clip without tearing up.

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LexJoker is not talking about the final gross and worldwide bo.

The question is why would a movie with so much going for it open to only 9 million.



For one, compared to summer December is not known for massive openers. I think it's the 'wait for the holidays' patience that people have. Especially if people know it's going to be a long movie.


I think King Kong was a summer movie head to toe.



I think setting the movie in 1933 kept some people away. 1933 King Kong was not set in 1863. Should have been set in the modern world and been with the times. That helps people imaging "what if it happens to me", and they can relate to what happens if the beast moves in their city.

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