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5.8 "The Kickoff"

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5.8 "The Kickoff"


Deadline: Friday, December 20 at 5:00 P.M. Eastern (4:00 P.M. Central)


Predict the following:


1. The difference between Anchorman 2's Friday gross and its combined Wednesday and Thursday gross (e.g. if it makes 10 million Friday and 12 million on Wednesday and Thursday combined, the difference is 2 million)


2. Walking with Dinosaur's Saturday share of its opening weekend gross (e.g. if it makes 10 million Saturday and 30 million for the weekend, that wold be 33%, 33.3%, or 33.33%)


3. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug's second weekend gross


4. Frozen's fifth weekend gross as a percent of its fourth weekend gross (22.57 million)


5. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire's percent drop

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5.1 "Deviations"


Seven teams compete against each other. The Team Captains are being announced. Chasmmi has just secured his following, binding Films and Filmovie to him. With his circle formed, he assumed command and is ready to represent his team in The Ventures, where he will bring fortune to his team if he can stand out as he had last season. ChD also gathers his followers; his covenant will join Chasmmi's in the Ventures, where ChD will serve as representative. The first two to consolidate their leads, Chasmmi and ChD will receive special benefits this week. Both Team Captains will receive an overall +5% bonus added to their respective team's score. This can make a big difference in the results this week. 


But they are not the one two Captains to have consolidated their lead. Jay Salahi is back for his second season. Now, he brings with him newcomer Gingy, and Jay intends to bring his following to the forefront in this competition. It will be a tough ride, though. And of course, last season's winning team is back again. Numbers assumes the lead as he was the sole survivor last season, the winner, and will receive benefit from that. For now, he consolidates sole leadership over "The Equation Sensation" - but the team is structured differently from any other team. It is solely comprised of veterans, and as such, both of Numbers' followers/allies will assume the position of Team Chairs, who will have their own participation in The Ventures. These Ventures will decide which team is the best this season and will in a broader sense set the stage for Season 6's final showdownBecause tentatively, Season 6 will be the final season of Box Office Alliance.


And of course, "The Shadowgods" have arisen. XenoZodiac and Acsc1312 were the first original dynamic duo. They were the first powerhouse to be produced in the series, and their conflict with "The Firerisers" in Season 1 was an impressive feud. Xeno and Acsc would take separate paths in the seasons that followed, but always they have been loyal to each other. Acsc has done more in the game since then, branching out to make strong alliances with CEDAR (an alliance that may someday include the trio in what will probably be then the strongest alliance of all time). Yet Xeno has been the wisest and fiercest warrior of all, calculating, smart, and revered. His absence has been sorely missed, and now we are glad to have him back this season. Xeno takes primary Captain roles as he was the first to start the team this season, and he branched out to include Olive and Gizmo in the alliance. But Acsc will stand as equal, a Co-Captain, and will bear most of the same powers as XenoZodiac. They both have the right to participate in the Ventures to be held this season.


There are two other Prospective Captains: Tawasal and Empire, both former players returning for their fourth and third times, respectively. They are not officially Team Captains as they didn't actually forge their teams but rather had them forged for them by my hand. They can escalate to Team Captains if they are efficient enough in the Ventures and in the special questions and other tasks associated with all Team Captains.


...and of course, there is Alfred. Season 1's winner stands alone currently. But he is not one to be a loner, and it is likely that fate (or I) has something great in store for him.


Now, it is time for you all to see this week's scores. Let's get to it.



Chasmmi's Circle

Chasmmi: 84.98% +4 (+3 1st team, +1 80%+)

Filmovie: 74.78% +4 (+3 1st team, +1 highest Question 3)

Films: 85.15% +6 (+3 1st team, +1 3rd individual, +2 80%+)

AVG: 86.64% +14 (includes +5%)


ChD's Covenant

ChD: 69.50%

#AlphaBetaCharlieDelta: 69.50%

Blankments: 60.08%

AVG: 71.36% (includes +5%)


Empire's Imperials

Empire: 0.00% (no show) -1 (-1 Strike 1)

Tower: 75.95% +2 (+1 highest Question 2, +1 highest Question 5)

AVG: 37.98% +1


The Equation Sensation

4815162342: 69.55%

Goffe: 71.28%

Jim Shorts: 70.56%

AVG: 70.46%


Jay's Followers

Jay Salahi: 71.65%

Gingy: 62.62%

AVG: 67.14%


The Shadowgods

XenoZodiac: 72.02% +2 (+2 2nd team)

Acsc1312: 69.65% +2 (+2 2nd team)

Gizmo: 69.65% +2 (+2 2nd team)

Olive: 86.18% +6 (+2 2nd individual, +2 2nd team, +2 85%+)

AVG: 74.38% +12


Tawasal's Gathering

Tawasal: 78.25% +2 (+1 3rd team, +1 highest Question 4)

fmpro: 70.16% +2 (+1 3rd team, +1 highest Question 1)

Grim22: 69.90% +1 (+1 3rd team)

AVG: 72.77% +5



Alfred: 87.20% +7 (+5 highest individual, +2 85%+)


If you found it keep it secret.



Stay tuned for more.


This message (the red part) can actually be found in the original post from episode 5.1 earlier this season. 


It has been my intention to conclude Season 5, then make this reveal at the end of the season, leaving you all for a period of time and returning in May for a final season of Box Office Alliance, one to say farewell to all the players who have made this a great game.


Unfortunately, Season 5 has been so muddied by my delays and the consequential lack of enthusiasm from the players. I confess myself disappointed to do this, but I absolutely and without objection must tenure my resignation at this here and present moment. I absolutely do not have the time, energy, or devotion to return to these forums for the next few months of my life, as I'm stepping into some very important matters and will be hard pressed to find the time to return here. Do not take this as an insult to the game, for I do like the game and have appreciated running it for 4 successful seasons, but there is just clearly no way I can continue to maintain the game when my life at the moment is far too busy to bring me here. At the rate we're going, if I were to finish out the season as I wanted, it could take us several weeks with how hard-pressed I am to find the time.


Let it be known also that this is not only my withdrawal from the game, but from these forums. If you need to contact me about this, or if there is someone else who wants to finish out Season 5 (but end it there), then please shoot me a PM and I will do my best to arrange a temporary host to finish out the remainder of this season, thus ending the game on a better note than I can at the moment.


Thank you all for your participation and patience,


The Creator

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College kicks ass Creator, it's totally understandable if you suddenly don't have the time for this game. Your life outside these forums comes first, and we all know you wouldn't be doing this unless it was totally necessary.  I look forward to winning Season 6 in May.

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