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12 Years a Slave

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It posted a huge OW in Portugal (60500 tickets sold on the first 4 days, it will be hard to top it here and probably only Rio 2 will able to do it in April), so I think there is potential for a big OS run.


I am expecting 125-150M OS right now. Oscars should help it a lot

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I hope we get it here. I know I can get it online but the thing with me is that for long serious movie I can concentrate better if I'm in the theater because I can't pause it lol

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12 Years A Slave added $6.4m from 58 markets to reach $78.9m and opened at number four in Italy on $1.3m from 297 and in the Netherlands on $522,000 from 68.

There was a solid $337,000 Brazilian debut from 77 screens that has already passed the projected lifetime gross. The Mexican launch generated $534,000 from 163. The film added $1m in the UK for $29.5m.

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12 Years A Slave added $6.6m from 55 markets after expanding in the run-up to Oscar night and stands at a tremendous $89.9m overall.

The drama opened well in South Korea on $865,000 from 315 and added $1.2m in Italy from 333 for $3.2m after two sessions. A further $723,000 from 248 in Mexico propelled the running total to $1.7m.

12 Years A Slave has generated $31m in the UK, $12.4m in France, $6.8m in Spain, $5m in Germany and $4.5m in Australia.

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