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Makeup SOTM (only because LAguy said if someone could make one, do it) Due TONIGHT!

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    This is being done on the fly, so the deadline for this is Saturday at 11:59 pm PST.


    Predict the grosses for these five films on Monday:


    Ride Along


    Wolf of Wall Street

    Jack Ryan

    Grudge Match


    Get the gross right within 2%:  2000 per film

    Get the gross right between 2.01-3%, 1000 per film

    Off by more than 3% and you lose 3000 per film.

    Abstain from all 5, get 3000

    Get at least 4 right, get a 5000 point bonus.

    This means that if you go for all 5, you can get 1 wrong and still get the bonus of 5000.

    There is no additional penalty if you miss all five, but there is a potential of losing 15,000 points on this question if you are brazen enough to go for all 5.



    You can go for as many as you like, or as little as you like.


    Only those who have missed one or more SOTM's qualify for this question.

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