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The International Box Office Discussion Thread

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Yup.PIB is expanding in the last week of November in some markets of Europe.

I think the first week of December will also be big for PiB. Two very important weekends for the movie.But Twilight 4 is locked to win all of those weekends.
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Not sure about that Fake, not sure...And Happy Feet 2 isn't being released in January. My mistake. But it won't win any weekend.

Take a look at the international schedulehttp://www.pussinbootsintl.com/intl/releasedates/release-dates.htmlThat weekend will be really strong. Latin America and Australia opening and significant holds in most of Europe.It will certainly do more than BD1 that weekend.
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I wasn't really looking close enough. I thought the big expansions were on November 24th and December 1st weekends. But that one looks to be huge too. It have a very good chance of winning that weekend.

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Here we go:

Weekend charts

Argentina (admissions)

Australia (gross) [alternative]

Austria (admissions)

Bolivia (admissions/gross)

Bulgaria (admissions/gross)

Brazil (admissions/gross)

Canada (gross)

China (gross/admissions)

Czech Republic (admissions)

Egypt (gross) [alternative]

Finland (admissions)

France (admissions)

Germany (admissions)

Greece (admissions)

Hong Kong (gross)

Hungary (gross/admissions)

Ireland (gross) [alternative]

India (gross)

Italy (gross)

Lithuania (gross/admissions)

Mexico (gross)

Netherlands (gross)

New Zealand (gross)

Norway (admissions)

Poland (gross/admissions)[alternative]

Portugal (gross/admissions)

Romania (admissions/gross)

Russia (gross/admissions)

Slovakia (gross/admissions)

Slovenia (admissions)

South Korea (gross/admissions) [alternative]

Spain (admissions/gross) [alternative]

Switzerland (admissions)

Taiwan (gross)

Thailand (gross)

Turkey (admissions/gross)

United Kingdom (gross) [alternative]

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