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The Disaster Artist - Movie about making of "The Room" | Dec 8 2017

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Franco's Wiseau seems lacking that peculiar creepy aloofness in demeanor and delivery (didn't read the book but Wiseau seems to play a romanticized version of himself in The Room), in this teaser Franco  in SNL skit mode just depicts him confused throughout doing a slightly funny accent while the others are exasperated at his blatant ineptitude. Wiseau's face is like an alien trying to emote human emotions so you have a hard time reading what he's genuinely expressing from what he tries hard to express as an actor. He's confusing us as a bizarre human being more than he's confused at his surroundings and flubbing his lines as an actor adding a whole layer of incongruity.


Or maybe that was not the best excerpt showcasing that.despite being one of the most infamous quote.

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This is definitely my #2 most anticipated movie of the next year, maybe #1 I just don't know where to put it with relation to Star Wars.


Also, #1 Trending on YouTube. Hopefully A24 actually capitalizes on this and actually goes wide.

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7 hours ago, MCKillswitch123 said:

I don't care if Franco's impression of Tommy ain't the best, he and the trailer had me in stitches.


If A24 is smart about this, this is gonna be their 1st major breakout hit.

yeah, should be good to beat ex machina.

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1 hour ago, John Marston said:

Wiseau not playing himself? No point in watching it 

Shoulda got an equally bad actor to play him...


Keanu Reeves anyone?


Im ready for all the shit I'll probably

get for that

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