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Dragon Ball

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I think everyone has.

really ?


I thought Westerners seldomly watch Japanese manga (anime) ... LOL



DBZ has the best moments and course better characters like vegeta..



It is way to long..


However Villians like Cell and Frieza are all time greats. 

Frieza is weakened a lot.

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Not really Firedeep some have become really popular.


Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon are easily the most popular anime shows ever in North America.


Dragon Ball Z came at a time where cartoon shows were very tame and simple here in North America.

Then this show came around that had great likable characters, great story line, awesome villains and was quite a novelty.


I remember being in grade 6-8 watching this show each week and when Goku turned Super Sayian for the first time during the Frieza saga, we all lost our minds. Even though the show ends it run a while ago it is still quite widely remembered and watched till this day. 



Epic DBZ moments







Dragon ball while good was super perverted.





"Its your balls Bulma, they are Gone"



Easily most silliest scene ever in anime. 

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On 2/12/2014, 10:19:57, firedeep said:

dont like Vegeta. The guy is too arrogant and irascible.



Not sure but in North American Fanbase, Vegeta is likely Animes most well liked Anti Hero.


I think Vegeta is the one character that benefits from the English Dub and the epic theme he has, likely made him a lot more 'badass'.

I think his one liners and epic monologues has made him popular. Doubt anyone got as many epic lines as him.


You may have invaded my mind and my body, but there's one thing a Saiyan always keeps...HIS PRIDE!" 



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