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Space Jam: A New Legacy | July 16 2021 | WB | Malcolm D. Lee to direct, Ryan Coogler producing. Lebron James to star

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On 5/1/2020 at 2:19 PM, ThePhasmid said:

The original was no Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and its lasting legacy was contributed by a man who is currently serving time in jail for a lengthy list of sexual abuse. The NBA should consider rebooting Air Bud before this. Reboot it with Cats. It can't be any worse than that awful film directed by an award winning director.

Nah. Was 10 when it came out. It’s a big movie for kids from the era. Trust me. As others said it grew on video and TV. And I’m sure this will trigger many zoomers, but Michael Jordan is one of the biggest pop culture phenomenons in American history. Literally made the NBA a global phenomenon even more than Bird and Magic. Regardless of how people think James is the “GOAT”  or what not, in terms of popularity MJ is probably at least 2 tiers ahead of James highest of heights (his lack of politicking helped for better or worse). Jordan’s brand made 132 million in sales in 2019, while James made 32 mil. Lmao. Jordan retired in 2003 and the real MJ as we knew was done in 1998. Honestly if WB plays cards right this is a can’t miss. 

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5 hours ago, lorddemaxus said:

Although it might seem like it, this is not a Ben Mekler joke. It's from a test screening lol.


Spielberg already took the Overlook Hotel. So will Lebron and Bugs travel through The Exorcist house? Maybe the Warrens' place? The Maitland/Deetz residence?

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29 minutes ago, Eric Gardner said:

Bugs is CGI in this? We’re really never getting any 2D animation again, huh?

I think that Robert Zemeckis live-action/animation hybrid show might be 2D animation.

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