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Space Jam: A New Legacy | July 16 2021 | WB | Malcolm D. Lee to direct, Ryan Coogler producing. Lebron James to star

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About the redesigned Lola:



Upon watching Space Jam for the first time in 2019, Lee was caught off guard by the original's "very sexualized" depiction of Lola Bunny. "This is 2021. It's important to reflect the authenticity of strong, capable female characters," the Girls Trip filmmaker says of why they "reworked" Lola, a.k.a. the team's best non-LeBron player.


LeBron James scores in Space Jam: A New Legacy first look | EW.com


All images inside.

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20 minutes ago, lorddemaxus said:

The most important first look image of them all



Lola having her own separate trend on Twitter,

for the reasons you might expect, is unsurprising but still disheartening. And this is coming from somebody who is furry trash!


Regardless, they better get Kristen Wiig to voice her again. Easily the best thing from the 2010s Looney Tunes show

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It should’ve been pretty obvious that Lola would be less sexualized this go around. Female characters in western animation in general seem to be inherently less sexualized these days. 

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this nontroversy about removing boobs from a cartoon rabbit is so funny. how are people actually upset at this? for real

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Lol did they hire Max Landis for Pepe Lepew so that he could bring the authenticity to the script about a weirdo who acts predatory towards women


seriously, how did he manage to be the worst person in a family where his dad killed people with a helicopter on-set

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