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Space Jam: A New Legacy | July 16 2021 | WB | Malcolm D. Lee to direct, Ryan Coogler producing. Lebron James to star

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I should've seen this coming with the debut of Trainwreck.


Officially predicting now that the movie will not be in theaters, but instead be a Netflix/streaming deal. I know people are going to balk at me with "OH BUT NOSTALGIA!"... Space Jam does not have crossover appeal. Every attempt to revitalize the Looney Tunes with today's children keeps falling flat on its face by WBA. I'm sure Warner Bros will be very excited about this, but I can see them playing it safe (like they are currently with the Pee Wee comeback movie) and pursuing a digital streaming outlet rather than play a bizarre card and put this in theaters. 


Anyways, my own opinion? I really don't feel the stunning outrage. They just made a shitty DTV movie based on the extremely bland Looney Tunes Show on Cartoon Network. They can do whatever they want with the brand at this point for all I'm concerned.

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Growing up in Ohio has made.me hate Lebron. Why can't they make this with Dirk Nowitzki instead

People who don't even follow basketball know Lebron at least by name. Nowitzki isn't a household name.
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Every child of the 90s and early 2000 loves space jam and the majority of those people hate lebron james

If anything, they should have MJ come back in a supporting role. 


Bringing MJ back would bring in some of the 90s/early 00s kids, while LeBron will bring in the kids of today. 


If it's well-marketed and gets a good release date, this could do $150 million+ DOM. 

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Please no, why do people think the first was good anyways? It's an awful movie honestly lol.

The first isn't very good. That's why I want Zemeckis or Miller to direct boot-quel. Thinking it could be more galvanizing and reaffirming of the medium than even Fury Road. Daneil Day-Lewis as the HC of the team. Bugs turns from baby face to heel.


Space Jam: This Ain't No Intergalactic Kegger

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Looking forward to the trainwreck this movie will be.


I might go see it if Michael Jordan comes back as a supporting character for this, even if he doesn't need the money. :ph34r:

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