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BLACK MASS | 09.18.15 | Warner Brothers | final domestic gross: $62,575,678

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WB has picked up the Johnny Depp-led Whitey Bulger biopic 'Black Mass,' directed by Scott Cooper. October 2015 release is expected.

— The Film Stage (@TheFilmStage)






>February 28, 2014

Black Mass Will Break September OW Record
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Warner Bros. Backs Johnny Depp's Whitey Bulger Movie Over Ben Affleck and Matt Damon's Version


Deadline reports that Warner Bros. has come aboard to co-finance and distribute worldwide the true crime movie Black Mass, which has Johnny Depp set to star as the notorious Beantown mobster. What's notable about this is it means the studio has effectively killed their own in-house Whitey Bulger movie that was to have been directed by Oscar winner Ben Affleck, starred Matt Damon, and was scripted by The Wolf of Wall Street and The Sopranos' Terence Winter. Yes, Warners just screwed over their new Batman.


According to Deadline, "Affleck and Damon were given a day or two advance notice that the studio was putting its eggs in the Black Mass basket, but that news came just a day before the latest draft of Terence Winter’s script came in. Naturally there are bruised feelings that Warners will have to repair with two of its most valuable players, as this was the first project pitched for Affleck to direct and Damon to star after Pearl Street inked its overall deal there, and I’m told the studio assured the pair it wanted to make their movie."




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Well looks like he is back to doing his odd films again.

Though I do find it ironic that if this was Scorsese people being cheering :P(Don't want to start anything just saying)

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