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ITALY (Botteghino): 'No Way Home' beats 'Infinity War'; soon to beat 'Spider-Man' original trilogy

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On 3/11/2019 at 11:12 AM, Omni said:


- all in million € -


1 Captain Marvel 4.07 NEW 4.86 10.00
2 Green Book 0.74 -29% 8.40 9.40
3 Qu'est-ce qu'on a encore fait au bon Dieu? (Fr) 0.61 NEW 0.61 1.60
4 Domani è un Altro Giorno (it) 0.46 -35% 1.37 1.90

Asterix - Le Scret de la Potion Magique (Fr)

0.34 NEW 0.34 0.80
6 10 Giorni Senza Mamma (It) 0.31


7.15 7.50
7 Happy Death Day 2U 0.29 -47% 1.03 1.30
8 Charming 0.28 -9% 0.74 1.10
9 Les Estivants (Fr) 0.28 NEW 0.28 0.60
10 Croce e Delizia (It) 0.28 -48% 0.99 1.


Captain Marvel has a great opening, Could have had a better IM, but at least it managed to pass the 4M mark over the 4-day weekend.


Infinity War: 6.1M opening (9.05M over the 5-day frame) > 18.8M finish

Black Panther: 2.35M (2.8 5-day) > 7.2M finish

Venom > 3.7M (4-day opening) > 8.5M finish

Thor: Ragnarock: 3.0M (3.55 5-day) > 8.8M finish

Guardians of the Galaxy 2: 2.2M (3.75 6-day) > 7.1M finish

Spider Man: Homecoming: 2.65M (4-day opening) > 8.6M finish

Civil War: 4.7M (5.8M 5-day) > 11.29M finish




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3 hours ago, Issac Newton said:

Nevermind but I think it's time to change this "'Black Widow' reaches 1M € in 2 days"

True xD. I think Eternals will gross 10M € here if wom allow it

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Damn I didn't expect the Eternals to reach the 7/8 million, especially after the disappointing result of Black Widow a few months ago


Anyway, I remember that some time ago (before the start of the pandemic) a user posted a list of the highest grossing superhero films of all time in Italy, I think from 5 million upwards, would anyone be able to find it?

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