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Avatar: The Way of Water | 16 DEC 2022 | It's been 84 years... | Teaser trailer on pg. 1090! | First movie gets re-released September 23!

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On 6/2/2020 at 3:59 AM, Gavin Feng said:

only $8 billion? You guys are not real Cameron fans.


$1 trillion in China alone.

i think it's too early for trillies.


2050 Avatar Saga re-release maybe

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Assuming that theatres are open worldwide and operating somewhat normally I think the movie can make anywhere from $1.5 to $2.5 Billion. That first teaser/trailer will be so critical in setting the stage for the movie's success or relative failure. If it's anything less than jaw dropping with a story to match it will get savaged by the I told you so trolls. 21st Century/Disney also needs to be smarter with the trailer, don't lay out the major plot points like you did for the first movie in a 2.5 minute trailer. 


Less than 19 months to go.........



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1 hour ago, WittyUsername said:

Didn’t they already finish filming the live action stuff for this movie?

This was posted by Jon Landau on Nov 28/2019.


Today is our last day of 2019 live action filming here in New Zealand. Today is also Thanksgiving back home. I am thankful to our remarkable Avatar cast & crew for their incredible passion, talent and commitment. I am thankful to all of the families who have been supportive and understanding of your loved ones being away from home for so long. I am thankful to all of the men and woman who work in public education and those that serve in the law enforcement or the military. I am most thankful to my wife Julie for always being there for me.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone Stateside. And, HAPPY LAST DAY OF 2019 FILMING to our team in New Zealand. See you in February.


then COVID hit.....




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20 hours ago, titanic2187 said:

I doubt this film can stick to its 2021 release date.


The movie has been delayed when nothing major disrupting its production (except maybe James Horner departure) . With corona hits, the delay is very likely.

I think on the contrary it makes the movie less likely to be delayed again. It's possible they didn't need a whole extra year, but even if you need only a few extra months, you're still delaying 1 year because you want to make that December release. So it's possible they had some leeway here. And I might add that the production never fully stopped, since VFX shots can be worked on remotely.

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t’s possible that production could resume on major movies that were filming in countries such as Australia and New Zealand before domestic crews can call action. Disney has the team between the upcoming “Avatar” movies quarantining in New Zealand, but it’s unclear when they can start back up.


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18 months away folks, for real this time


2 hours ago, Eric Atreides said:

pretty sure they've continued working digitally through Covid, so it's not like production fully stopped but they'll be able to use the volume again

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This movie will still never come out. Its impossible. Its one of the three grand pillars of Hollywood: Money Greed, Bad Oscar Choices and Avatar 2 never beeing able to come out.



Lets see how many not Not Cool Reactions i can gather. Sarcasm: This is the way. I have spoken.


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