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Toy Story 4 | June 20, 2019 | 6th most profitable movie of 2019. Disney does it again!

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I have no idea how I would rank the first three. I think I have to give props to the original. It's a really simple story done exceptionally well with great writing, characters, and world building. TS2 and TS3 are about equal, IMO. They take both concepts touched on in the first film and flesh them out while also introducing new ones done equally well. Headcannon wise, I generally prefer these three as a cohesive trilogy.


Toy Story 4 was great as well. It proved the Toy Story world still had stories to tell, but as well done as it is it just feels "different" for some reason. Can't explain it, maybe it's nostalgia. Anyway I liked TS4, but not as much as the first three. I prefer to look at this movie as an "optional epilogue" or "alternate reality" continuation of the original three, which are about as perfect of a trilogy as you can get. 

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It is Pixar's flagship franchise and probably a well they're gonna keep going back to as long as it remains profitable. I'd advise everyone not to get too hung up on their notions of this (or the previous one) having ended the franchise. Theoretically the toys could live forever so there's always a new story they can be thrown into.

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