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THE NIGHT BEFORE | 11.20.15 | Sony | final domestic gross: $43,047,372

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This trailer...I wasn't feeling it.

It was that moment...when they were seriously groping Big nostalgia and...then...nothing. That joke...was there a joke? It didn't land.

Ok, I enjoyed the Jesus jokes.

On that note...what's the difference between Jesus and Sasha Grey?

The way they scream when they get nailed.

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Looks like a Seth Rogen movie. Sometimes bad(Pineapple Express). Sometimes eh(The Interview). Sometimes decent (Neighbors). Sometimes funny(Knocked Up). Sometimes my stomach hurts from laughing so hard(This is the End)

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Sony must be confident in the counter programming. Can potentially still do 30M or so OW.


This is the End more than held its own despite going head-to-head against Man of Steel, and there was probably a greater audience overlap there than there is between the final Hunger Games and The Night Before. This will be fine.

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