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The Walk | Zemeckis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt | Sep. 30, 2015 in IMAX 3D | Wide Release on Oct. 9

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You're going to use The Empire Strikes Back as an example? 


Star Wars had one good movie. 


That's the problem with assholes, each one of them has an opinion, oh wait. 


This tit for tat bullshit that goes around should just stop. Whatever example you bring up, can be refuted by someone else. There's also nothing connecting any of those movies you mentioned. 


Anyway, only saw the post because I was not logged in. Carry on.


Yep, if that asshole farts and stinks, it doesn't mean we have to stick to it.

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I was surprised as well. I will try to find the clip later, but Zemeckis said at one of The Walk panels that when doing live action 3D "conversion is the only way to go" and added "except if you are doing water and then you shoot those elements separately." I've seen both amazing and horrible conversions and both amazing and horrible native 3D. It is more about conceiving, planning, shooting, and constructing shots with 3D in mind imo.


Conversion can work if it's planned from the start, Alice in Wonderland was a conversion but that was planned and shot with 3D in mind and so looks much better than Clash of the Titans which was a 2D film which was converted in a short amount of time and thus looks awful, 


Apparently Zemeckis was going to make The Walk as a motion capture film when ImageMovers Digital was still around which would have been a bad idea.

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JGL needs to star in an adaptation of, I don't know, Searching for Sugar Man to complete his "SHITTY AND UNSUCCESFUL BIOPIC BASED ON AN ACCLAIMED DOCUMENTARY" trilogy.

much like this and snowden it needs to be directed by someone who was good in the 80s but not really anymore. like barry levinson or whoever.

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