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Year 8 Totals

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1. StarCraft: Brood War- $462,285,714 million2. The Little Mermaid- $386,238,487 million3. Mushishi- $310,571,675 million4. Dragon Age: Awakening- $265,475,559 million5. Hand Drawn Heroes- $257,761,670 million6. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves- $251,285,371 million7. American God's- $239,420,174 million8. Godzilla: Apocalypse Part 1- $234,637,2089. Interconnected: An Empire Risen- $198,136,028 million10. Digimon: World Invasion- $196,286,571 million11. Lost Planet- $196,135,556 million12. The Legend Of Redwall- $188,567,210 million13. Simpsons 2: The Ride- $164,334,526 million14. Age Of Empires- $163,536,777 million15. Resonance- $151,506,498 million16. Dracula- $150,167,602 million17. At The Mountain Of Madness- $147,134,444 million18. A Series Of Unfortunate Events: The Fourth- $141,256,492 million19. The Dresden Files: Stormfront- $139,140,285 million20. Death Note: The Game Begins- $137,200,179 million21. A Love To Die For- $137,060,180 million22. The Giver- $136,571,888 million23. Flowers For Algernon- $127,658,225 million24. Midnight In The Afghan Valley - $120,422,535 million25. Run And Gun- $116,843,333 million26. Romeo Vs. Juliet- $116,007,493 million27. MirrorWorld- $111,865,019 million28. The Who's Tommy- $110,826,277 million29. The Creators- $106,414,074 million30. Feed- $97,775,451 million31. Chessmen- $97,002,483 million32. Stranger In A Strange Land- $96,857,142 million33. Catch That Pigeon- $94,507,042 million34. Wizardversity- $93,150,550 million35. Darkseed- $92,278,222 million36. Stephen King's It: Part 2- $89,863,013 million37. Unbalanced V- $88,553,723 million38. Army Of Two: The Devil's Cartel- $87,488,882 million39. The Bronx Is Burning- $84,053,431 million40. Remember Me- $83,294,825 million41. The Good, The Bad And The Dead- $83,025,594 million42. Behemoth- $82,162,216 million43. The Immune: Permanence- $78,150,784 million44. Life- $77,338,503 million45. Land Of No Left Turns- $75,069,006 million46. Pompeii- $74,051,495 million47. Identity Crisis- $72,027,165 million48. Patchwork- $70,842,682 million49. The Concert's End- $70,002,420 million50. The Innocent- $69,718,309 million51. The Garden- $68,450,092 million52. Wallace And Gromit: Christmas- $68,171,318 million53. The Most Dangerous Game- $67,260,739 million54. Candy Crush- $67,000,286 million55. Spinach Artichoke Dip- $65,258,726 million56. Origin- $64,105,234 million57. Avatar: The Last Airbender- The Search- $62,249,150 million58. Freddy Vs Jason Vs Ash- $60,189,444 million59. Thomas Was Alone- $57,756,202 million60. The Mansion- $57,415,965 million61. Horror House- $56,002,180 million62. Hairspray- $55,002,943 million63. The Gold Rare Leaf- $50,729,297 million64. Slenderman: The Beginning- $49,128,987 million65. We Are The Champions 2: Rise Of The Crusaders- $48,666,192 million66. The Academy- $48,075,208 million67. Curling Men- $47,465,999 million68. Espionage Project: This Time It's Espersonal- $45,733,107 million69. Daniel Tosh: New And Improved- $45,437,300 million70. Kill Them- $44,443,175 million71. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic- $42,822,129 million72. The Last Rider- $41,197,389 million73. Two Way Road- $38,229,653 million74. Cinema Studies- $37,508,302 million75. Walls Of Stone- $37,432,324 million76. Christine- $35,571,428 million77. Blood Brothers- $33,854,392 million78. Hard To Find- $33,125,482 million79. Farmville- $31,530,177 million80. Hush Hush Little Baby- $29,256,667 million81. The Deadline- $29,098,693 million82. The Valley- $28,267,186 million83. Move- $23,494,403 million84. Keg Party- $22,530,954 million85. Guardians of the West- $22,228,493 million86. Demon: The Summoning- $21,179,732 million87. Ice Station 2: Area 7- $19,175,654 million88. Next Vegas- $18,003,177 million89. The Chain- $16,143,857 million90. The Normans- $16,101,119 million91. 1944 Part 1: Resistance- $15,258,539 million92. Madel- $14,125,125 million93. Donuts Are Zombies Too Along With The Dominant Walruses - $14,008,578 million94. Twinkie- $10,991,439 million95. Bloodbath Unite- $10,789,007 million96. Time, Space And One Blue Box- $10,104,989 million97. Flappy Bird- $9,000,115 million98. Silent Invasion 3: The Attack- $8,898,302 million99. Happy Tree Friends- $8,719,451 million100. Hairspray: Shimme More- $6,998,659 million101. Killer Computer 2- $6,666,666 million

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Great for StarCraft, the Year 11 conclusion to the first plot arc might break 500m.  :ph34r:


Good for Dragon Age. Overseas should be very strong. Now the franchise will go dormant for a handful of years before I start tackling Dragon Age 2.

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*whistles* That is one hell of a total for Mushishi. Third highest domestic performer this year? Hell Yes! And it'll probably get a good total overseas thanks to its anachronistic settings. Especially in Japan. I doubt it'll make a billion, but the potential is on the cards.


The rest of my properties have performed excellently as well. I think Catch the Pigeon is the only one which didn't make its budget back, but it could also do well overseas, like quite a few animated underperformers do. Most of the rest nearly doubled their own budgets. It's been a good year.


I wince at that total for the Academy though, Spaghetti.

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I was bored and I have pretty nasty writer's block at the moment, so I felt like doing a list comparing the budgets, OW and DOM Total of every film released this year. I'll probably do an updated version when WW totals come out. Here's the first half of the list. The second half will come out when I feel like doing it.



The Good the Bad and the Dead ($45mil)- $32,262,456 million/$83,025,594 million

Blood Brothers ($38mil)- $13,020,160 million/$33,854,392 million

Unbalanced 5 ($15mil)- 40,025,117 million/$88,553,723 million

Hard to Find ($20mil)- $9,421,232 million/$33,125,482 million

Bloodbath Unite ($7mil)- $5,567,900 million/$10,789,007 million

Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel ($60mil)- $34,356,687 million/$87,488,882 million

Chessmen ($50mil)- $25,572,382 million/$97,002,483 million

1944 Part I: Resistance ($45mil)- $306,992 million/$15,258,539 million

Slenderman: The Beginning ($3mil)- $21,181,226 million/$49,128,987 million

Ice Station 2: Area 7 ($65mil)- $10,003,175 million/$19,175,654 million



We are the Champions 2: Rise of the Crusaders ($16mil)- $18,163,150 million/$48,666,192 million

Curling Men ($30mil)- $15,654,211 million/$47,465,999 million

Silent Invasion 3: The Attack ($8mil)- $4,787,333 million/$8,898,302 million

A Love to Die For ($50mil)- $42,895,743 million/$137,060,180 million

Demon: The Summoning ($5mil)- $11,341,901 million/$21,179,732 million

Farmville ($20mil)- $11,245,564 million/$31,530,177 million

Darkseed ($50mil)- $36,098,156 million/$92,278,222 million

Spinach Artichoke Dip ($20mil)- $24,225,762 million/$65,258,726 million

Hush Hush Little Baby ($16mil)- $7,450,888 million/$29,256,667 million

MirrorWorld ($75mil)- $34,198,511 million/$111,865,019 million

Daniel Tosh: New and Improved ($2mil)- $17,282,166 million/$45,437,300 million

The Last Rider ($45mil)- $16,556,081 million/$41,197,389 million

The Guardian of the West- $621,283 million/$22,228,493 million



At the Mountains of Madness ($135mil)- $59,123,248 million/$147,134,444 million

Twinkie ($2mil)- $359,887 million/$10,991,439 million

Espionage Project 2: This Time, It's Espersonal ($60mil)- $20,444,581 million/$45,733,107 million

Pompeii ($225mil)- $28,815,654 million/$74,051,495 million

Lost Planet ($170mil)- $70,258,114 million/$196,135,556 million

Keg Party ($7.5mil)- $3,987,483 million/$22,530,954 million

Thomas Was Alone ($7.5mil)- $19,564,775 million/$57,756,202 million

Hairspray ($55mil)- $18,189,936 million/$55,002,943 million



Life ($70mil)- $19,923,119 million/$77,338,503 million

The Legend of Redwall ($90mil)- $48,256,447 million/$188,567,210 million

Horror House ($17mil)- $33,007,225 million/$56,002,180 million

The Most Dangerous Game ($45mil)- $22,654,982 million/$67,260,739 million

Walls of Stone ($100mil)- $13,333,180 million/$37,432,324 million

Stephen King's It: Part 2 ($25mil)- $37,324,155 million/$89,863,013 million

Next Vegas ($50mil)- $8,025,125 million/$18,003,177 million

Run and Gun ($40mil)- $50,122,098 million/$116,843,333 million

Move ($4.5mil)- $3,404,432 million/$23,494,403 million

Happy Tree Friends ($10mil)- $3,287,392 million/$8,719,451 million



StarCraft: Brood War ($187mil)- $172,197,884 million/$462,285,714 million

The Academy ($165mil)- $16,158,126 million/$48,075,208 million

Christine ($15mil)- $14,275,362 million/$35,571,428 million

Digimon: World Invasion ($200mil)- $60,102,251 million/$196,286,571 million

Stranger in a Strange Land ($220mil)- $29,234,492 million/$96,857,142 million

The Dresden Files: Stormfront ($75mil)- $43,623,119 million/$139,140,285 million

Candy Crush ($70mil)- $20,007,291 million/$67,000,286 million



Interconnected: An Empire Risen ($100mil)- $76,340,890 million/$198,136,028 million

Hand Drawn Heroes ($70mil)- $67,178,430 million/$257,761,670 million

Age of Empires ($130mil)- $54,374,390 million/$163,536,777 million

The Chain ($12mil)- $7,274,459 million/$16,143,857 million

Wizardversity ($130mil)- $25,628,790 million/$93,150,550 million

Godzilla: Apocalypse- Part 1 ($135mil)- $91,256,752 million/$234,637,208

Land of No Left Turns ($50mil)- $18,875,452 million/$75,069,006 million

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Films that haven't made a profit so far (but pretty much will with WW totals)Blood BrothersThe last riderEspionage 2Digimon : world invasionCandy crushWizardversityApart from espionage and wizardversity, the above are all 5M or less off from making a profitFilms that could possibly make a profitPompeiiHappy tree friendsNext VegasStranger in a strange land Films that will probably never make a profitIce station 2: Area 7Walls of stoneThe academyI am actually really happy that only two of my films are making a loss and both of them will make a profit eventually (candy crush and blood brothers, the latter could make a profit just from the UK)As I am ill at the moment, I will do biggest profits DOM of Y8 later (but please no one else do that as I want to)

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Just to point out, if CAYOM works like real life, just because the film has a higher WW gross than its budget that doesn't necessarily mean it'll turn a profit. You've got to consider things like advertising and how much of the sales goes to theatres and how much goes to studios.

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Just to point out, if CAYOM works like real life, just because the film has a higher WW gross than its budget that doesn't necessarily mean it'll turn a profit. You've got to consider things like advertising and how much of the sales goes to theatres and how much goes to studios.

I know but as we don't give marketing budgets and all that, I am just sticking to worldwide over budget given is a profit
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I know but as we don't give marketing budgets and all that, I am just sticking to worldwide over budget given is a profit


Actually the best rough measure is 50% of WW/Budget.


We don't do marketing information because none of us are marketing experts and it's too subjective to try and bump or penalize any film based on marketing.

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I got bored. Here's the second half.



American Gods ($175mil)- $59,002,348 million/$239,420,174 million

Remember Me ($90mil)- $21,191,433 million/$83,294,825 million

Kill Them ($70mil)- $13,358,392 million/$44,443,175 million

Patchwork ($19mil)- $30,156,222/$70,842,682 million

Time, Space, and One Blue Box- $3,335,231 million/$10,104,989 million

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves ($150mil)- $92,225,411 million/$251,285,371 million

The Immune: Permanence ($85mil)- $27,657,001 million/$78,150,784 million

Midnight in the Afghan Valley ($20mil)- $274,925 million/$120,422,535 million



Romeo vs. Juliet ($12mil)- $26,115,674 million/$116,007,493 million

Feed ($35mil)- $35,335,856 million/$97,775,451 million

The Who's Tommy ($60mil)- $22,721,004 million/$110,826,277 million

Catch That Pigeon ($105mil)- $24,583,450/$94,507,042 million

Madel ($12mil)- $6,787,332 million/$14,125,125 million

Identity Crisis ($32mil)- $24,051,392 million/$72,027,165 million

The Gold Rare Leaf ($31mil)- $13,457,329 million/$50,729,297 million

Resonance ($15mil)- $732,660 million/$151,506,498 million



Killer Computer 2 ($2.5mil)- $4,106,325 million/$6,666,666 million

Death Note: The Game Begins ($23mil)- $46,658,231 million/$137,200,179 million

Cinema Studies ($27.5mil)- $10,934,219 million/$37,508,302 million

The Valley ($12mil)- $12,334,027 million/$28,267,186 million



The Garden ($75mil)- $22,292,674 million/$68,450,092 million

Donuts Are Zombies Too Along With the Dominant Walruses ($90mil)- $119,948 million/$14,008,578 million

The Innocent ($32.5mil)- $306,135 million/$69,718,309 million

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – The Rise of Nightmare Rarity ($15mil)- $18,011,125 million/$42,822,129 million

Behemoth ($135mil)- $32,987,111 million/$82,162,216 million

The Deadline ($25mil)- $10,175,393 million/$29,098,693 million

Flappy Bird ($2mil)- $4,464,810 million/$9,000,115 million

The Mansion ($10mil)- $30,564,457 million/$57,415,965 million



Dragon Age: Awakening ($180mil)- $100,278,533 million/$265,475,559 million

The Creators ($130mil)- $31,002,493 million/$106,414,074 million
The Bronx is Burning ($58mil)- $22,227,349 million/$84,053,431 million
Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash ($22mil)- $17,545,202/$60,189,444 million

The Concert's End ($95mil)- $18,132,785 million/$70,002,420 million

The Giver ($45mil)- $37,156,340 million/$136,571,888 million

Origins ($130mil)- $24,578,942 million/$64,105,234 million

Simpsons 2: The Ride ($115mil)- $50,888,886 million/$164,334,526 million

A Series of Unfortunate Events the Fourth ($60mil)- $40,122,685 million/$141,256,492 million

Two-Way Road ($15mil)- $10,675,393 million/$38,229,653 million

Flowers for Algernon ($50mil)- $568,924 million/$127,658,225 million



Dracula ($120mil)- $59,225,493 million/$150,167,602 million

Hairspray: Shimme More ($15mil)- $3,889,328 million/$6,998,659 million

The Normans ($7mil)- $133,333 million/$16,101,119 million

The Little Mermaid ($250mil)- $88,456,723 million/$386,238,487 million

Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Search ($35mil)- $16,275,140 million/$62,249,150 million

Mushishi ($190mil)- $54,484,292 million/$310,571,675 million

Wallace and Gromit: Christmas ($84mil)- $10,023,483 million/$68,171,318 million

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Of my filmsThe greatIdentity crisis- Beat all expectations and a fantastic totalThe innocent- despite terrible reviews, a 70M gross for a film that started limited is amazingHorror house- Outstanding OW covering all costs thenThe Normans- would be the 14th biggest documentary in real life and would be the 2nd biggest getting rid of Michael Moore films, animal documentaries and concert documentaries.The goodSimpsons 2: the ride- Geat opening and 13th biggest of the yearWallace and gromit: Christmas- total above all expectations and a fantastic multiplier (x6.8)Flappy bird- good number for a documentary The okThe garden- solidThe gold rare leaf- solid and will make a profitThe badCandy crush- not going into reasons againHairspray- below expectations and DissapointingBlood brothers- as good a youre gonna get for a January dump Hush hush little baby- inline with expectations but nothing greatMove- see hush hush little babyThe chain- better than my expectations for this dump The uglyHairspray: Shimme more- just failedBloodbath unite- 2nd worst total for a film that was not very limited or was a Re release. Just terrible

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When are we going to get WW totals?

I sent Hiccup a PM asking about WW totals about a week ago and haven't heard anything back yet. However, Hiccup hasn't posted on this forum since the 4th, so I suspect he may be on holiday, or isn't going on the forums for some reason. So we'll have to wait until he comes back.

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I sent Hiccup a PM asking about WW totals about a week ago and haven't heard anything back yet. However, Hiccup hasn't posted on this forum since the 4th, so I suspect he may be on holiday, or isn't going on the forums for some reason. So we'll have to wait until he comes back.

It makes sense. Already I've been swamped with stuff to do this summer, more than I thought I'd get. I don't know if many of the films I'm planing on doing will happen this year or not.
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Okay guys to I haven't been on since forever. I am taking 6 credits in just 3 weeks this June + working 30-35 hours a day. Plus I have had friends 21st birthday parties, sports games, buying my first car, and moving into my first house. I will get the to actuals possibly this weekend when my summer classes end. Sorry about the daily!

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