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Interstellar OS Thread - $470.7M - $648.8M WW

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355 Dom + 675 OS : 1,030 WW


A healthy increase from Inception domestically, and a bigger increase OS from Dark Knight Rises because of Nolan´s name and McConaghey recent star power.

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Inception had leonardo.....jeez...and u guys forget that scifi without aliens or explosions cannot be a success overseas...


Leonardo has been in a lot of films, but other than Titanic, the rest have not come close to Inception.

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Remember that developing markets want action. We still don't know if it has action. If it doesn't the only way it does 1B is by being a very touching movie ala titanic or an event ala avatar. This looks too much like a big budget tree of life. Wonder how south american and Asia will handle it. Yurp will love it

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