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Interstellar OS Thread - $470.7M - $648.8M WW

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This movie is a big success, it has now quadrupled its $165M Budget, that's rare for an original blockbuster. The movie itself didn't really dissappoint domestically because Sci-Fi films in general have been weak domestically. Films like Interstellar prove to studios that it's worth it to make exciting new high budget content cause they might make money. 


It's also now in the top 10 highest grossing original nonanimated film beating the first Pirates of the Caribbean film.

Avatar - $2,787,965,087 
Titanic - $2,186,772,302 
Inception - $825,532,764 
Independence Day - $817,400,891 
Star Wars - $797.9 million 
E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial - $792,910,554 
2012 - $769,679,473 
Gravity - $716,392,705 
The Sixth Sense - $672,806,292 
Interstellar - $660,152,094 

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