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Year 9 of CAYOM 2.0 officially begins! Since detailed instructions are contained in the players' guide thread, I'll simply summarize and say that this is the thread where you post all of your films with info including: Title, Cast, Director, Release Date, Theater Count, MPAA Rating, Budget, and a Plot Summary. I will edit this post a few times a day with updates based on postings.  






If your plot is of significant length, place it inside spoiler tags so it doesn't take forever to scroll down a page of this thread!!!!!


Based on the 2019 calendar   



October 4

Allegiant (Sci-Fi/Action) (4245 Theaters) (Page 8)

Tenderfoot (Romance/Action/Comedy) (3287 Theaters) (Page 8)


October 11-13

Forgotten Sound (Romantic Drama) (3785 Theaters) (Page 8)


October 18-20

Lord of the Flies (Dystopian Drama) (3085 Theaters) (Page 7)

Cybernetic 7 (Animation/Sci-Fi) (Limited- 7 Theaters) (Page 7)


October 25-27

Cabin Fever (2987 Theaters) (Page 8)

An Odd Roadtrip (3693 Theaters) (Page 9)

Silent Invasion 3D: The Final Chapter (Found Footage Horror) (2495 Theaters) (Page 7)

The Hateful Eight Redux (limited- 207 Theaters) (Page 9)

Cybernetic 7 (Expansion- 49 Theaters)


November 1-3

Hellsing (Horror/Action) (3202 Theaters) (Page 8)

Cybernetic 7 (Expansion- 343 Theaters)

The Hateful Eight Redux (wide- 3749 Theaters)


November 8-10

Attack on Titan (Action) (3706 Theaters) (Page 7)

Cybernetic 7 (Wide- 1407 Theaters)


November 15-17

Watch Dogs (3991 Theaters) (Page 9)

Cybernetic 7 (Expansion- 2981 Theaters)


November 22-24

A Midsummer Night's Dream (3162 Theaters) (Page 9)

A Series of Unfortunate Events: Movie the Fifth (Dark Family Comedy) (3883 Theaters) (Page 8)


November 27-December 1 (Thanksgiving Weekend)

The Beast of Loch Ness (Animation) (3400 Theaters) (Page 8)

The Special Effects Team 2 (2934 Theaters) (Page 8)

The Little Drummer Boy (Christmas) (Limited- 4 Theaters) (Page 7)


December 6-8

The Battle for Brazil (Drama) (2832 Theaters) (Page 8)

Suicide is Painless (Black Comedy) (Limited- 53 Theaters) (Page 7)

The Little Drummer Boy (Wide- 2656 Theaters)


December 13-15

The House of Atreus (3460 Theaters) (Page 9)

Because the Internet (Drama) (Limited- 9 Theaters) (Page 7)

Suicide is Painless (Expansion- 186 Theaters)


December 20-22

Beauty and the Beast (Fantasy/Musical) (3934 Theaters) (Page 8)

The Ice Diaries (2894 Theaters) (Page 8)

Because the Internet (Expansion- 36 Theaters)

Suicide is Painless (Expansion- 478 Theaters)


December 25-29 (Christmas Weekend)

The Once and Future King: The Ill-Made Knight (4027 Theaters) (Page 9)

Because the Internet (Expansion- 94 Theaters)

Suicide is Painless (Wide- 1572 Theaters)

Edited by CJohn
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Ice Desert


Date: 8 February

Genre: Animation

Theatres: 3,710

Rating : PG

Budget : 106M

Format: 3D and 2D

Studio: Millennium Films

Directors: Carlos Saldanha and Chris Buck

Voice Cast:

Ray Romaro –Polar [main family]

Zoe Saldana- Polaress [main family]

Mackenzie Foy-Mini Polar [main family]

Neil Flynn- Penna [leader of penguins]

Iggy Azalea- Janet [sister of Mumba]

Atticus Shaffer- Mumba [penguin with main family]

Robert De Niro- Hunchback [Another older polar bear]

Lana Del Rey- Seala [A seal]


Two tribes rule the Ice Desert, the polar bears rule one half [known as polar pole] and the penguins rule the other half [known as master penguins] after a lengthy battle involving 5 tribes to rule the ice desert. The penguins refuse to let any other animals apart from themselves stay there but the polar bears welcome most animals and believe in everyone being equal.


One morning, Seala turns up at the polar bears half of the ice desert and warns them that it is going to melt but most people laugh at this. However Mini Polar believes Seala and goes on a journey with her to try and tell the Penguins. Mini Polar and Polaress try to convince mini polar not to go as it might be dangerous but she still goes anyway.


On the other side of the desert, the penguins are  having their annual meeting led by Penna who is telling the rest of his nation the usual guidelines about how they can never communicate with the polar bears. He then tells them it's time to sing the penguins national anthem but when Mamba opens his mouth to try and sing, it is very out of tune and the penguins go mad at him. In anger he storms off towards the penguins side with his sister [Janet] following close behind him.


Back at the polar pole Polaress's dad Hunchback arrives to warm welcomes. Polar and Polaress tell Hunchback about where Mini Polar went and after a few minutes of chatting, they decide to find her.


Mini Polar and Mamba both reach the edge of the borders at both poles and clash into each other and fall in love straight away. They decide to talk with each other across the borders before Mamba steps into Polar pole. Seala gets bored by this but decides that the ice melting is too soon to tell the penguins so she decides to move as far away from where she thinks the ice will melt. Mini Polar and Mamba kiss which Mini Polar's family and Janet all see and gasp in shock. They are all about to go mental but the ice starts to melt. Janet refuses to cross the border as she knows Penna will hurt her if she does so she tries to make Mamba come back with her but he refuses. Realising it is either die and talk to her brother or survive, Janet chooses the latter option and runs away. Mini Polar and family decide to take Mamba with them.


Penna sees the ice cracking and orders an evacuation but there is so much chaos that nobody is listening. He then hears from his vice that Mamba has gone to the Polar pole so he decides to find him and kill him. He gets his team to kidnap Janet until they find him.


Polaress, Polar, Mamba and Mini Polar find Seala and jump straight on her back to escape the ice melting but Hunchback fails to make it in time and falls throw the cracking ice and dies. Seala goes really quickly as she realises the ice is catching up to them. Penna gets to the border but sees nearly all the ice has melted so he decides to turn around but he is too slow and the ice melts all around him and he falls into the ground. The whole place melts.


Seala and everyone else find a new sea and community to live with and Mamba and Mini Polar share 1 last kiss as they all live happily ever after

Edited by The Fault In Our Stars
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Genre: Horror

Date: 5 January

Theatres: 3,840

Rating: R

Budget: 37M

Studio: Millennium Films

Director: Gore Verbrinski

Running Time: 85 minutes [including credit scenes]


Anne Hathaway- Evelyn [pretty short role]

Jessica Chastain- Anna Morgan

Christian Bale- Richard Morgan

Ellie Fanning- Samara [Voice only, unknown plays her]

Short Plot: Origin of Samara from the ring



The film starts with the voiceover of Samara saying you will never kill me.


1970- Evelyn

Evelyn is walking in a forest when she goes into a very painful labour. She is rushed into a hospital run by nuns where she has Samara. The baby did not cry and Evelyn believed Samara told her that she was a demon and she would only die if she was drowned in a pond. She also tells everyone that the child's father is a demon from the sea. Evelyn ponders over what to do and when she is alone at the hospital, she decides to go outside and drown Samara. However when she is trying to, a nun catches her leading to all the nuns stopping her from killing her child. Evelyn is sent to a mental asylum and Samara is put up for auction.


New Parents

Anna and Richard Morgan are a couple who have their own horse ranch on Moesko Island. They decide they want a child and decide to adopt Samara. However Samara's power grow and she starts to terrorize her adopted parents by planting pictures in their mind. In the middle of the night Richard goes to make himself a cup of tea but while pouring it, Samara suddenly appears and jumps out at him causing him to throw the boiling hot water over himself. He has to go to hospital and suffers minor burns on his face and arm. With many more incidents occurring, the island's doctor sends them all to a psychiatric hospital for treatment.


Eola County Psychiatric Hospital

Anna tells the doctor she has been having suicidal thoughts since she has adopted Samara and she is treated for this and depression. The doctors then sit with Samara and they examine her thoroughly. She reveals her Nensha powers by burning images on the camera. Doctor Scott then interviews Samara who tells him that she hates her adoptive parents as Richard was going to leave her in the hospital. Doctor Scott told them it wasn't their fault and Samara flips at this by killing him using her powers and then hiding the body in the room. Wanting to leave, Richard gets Anna and Samara discharged, unknown to what the latter has just done


Ranch Barn, Horses and Terror

Richard becomes scared of Samara and tries to drop her off on the way home but she refuses to get out of the car and locks her door. They arrive back at the house and Richard moves Samara into the ranch barn where there is only a ladder in an isolated bedroom. Samara hates this and she tries to escape but she can't. The only thing she had on her was a television set and she hated it so much that she burned a tree onto the wall which got hidden behind the wallpaper. Every single night Samara got woken up by the horses and she couldn't bare it anymore so she attacked them mentally using her Nensha powers. The horses hated what Samara did so they ran towards the ocean and committed suicide. Samara plants an image in Anna's head of what happened the horses leading to Anna going mental again and being sent back to hospital.


Richard is left alone with Samara for 5 days so she haunts him after what he did to her. She uses her Nensha powers to smash him against the bathtub and injure his leg while doing nothing to help him. Her hatred of her adoptive parents continued to grow.


Kill Samara, kill Anna

Anna gets released from hospital and she meets up with Richard before going home. She tells him about a plan to go on holiday and kill Samara to get rid of her. Richard agrees to the plan but refuses to help her kill Samara. They head to Shelter Mountain and on the 2nd day there, Anna decides to put her plan into action. Samara stood in front of an old stone while admiring a tree when Anna tells her from behind how peaceful Shelter Mountain is. She then puts a black plastic bag over Samara's head and suffocates her before knocking her unconscious with a rock. Anna pushes Samara down the well hoping she has finally killed her but Samara awakes to witness Anna closing the well. She tries to climb out the well just before Anna closes it but fails.

Anna and Richard return to the ranch but Anna is haunted by Samara and commits suicide by jumping off a cliff.


The End Part and the end of Samara

Richard goes back alone to live in the ranch but is scared when he sees the tree behind Samara's wallpaper. Thinking this could be a curse, he removes the wallpaper before cutting down all the trees close to his house. He goes to sleep but while he is sleeping, the light flickers.


During the next week, Samara tries to escape from the well by climbing the walls but she keeps failing and then breaks her fingertips and nails. She couldn't survive for much longer and she drowned on the 7th day. But her spirit continued trying to get help and attention but nobody ever came.


Evelyn is now in the mental hospital still being haunted by Samara and she decides that she has had enough of life and stabs herself but she just misses her heart and survives. She claims Samara tried to kill her but nobody believes her. She then returns to the room and looks up at the ceiling where there is a picture of the tree Samara made. SCREEN CUTS TO BLACK AND THE WORDS SAMARA APPEARS IN BLACK FONT


Or is it the end of Samara, POST CREDIT SCENE 1

The door of Cabin 12 which has been built around the area opens and 4 teens put a video into the TV set. Samara transfers her nensha abilities and her spirit to the video and makes the video tape. The video tape is shown and the phone rings telling the teenagers they have 7 days to live.


POST CREDIT SCENE 2 [really short one]

Samara climbs out of the well and screams You will never kill me, not even you mommy. The screen cuts to black before Videotape 

11 October This Year

appears in massive red font.

Edited by The Fault In Our Stars
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Island of Dreams


Genre: Drama

Director: Terrence Mallick

Composer: Brian Eno

Cast: Russel Crowe (James), Juliette Binoche (Emily), Isaac Hempstead Wright (Alexander), Paul Bettany (Arthur)

Budget: $35 million

Runtime: 110min (1hr, 50min)

Rating: PG-13 for disturbing images and thematic material

Date: March 1st

Theaters: 7 (3/1), 48 (3/8), 175 (3/15), 461 (3/22), 1,295 (3/29)


OVERVIEW: A family tragedy mixed with leaves blowing in the wind.


The movie begins with footage of a lush beach, with trees blowing against the wind and the sound of waves hitting the warm sand. As the scene continues, we hear a voiceover from Emily, a middle aged woman.

I needed to escape, to leave everything. My life, my world, my stars, everything had fallen out of balance. I never once realized my struggle until I was consumed by it. I knew I had to find a way to leave the pain, and the chaos of my world that has accelerated it. Fate pushes all of us at a particular moment in our lives, and I find myself and my family being pushed at this time. I pray that through this period of time, that I regain what has been lost so long ago. As the voice over continues, we see some darkly lit footage of a family, including Emily, her husband James, and her son 12-year old son Alexander, as they pack up suitcases in their home and depart for an airport. Their flight goes through the night, and they arrive at their destination, a town on a tropical island outside of California, and the family is seen as a silhouette against the sunrise at their new vacation home. James tells everyone that they are staying there for the next few months.


The following day, everyone goes to rest for a while, feeling tired from the travel they made the previous night. Alexander wakes up earlier than the rest, deciding to walk around the home. It’s a rather quiet scene, and the home is rather nicely decorated, but the design is light enough in terms of space. Nothing is too overbearing. Alexander grows bored, however, and goes to the beach. He throws stones into the lake, trying to make them skip. He seems to be enjoying himself, although the scene cuts to a flashback. He is with a new man, about 40 years old, and he is trying to teach Alexander how to skip stones at a lake. We learn that his name is Arthur. It cuts back to Alexander achieving a perfect throw, admiring his shot, but soon beginning to cry. He goes back into his house, realizing that his parents are awake. He gives his mother a hug, who willingly accepts it. She tries to ask what is upsetting him, but Alexander says that he doesn’t want to talk about it.


James decides to take his son inland so that he can visit some of the shops there and pick out something fun, remembering that the reason he was upset was the same reason they came to this island. He tells Alexander, “I know what happened has been hard on all of us, especially you and Mom, but we cannot detriment the joy we can create in our lives.” As they come in to the local street, the place is filled with tourists, nearly all of which are happier than the father and son. Some are eating fried seafood together, others are on their phones, and some are carrying large toys. These people move by in a blur, and James has a voiceover. They all seem so happy, as though they have never seen the harm that the world produces. They live like kings, happy to ignore the world of nature and create a distorted reality where they can do as they wish. I wish I could move along with them, but something within me screams, I am not made for this. Humans are content to free themselves from the realities of the world and live in their own fantasies, eschewing all that is significant for their own, vicarious pleasures. I feel this conflict frequently, and I fear that it will remain within me. The voiceover also cuts to Emily, sitting at home and reading. She is enjoying her book, but she also feels somewhat lonely. James decides to take his son instead to a secluded rocky waterfall on the outskirts of town, feeding his desire to avoid conformity. This allows for some beautiful shots of the two walking around the waterfall, going into the water as well.


That night, the family has a bonfire on the beach. James, Emily, and Alexander sit in silence, though they do try to find solace in the quiet embrace of each other, leaning close to each other on one side of the fire. As the sun begins to set, Alexander begins to walk towards the water, deciding to play in the waves. James decides to play along with Alexander, and the two begin to splash each other in a brief moment of joy. Emily watches from the fire as they play, laughing and smiling. Emily begins to voiceover: I have been told countless times to cherish moments like these. When the stars and the worlds align to allow for the chance to have a perfect moment. These moments have the capacity of eradicating the darkness in our lives, but when the sun departs, the moment will cease, and we are left alone to wander once more. Perhaps that is why they are said to be so valuable. Emily eventually gets up and joins her husband and son on the beach.


The days pass by, and the family continues to try and fit in with the idyllic visitors of the island, treating themselves to some of the local restaurants and boat rides, although none of them provide much beyond temporary bursts of joy. On a boat rode, Emily decides to talk to James, saying that she’s worried about her son. Although he seems to be happy on the island, she remembers how close he and Arthur were before leaving the island. Emily, narrating over flashbacks of Alexander and Arthur playing together, knows that Arthur was a great person, and he would always be there for their family, and his nephew, even when they couldn’t. This scene is becomes juxtaposed against images of James working an office job for a local marketing firm in his city, constantly looking at pictures of his family, and Emily working as an art museum curator, enjoying her times surrounded by beautiful works of art, but worrying that neither she nor James had enough time to spend with their son. This especially rings when she tours field trips of young students walk around the museum, all of which are around Alexander’s age.


James, feeling for Emily, tells her that she doesn’t need to feel bad. They have provided so much for Alexander, and they have always been prioritizing to try and spend time with them, despite the fact that both of them are still busy with their jobs. They are unable to achieve perfection, as are most other humans. James begins another voiceover: I realize that humanity has no ability for perfection, nor will it ever, but I find that regret stems from a lamenting of past imperfections, and in effect, we are forced to accept the futures we have created out of our past failures. I hope that the good I have done has helped my love, and my son, to escape the event horizon in which we cannot recover. I believe that we have the ability to do so. As the voiceover ends, we cut back to the boat that the family is on, and Alexander comes running back to his parents, sitting down with them. They look over the edge of the boat. Alexander is smiling, but he cannot see the more mixed expressions of his parents, although they turn into smiles eventually. Alexander eventually hugs them, telling each of them, “I love you so much.”


As the night ends, a flashback begins with Arthur taking Alexander home from a day at school. This happened fairly recently, and the two are talking about their day. The conversation is not heard well, overpowered by a somber and solemn musical score, and Arthur begins to cough behind the driver’s wheel, eventually coughing up blood. Alexander gasps in horror and struggles to pull out his cell phone to call 911. We then see a blur of events, all taking place in a hospital. Things move very fast and nothing is clearly seen, especially over a bright setting and the noisy sounds of the chaos in the hospital, other than faint cries of “Arthur!” These cries eventually lessen, and the white light begins to take hold of the screen, but the scene ends when Alexander wakes up once more. Realizing that this is similar to what had happened the night before, he decides to ride his bike around the island and return to the waterfall he and his father visited earlier that day. He sits along the water, feeling the cool breeze hit his skin. He gets into the water, this time trying to dive as deep as he can. He stays in the water for a while, eventually running out of breath. He then drifts back up to the top of the lake, gasping for air and eventually laying his head and arms down on some rocks, beginning to cry. The sunrise reflects on the water in a rather haunting fashion. Alexander finds a rock near the bottom of the water, and he then submerges himself again.


The next morning, Emily wakes up, makes herself some hot tea, and looks for Alexander in his room. She becomes worried when finding that he is not there, and she looks outside of the house, calling out in desperation for Alexander’s name. After she cannot find him outside or inside the house, he wakes up James in an alarmed state, telling him that their son is missing. Emily calls 911, telling them about the problem, and police cars soon arrive at the home. After a search around the island, darkly blurred and moving at a hectic, disturbing pace so as that the audience cannot make anything out, the night time eventually passes, and they arrive at the waterfall where James and Alexander went earlier. The policeman accompanying them shines the light onto the water, and he gasps in horror upon his finding. Through the water, we see James and Emily look down, showing great terror and shock upon what they see.


At the island’s police station, an unspecified amount of time later, James and Emily are waiting for something, and Emily is crying onto the side of James, who is also feeling highly sorrowful. They eventually get called in to meet with one of the officers. The officer tells him that based on the autopsy, Alexander’s death was likely a suicide. Emily clenches her hands upon her mouth upon hearing this. As the officer continues to discuss their options, a voiceover from Emily begins. I thought we could escape from the pain, to spend our summer amongst the vicarious fruits of nature and the bizarre fruits of humanity that try to overpower it, but the nature of pain is far more insidious. It is not something to abandon, nor to annihilate. Pain exists within all of us, and it demands that we recognize it. We have paid a brutal cost for trying to satisfy it through the pretending of its exclusion, its replacement with more humanistic pleasures. This island was meant to deliver us something better in our lives when we needed it most, but our lust for the denial of escape had negated it. We need to move on, we need to let this pain in, we need to embrace the honesty of ourselves, our world, and our family.


We then see a reverse of the prologue, with the family taking a plane ride home and resting back at their own home for the first time in weeks, and the film ends with a golden sunrise on the beach outside of the family’s home.

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Tortoise Run

Genre: Animation

Date: 11 January

Theaters: 2,800

Rating: G

Budget: 32.5M

Studio: Millennium Films And Oswood Animation Pictures

Running Time: 73 minutes

Format:2D at most cinemas, 3D in select cities.

Director: Steve Oedekirk


Billy Bob Thornton- Tortoise

Unknown -Yellow

Chris Cooper -Evil Ant

Cameron Diaz- Ogre

Unknown- Olahao


The film starts with the Tortoise in bed dreaming trying to dream about him winning the fun race in 2 days’ time but he is really claustrophobic so he can’t think about it at all. The next day when he is training, he meets yellow who decides to help Tortoise train for the race.


At HDIQ, Evil Ant is thinking of ways to become rich and as Tortoise and Yellow are two of the favourites for the race that he is entering Olahao in, he decides to kidnap them so he can earn the money from the race. He gets help to get them from his partner in crime Ogre to get them. Just as Ogre is about to get them, Yellow realises what is happening and they start to run. However Evil Ant is on the other side and Yellow and Tortoise get trapped and put in the back of a van. While the van is on the move, an explosive falls out of a carriage and the tortoise managed to grab it. Olahao decides to start training for the event and opens the door which leads to tortoise and yellow escaping but they throw the explosive to the front of the car while they jump out killing Evil Ant and Ogre.


It is now the fun race which tortoise wins with a record time and yellow forfeits because he isn’t well. While tortoise is receiving his medal, evil ant and ogre are in the background saying they will get him.


The End


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The Tudors

Genre: Documentary

Date: 14 February [Limited], 22 February [Wide]

Theaters: 116 [14/2] 1,820 [22/2]

Rating: PG

Budget: 2.8M

Studio: Millennium Films


Director: Kenneth Branagh

Narrator: George Clooney

This film is mostly based on the religious changes during Tudor history



England was a very steady country religious wise with every person being a Catholic. But that was all going to change under the Tudors which consisted of 5 monarchs who were Henry VII, Henry VIII, Mary I, Elizabeth I and Edward VI. By the end of the Tudor era in 1603, England was now a Protestant country instead of a Catholic country. But why did this change?


First of all, what were the differences between Catholics and Protestants?  The Protestant churches have the bible in English and no mass whereas Catholic Churches have the bible and service in Latin and include mass in their services. Also in Catholic Churches the Priest wears expensive robes and the place is decorated over the top [e.g. stained glass windows, expensive tables] but Protestant Churches were plain and had smashed stain glass windows replaced with plain glass while the Vicar wore plain clothes. These Churches were very different.


Henry VII reign in charge of England did not see many changes. He won the throne after he defeated Richard III during the War of the Roses and he was the final person to become King of England on the battlefield. He restored the power and stability of the English monarchy and also restored the political stability. He died in 1509 meaning his son Henry VIII was the new king of England.


In the early 1500’s, a new type of Christianity emerged in Germany called Protestantism which started after a German Catholic Priest called Martin Luther started having mixed feelings about the Catholic Church. He though the service should be in English and the Catholic Church had too much land and power. He then started protests around Germany which led to the Reformation. The idea of Protestantism spread across to other European countries but Henry VIII disagreed with it completely. He burned Martin Luther’s book publicly, ridiculed it and wrote a book on everything wrong with the Protestant Church. This led to Henry VIII being given the name ‘defender of the faith’ by the pope. But this was all about to change.


The first major change in the religion of England started because Henry VIII wanted a son and a divorce. Henry and all the people who live in England thought that a woman was not strong enough to rule the country so he desperately wanted a son. The problem was that his wife of 20 years- Catherine of Aragon- could not have any more children because of old age. She had only given Henry a daughter called Mary. Henry was then struck by the dart of love by Anne Boleyn- daughter of a nobleman. She became pregnant and all astrologers said the child would be a boy so Henry had to divorce Catherine or the ‘son’ would be illegitimate and not be allowed to rule the country. He then went to Pope Clement to annul his divorce from Catherine but he refused as Charles who had control over all was the nephew of Catherine. In the end Henry got an annulment from Thomas Crammer, the archbishop of Canterbury who granted his divorce. Henry decided to make a formal break from Rome and to get rid of the pope from England.


This led to Henry making himself head of the Church of England which gave him power [which he liked] to rule over the religious side as well as everything else. He also wanted money so he got Thomas Cromwell to go round all the monasteries and Nunastries, exaggerate bad cases and close them down. This got Henry money and land. There was now the Church of England and it was now mostly a Protestant country.


However despite astrologist being assured that Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn’s child was a boy, the child was actually a girl who was called Elizabeth. Catherine of Aragon died leading Henry to call for public displays of joy. But as Anne also failed to give him a son, she was accused of adultery and incest which meant she was executed. The day after Anne’s death, he got engaged to Jane Seymour who gave birth to a son Edward but Jane died during childbirth. He wanted to marry again so Cromwell suggested he married Anne who was the sister of the Duke of Cleves. A portrait was sent to the King of her and many people told him that she was beautiful so he decided to marry her. But after their marriage and he saw what she really looked like, he said she looked like a horse and wanted a divorce. He also executed Cromwell over this. He then married Catherine Howard but she had an affair with the courtier so she was also executed. His last wife was the wealthy widow Catherine Parr who helped reconcile Henry with his 2 daughters. Henry VIII died in 1546 meaning Catherine Howard was a widow once again.


The next king of England was Edward VI [who was ill most the time so the Duke of Somerset and Northumberland did all the work]. They were strong Protestants so England became a fully Protestant country under Edward but not all Catholics would change. Under Mary I [Henry VIII and Catherine Of Aragon’s daughter] reign, Catholicism was re-established and she got her name Bloody Mary as she executed over 100 people who wouldn’t go back to being Catholic. She married Phillip of Spain which was the most Catholic country in the world and made over 800 Protestants flee the country.


The last Monarch under the Tudor reign was Elizabeth I who aim was for England to become a Protestant country but Catholic’s could stay if they attended Church. If not they were fined 1 shilling but as Catholic attacks increased against her, that fee went up to £2. She became less and less tolerant with Catholics and executed 183 people in the years of 1577 to 1603. She also didn’t tolerate Puritans. By the end of her reign, England was a fully Protestant Country.


There were so much religious changes because people were brought up differently and people wanted sons and power. The amount of changes during the reign of The Tudors completely changed England as a country.

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Based on the short stories of peace at last, whatever next, guess how much I love you, flora’s blanket, 5 minutes peace and the smartest giant in town

Director: Lee Unkrish
Genre: Animation
Date: 22nd March
Theatres: 4060
Mpaa rating- G
Studio- millennium films and oswood animation
Score- Alexandre Desplat
Budget- 80M (it is a hand drawn animation)
Voice Cast [in order of appearance]:
Narrator- Morgan Freedman
Mrs Large- Julia Stiles
Lester- John Ratzenberger
Laura- Anna Sophia-Robb
The Baby- Voiced by unknown
Flora and Flora Nutbrown Hare- Isabelle Allen
The rest of flora’s family- voiced by unknowns
Mr Bear- Forest Whittaker
Mrs Bear- Catherine Keener
Baby Bear- Ty Simpkins
George- Tom Hanks
Animals in the smartest giant in town- voice by unknowns
Owl from Whatever Next- Voiced by unknown
Big Nutbrown Hare- Dane DeHaan

The characters in 5 minutes peace are elephants, peace at last and whatever next are bears and guess how much I love you and flora's blanket's are hares [changed the animals from rabbits to hares in Flora's Blanket]


Narrator:  In the small town of Neighbourville, there are not many events. The neighbours all live next to each other and are all friendly. However many different events would spark new life into this typical neighbourhood over the next two days. But also many problems started to occur. Let’s head to Neighbourville to visit all of the families.


[The first part of the film is based on 5 minutes peace]


Narrator: Mrs Large just wanted peace but with 3 noisy children, this seemed impossible, especially on this cold Thursday afternoon. [Narration stops]


Mrs Large walks into the kitchen to see her 3 kids [Lester, Laura and The Baby] throwing their food everywhere and messing around. Mrs Large has decided she has had enough of all of this and with all the kids messing around, she decides to go and have a nice bath. But before she goes to have her 5 minutes peace, she takes a tray from the cupboard and put a teapot, milk jug, her favourite cup and saucer, marmalade toast and a cake on the tray. She also puts the morning paper in her pocket and starts to sneak away. Laura than catches her sneaking away and the 3 children start questioning why she is walking away. Mrs Large tells them she just wants 5 minutes peace and tries to walk away. Lester then asks if she can join her in the bath but when she refuses, Laura asks what they can do. Mrs Large tells them to go and play and to look after the baby which the baby gets angry about.


Mrs Large finally gets to the bathroom and runs herself a deep hot bath. She pours her cup of tea and then lies back with her eyes closed. But her peace is disturbed when Lester walks in and asks if he can play a tune on his musical instrument. After a lot of persuasion, Mrs Large gives in and tells him just for 1 minute. Lester then played twinkle, twinkle, little star 3 and a ½ times. Mrs Large was finally hoping that her peace would be restored but Laura than walked in and asks if she could read a page from Little Red Riding Hood. Mrs Large refused leading to Laura to complain that Lester is her favourite. Once again, Mrs Large gives in and lets Laura read only 1 page from her book but she decides to read 4 and a ½ pages.


Mrs Large realised she would never get her peace when the baby came in with a trunkful of toys and threw them all in the bath. Laura then wants to see the cartoons in the paper, Lester wants the cake and the baby one also wants to get into the bath. Mrs Large groaned before letting them all do what they wanted to so they all got into the bath but the baby was in such a hurry, he forgot to takes his pyjamas off. Mrs Large got out of the bath, dried herself and put on her dressing gown while heading for the door. She tells the kids she is going to the kitchen because she just wants 5 minutes peace. She went downstairs and was having a peaceful 3 minutes and 45 seconds of peace when the kids all came and joined her.


Narrator: Mrs Large got some peace in the end as the family continued a quite nice day but the night would disturb a couple of the other families that live on the street [end of narration]


[The next part is based on Flora’s Blanket]


Flora Nutbrown Hare and her family were trying to go to sleep but Flora couldn’t fall asleep. Her dad [big Nutbrown Hare], mum, brothers and sisters started to ask questions to what was wrong such as a sore tummy or does her ears hurt but she jumps up and down screaming no blanket. Her siblings [Norah, Cora, Sam, Tom and Max] all offered their blankets to Flora but she refused as she wanted hers. The family decide to then go and find the blanket.


They looked in the living room, the kitchen and the bathroom but there was no sign of it. They then looked outside in the sandpit, the climbing tree and the vegetable patch but Flora started screaming that it wasn’t there. They then started to look in really odd places such as the fridge, the cellar and the greenhouse but the blanket was not there. Flora was starting to fall asleep so her much and dad tucked her up in their bed with the whole family going to bed now. Flora’s dad then asks his wife what the lump was under his pillow. It can’t be Flora’s teddy, it can’t be Flora’s book so it’s Flora’s blanket which Flora woke up a tiny bit and saw so she started to cuddle it and fell asleep.


[the next part is based on Peace At Last]


Narrator: And time to go across the road to the peace at last house [end of narration]


It was late in the evening and Mr Bear, Mrs Bear and baby bear were tired so they went to bed. Mrs. Bear fell straight to sleep but Mr Bear couldn’t. Mrs. Bear started to snore and Mr Bear could not bear this so he went to go and sleep in Baby Bear’s room. However Baby Bear was not asleep either as he was lying in bed pretending to be an aeroplane making the noises of an aeroplane due to excitement of the street party the next day. Mr Bear couldn’t bear this either so he went to go and sleep in the living-room. But in the living room, he couldn’t stand the noise of the clock so he went to the kitchen with hope that he could finally sleep


But there were so many noises in the kitchen such as the drips coming from the leaky tap and the refrigerator going hmmmmm that Mr Bear couldn’t stand this either so he decided to go and sleep in the garden. However the garden was not quiet either with owls, hedgehogs and cats making noises so Mr Bear went to go and sleep in the car as his last hope to find peace at last. The car was very cold and uncomfortable but Mr Bear was so tired that he didn’t even notice. Mr Bear was finally drifting off into a sleep when the birds started to sing and the sun started to shine. Mr Bear went back to the house where Baby Bear was fast asleep and Mrs Bear had turned over so she wasn’t snoring anymore. Mr Bear got into the bed, closed his eyes and murmured peace at last to himself. He was finally asleep but the alarm clock started making very loud noises and Mrs Bear oblivious to how bad his night was, asked him how he slept. Mr Bear told him he didn’t sleep very well so Mrs Bear decided to bring him a cup of tea.


Narration: So we are now on the 2nd day in Neighbourville with Mr Bear and Flora’s problems sorted. An uneventful morning happened though something big and tall came stumbling in Neighbourville in the afternoon. [End of narration]


It was now the street party so everyone was having fun running around the street. Laura, Lester, The Baby and Baby Bear were all playing hide and seek with each other while pranking their parents, Mr Bear was trying to fall asleep while Mrs Bear and Mrs Large put out all the food for everyone. Flora stayed at the table with her family cuddling her blanket when Mrs Large put out all the carrots for everyone. Unsurprisingly, The Nutbrown Hare’s took them all and ate them really quickly while The Baby and Baby Bear started a food fight with each other. Then a very scruffy giant walked down the street leading to Flora hiding under her chair, Laura screaming her head off and Mrs Bear and Mrs Large go to confront him. The giant is called George and he quickly explains that he is a new neighbour and that he is harmless. Despite being scared of him first they all warmed to him pretty quickly and George told them all he has had such an adventurous week so Lester asks him to tell them all about it.


[This part is based on the smartest giant in town]

George was a scruffy giant who always wore the same pair of old brown sandals and the same old patched-up gown while also being in debt. He then found a new shop full of smart clothes so he bought a smart shirt, a smart belt, a smart pair of trousers, a smart stripy tie, some smart socks with diamonds up the sides and a pair of smart shiny shoes using money from a loan from his sister. He said proudly that he was the smartest giant in town. He was just going home when he saw a giraffe sniffing sadly who then tells George that his neck is so long and cold and that he wishes he had a scarf. George took of his stripy tide and round it around the giraffe to give him a wonderful scarf. George sang to himself as he walked home and then he saw a goat bleating loudly on a boat on the river. His sail blew away in the storm and he wants a strong new sail for his boat. Being the kind person that he is, George gave him his new white shirt as a new sail for his boat. He carried on walking home whilst singing to himself.


Then George came to a tiny ruined house which a white mouse and loads of baby mouse stood beside who was all squeaking. George asked them what the matter was so she tells him that her house had burnt down and they had nowhere to live. George then took off one of his shiny shoes for a new home for the mouse and her babies which they loved. George now had to hop along the road but he didn’t mind and he started singing to himself again when he eventually came to a camp site. A fox beside the tent was crying because he dropped his sleeping bag in a puddle so George took of one of his sock and gave it to the fox as a sleeping bag. Then he came to a big squelchy bog where a dog was standing. He needs to get across but he keeps getting stuck in the mud so George lays out a path for him using his belt and the dog was really thankful. The wind started to blow and George’s trousers started to fall down so he calls out that he is the coldest giant in town.


 He felt sad, shivery and not smart so he decided to go back to the shop and buy some new clothes. But the shop was closed which led to him crying and feeling as sad as the animals he met on his way home. He then saw a bag with something familiar in and her saw his gown and sandals which he put back on. He then shouted that he was the cosiest giant in town. He then went to his new house and opened the front door where all the animals he helped were carrying an enormous present. Inside there was a gold paper crown and a card that was thanking George for all the clothes he gave to the animals for helping him and the card proclaimed him as the smartest giant in town. Also they gave him a cheque on behalf of everyone for being an amazing person so that he could sort out his debts and buy a new bigger house.


The rest of Neighbourville clap as he finishes his story before they all decide to go home as it is getting cold and dark. Mrs Bear had to throw water over Mr Bear to wake him up as he was still trying to asleep at the table. Mr Bear falls asleep again while Mrs Bear is dragging him into the Peace at last house so she then puts him to bed.


Narrator: As the afternoon turned into evening- The Nutbrown Hare’s were showing their love for each other and Baby Bear was having some out of this world adventures [end of narration]



[This part is based on Whatever Next]


Baby Bear asks Mrs Bear if he can go to the moon while playing with the baby [from 5 minutes peace] but Mrs Bear says he can’t as its bath time and he would need to find a rocket first. The Baby tells Mrs Bear that they can go and buy a rocket buy Mrs Bear refuses saying it costs way too much. Baby Bear with help from the baby decided to make his own rocket by finding a box in the cupboard under the stairs to use as a rocket, a ‘space helmet’ on the draining board and a pair of ‘space-boots’ by the front door. Just while Baby Bear is packing the last things into the rocket, Mrs Large arrives with Laura and Lester to pick up the baby who refuses to leave but Mrs Large drags him out of the house. Laura and Lester find Mr Bear and asks him if they can read a story to him and play instruments but he refuses as he wants peace. They storm out of the house in a strop along with Mrs Large dragging the baby across the street.


Inside the rocket, Baby Bear puts his teddy and food before taking off to the moon in the kitchen. An owl flew past Baby Bear who was also going to the moon so he offered the owl a journey there. An aeroplane flew through the sky so Baby Bear and some of the passengers waved to each other. They eventually landed on the moon so they decided to have a picnic.

They decide that they need to go because Baby Bear’s bath must be ready by now. The owl said goodbye as they went their separate ways.


However it started to rain really heavily and the splattering water dripped through Baby Bear’s helmet. He went back down the chimney into his home and onto the living room carpet with a massive loud bump. Mrs Bear walked into the room as she took him to the bathroom and she says that he looks like he’s been up the chimney. Baby Bear tells her he did go up the chimney as he found a rocket and visited the moon. Mrs Bear laughed as she thought he was just telling a story and remarked ‘Whatever Next?’


The film leaves the peace at last house and moves through the street to the end where there is a garden patch where The Nutbrown Hares spend some time at.


[This last part is based on Guess How Much I Love You, I have changed the plot of the book to different characters and this is also only about 5 minutes long]


Flora Nutbrown Hare, who couldn’t sleep, asked her dad [big Nutbrown Hare] if they could go to her favourite place- the garden patch- while clutching her blanket in her hand. They set off to the Garden Patch when she tells her dad Guess How Much I Love You and she reached out her arms and said ‘this much’. But Big Nutbrown Hare had even longer arms and told his daughter that he loved her this much while stretching his arms as wide as they could go. Flora Nutbrown Hare than reaches as high as she can to the sky and tells her dad she loves her that much but Big Nutbrown Hare responds by telling her that he loves her as high as he can reach. Flora Nutbrown Hare thought that was really high and wished she had arms like that.


Flora Nutbrown Hare thought of a really good idea as he tumbled upside down and reached the tree trunk with his feet and says she loves her dad all the way up to her toes. Big Nutbrown Hare swings Flora Nutbrown Hare over his head and he loves her all the way up to his daughter’s toes. She then decides to hop and laughs while she’s shouting at her dad that she loves him as high as she can hop. But Big Nutbrown Hare hops even higher and his ears even touched the branches of the tree leading to her daughter to wish she can hop like that. They look over the scenery and the hills and rivers in front of them so Flora Nutbrown Hare then told her dad that she loved him all the way down the lane as far as the river while she cried. Big Nutbrown Hare goes even further and says that he loves her all the way across the river and over the hills. Flora Nutbrown Hare was tired that she could barely even think any more but she looks up to the sky and thinks that nowhere is further than the sky. ‘I love you right up to the moon’ she said as she fell asleep. Big Nutbrown Hare settled her into her bed of leaves and kissed her goodnight while putting her blanket on her. He then lay down next to her and whispered with a smile, ‘I love you right up to the moon and back’.


As they cuddle together while sleeping, the narration starts again


Narrator: So as they sleep into the night, our adventure ends here in Neighbourville. All the families are happy together even if they don’t always get there peace but at the moment, it is peace at last in Neighbourville.


Neighbourville by Molly ft The Common Lippets plays over the credits. The song is a country folk song. The lyrics to this original song are underneath.


Acoustic Guitar plays in the background with a light drums. The song is an acoustic version.



In a quiet place,

That not many people know,

An amazing community lives,

All knowing each other


The elephants from 5- M- P [short for 5 minutes peace],

Where the mum just wants peace,

But the kids are loved,

As they sleep in Neighbourville


The rabbits from Flora’s Blanket,

Searching for the orange and white object,

With the family all united,

Just like everyone on Neighbourville.


The Common Lippets:


The sky is now asleep,

In Neighbourville,

There is peace at last,



They all are friends,

In Neighbourville,

There is love all around



Showing their love for each other,

While they guess how much I love you,

Hopping as high as she can,

The Hare’s sleep tight


While Baby Bear flies to the moon,

With a mum who thinks he’s telling,

A story,

But the owl knows the truth.


That family with a dad,

Who could not sle---ep,

Wherever Mr Bear went,

A new noise would occur


The Common Lippets:


The sky is now asleep,

In Neighbourville,

There is peace at last



They are all friends,

In Neighbourville,

There is love all around



The smartest giant in town,

Who helps every animal he sees,

Brings together many people,

In Neighbour—ville


The Common Lippets:


The sky is now asleep,

In Neighbourville,

There is love all around


In Neighbourville,

There is peace at last

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Walking Alone

Genre: Sci-Fi/Drama/Romance/Post-Apocalypse

Director: J.A. Bayona

Composer: Marco Beltrami

Cast: Olivia Wilde (Jenna), Channing Tatum (Cole -- voice), Michelle Pfeifer (Cassandra), Viola Davis (Aileen), Quvenzhane Wallis (Clara), Michael Pena (Miguel), Terrence Stamp (Father Hampton), Sam Riley (Finn)

Budget: $80 million

Rating: PG-13 for brief strong language, disturbing images, scenes of intense violence, and mature thematic material

Runtime: 127min (2hr, 7min)

Date: February 8th

Theaters: 3,372

Previous Gross (Walking With You - Y7) - $34.3m/$112.1m/$241.3m (OW/DOM/WW)

OVERVIEW: In the Y7 film, Walking With You, a woman, Jenna, travels with a young but skilled navigator, Cole, to get to Washington D.C., a sanctuary of arts and knowledge in a world destroyed through various means: warfare, disease, pollution, and financial ruin. After the two discover their love for one another, Cole is killed in an assault of a gang near the city gates, but Jenna is able to escape. She now only has a collection of audio logs of Cole, which may help her on a new journey, one that will place her in new and dangerous situations with new friends and foes.

The movie opens with dirt being shoveled into a hole in the ground. The area is fairly arid, laying outside of a ravaged city, but near a shed. We eventually see a woman shoveling the dirt into the hole, eventually becoming filled up. There are faint tears in her eyes as she puts up a sign on top of the burial, marked ‘HERE LIES COLE. A FORMIDABLE ALLY, A POWERFUL SOUL.’ She hears the whirring of some motorcycles nearby, hiding in the shed. A gang of bikers, dressed in fairly dirty clothing, look around the area for others, eventually coming across the shed. The woman holds her breath and hides in an obscured cabinet as they come in, so as to conceal herself. She also hides a backpack with her. They soon leave, frustrated upon not finding anything. The woman peers through the eyehole, realizing that it is safe to exit.

With the bandits gone, the woman sorts through her belongings while staying inside. She took a few things from Cole’s backpack that would help her survive, eventually coming across a package labeled, ‘To Jenna’. Jenna opens up the package and finds an audio recording device inside. Jenna steps outside of the shed to make sure that it is safe to play without bring about any unwanted attention. She sees no one, but stays in the shed and sets the volume low in order to hear it without letting anyone else do so. She listens to the message carefully, also becoming somewhat emotional upon hearing Cole’s voice one more time.

“Jenna, if you’re listening to this, I’m probably not able to join you on your journey anymore. I made these audio logs throughout our travel to Washington so that I could help you even when I left. We’ve been on a dangerous journey, and there’s no end in sight to the kinds of things that can keep you on your toes. From Washington, there’s a village south of here that’s about a travel of three days, Venus. There are a lot of people who can help you there, and it’s a relatively safe travel, compared to the trip from Central Park, at least. You’re going to be okay, Jenna. I’ve left you a few weapons in the package, and you can use them as you need. Stay calm, stay focused, you’ll make it to Venus with no problem. I love you.”

The transmission ends, and Jenna verifies that there are still several messages. She soon begins her travel southwards, carrying a fairly large backpack, but armed with a machine gun and a knife. Throughout the day, she walks along sweeping landscapes of ruin, from marshes in a decaying state, dead city skylines, and desolate train tracks. At the end of the day, she finds a tavern that seems fairly hospitable, and feeling very exhausted, she decides to stay there. She opens the door and finds a fairly young man, with a patched up eye and splotches of facial hair, at the bar. He introduces himself as Finn, and he says that it’s nice to see someone who isn’t a psychopath come into his place every once in a while. Jenna begins to converse with Finn after paying for some water and a meal. (mainly some poorly cooked meat and canned veggies. Finn remarks that the apocalypse isn’t exactly a great time to be a master chef)

Jenna tells Finn that she is headed for a village named Venus, and Finn begins to laugh. Venus was a quaint little town, with some of the friendliest folk there is. “The highlight of the town, though, is a mysterious woman known as The Queen, of whom there have been tales of her incredible wisdom and her ability to see deep into time and space. You’d think that that place would be a hot spot for survivors, but there’s a total population of, I don’t know, forty? Guess there must not be more than the Queen there, but hey, at least no one wants to skewer ya, huh?” Jenna chuckles, asking how long it takes to get there from here, and Finn tells her that if she leaves at the crack ‘o’ dawn the next day, she’ll be able to make it before sunset. Jenna thanks him for the advice, but as she is about to pay, she notices two bandits, decorated with bandanas and dirty clothing, and they threaten to rob the place. Jenna and Finn freeze in their transaction.

Jenna begins to look down, noticing the weapons that she has. With the two bandits and the two weapons in her name, she thinks that she can take them. Jenna covertly slips her knife to Finn, hidden in a stack of money, and Finn, getting the hint, calls them up to the register, saying that they can take what they need in return for their lives. The prisoners walk up, arms at the ready, but Jenna becomes increasingly nervous as they do so. She takes a deep breath, pulls out the machine gun in her bag in a manner that conceals it from the bandits, and she opens fire before they get close, letting the nerves get the best of her. A shootout occurs, but we only hear it from the outside. Jenna looks on at the scene, and we zoom out to see smoke coming out of her gun, the two bandits killed, and a knife in Finn’s throat against the wall. Jenna is horrified upon witnessing Finn’s body, realizing that her lack of control contributed to this. She apologizes for forgiveness, especially as she goes through the store and takes a few belongings and some money.

She cannot sleep that night at the tavern, feeling continued remorse for stealing from a brief friend after letting him die, but she knows that she needs it, and it would end up going to waste if no one took it. She decides to ease her emotions by listening to Cole again, pulling out his audio logs and playing another section on Venus. Through the log, Cole says that he remembers meeting The Queen, of whom Finn was talking, and he remembers that he once saw her as a child. He was bitten by a snake-like creature, and believing that the Queen could save him. He has little memory of what happened at that time, but at the end of it all, he wasn’t dead. Cole says to be careful, as in any place now, as even the most welcoming towns tend to shelter darkness, some of which aren’t afraid to let hell break loose at the drop of a pin. Feeling anxious, Jenna begins her travel right away.

Throughout the next day, Jenna walks along the desert, walking through an abandoned interstate already littered with cars so as to keep attention away from herself. By the late afternoon, she sees a sign (on a piece of cardboard mounted onto a crumbling highway support, saying that Venus is nearby. The crumbling begins to get worse, and a giant sinkhole appears underneath the highway. Jenna realizes that due to high walls surrounding the rode, she cannot get away from the interstate area easily. She begins to run like mad through the street, climbing up on cars and jumping a cross them, in order to avoid falling into the hole. She keeps running until the wall on the side ends, and she gets away, safe from the sinking, but brutally out of breath.

Jenna continues walking, albeit at a much slower place, until she sees a young girl playing in the foreground. She comes up to the little girl, asking if she needs help. The girl introduces herself as Clara, and she seems rather perky. Suddenly, she rips a pouch of supplies off of Jenna’s backpack and runs off with it. Jenna tries to stop her, calling out her name and running after her, but she is surprisingly fast for a young girl. She eventually leads her to the destination she had been after all along: Venus. Outside of the city gates, we hear a voice shout, “CLARA!” An older woman comes up to the little girl and scolds her, ordering her to maintain her decency no matter what. She threatens to tell The Queen, but Clara pleads not to. Taking the hint, Clara goes back to Jenna and gives her back the pouch. The older woman apologizes for her daughter’s behavior, introducing herself as Aileen and welcoming her to Venus.

Venus is a fairly nice town, all things considered, with a community kitchen, a few huts, a library, a church, a saloon, and other services. It’s a different kind of village from Eden (the village Olivia lived at in the first part of Walking With You, a greenery-dominated town based in what once was Central Park). At the conclusion of the tour, Aileen and Clara invite Jenna into their house to cook a meal for her. They managed to find an abandoned convenience store with some packaged food a few days ago, and they have been using it for a few days. After a while, Jenna asks about the Queen, and Aileen goes silent. “So you have been listening to the stories on the way to this town. Follow me when our meal is finished. You seem like a good soul, and I believe that the Queen will see that in you as well.”

At the end of the village, there is a large building, apparently once a massage parlor, and Jenna comes inside. As she enters, we see the silhouette of a man outside. She, Aileen, and Clara come across a closed, colorful curtain as a female voice calls out, somewhat raspy, “Who wishes to speak to The Queen?” Aileen announces herself, saying that she has friends here as well. The curtain opens up, and we see a somewhat sickly woman in colorful robes, lying on a couch, looking at those who just entered. The woman commands Jenna to remove her belongings and leave them at the door. Jenna complies. The woman then smiles, introducing herself as the Queen Cassandra.

The Queen claims to have the ability to see into time and space itself, brought on after the exilir of man poisoned her away from the viciousness of humanity and gave her new light. She has not only seen the eyes of God, but she became a goddess in the process. As Cassandra continues on, she begins to cough blood onto the floor. The Queen looks up to see horrified reactions from Aileen, Clara, and Jenna. Clara is tucking her head inside her mother’s chest in fear. Jenna tells Cassandra that she needs help desperately, asking Aileen if there is any hope for medical support out here. Cassandra yells at Jenna, saying that there is no hope of her being saved by such unearthly feats. Jenna tries to reason with her, but she soon realizes that she has little hope of doing so. Cassandra begins another coughing fit, soon telling the visitors to leave.

As Jenna walks out of the door, she calls in Aileen to talk in private. Cassandra tells her that she has seen into Jenna’s past, and he traveled with another boy to arrive in Washington, only for him to be abandoned. He cannot make out much else of her mind, as she is inexperienced in examining current thoughts beyond memories, which is why she was hesitant to expose herself to Jenna before seeing if she had bad intentions. She looks forward to seeing where this goes.

Jenna, disappointed about the visit, asks Aileen how long she has been like this. Aileen insists that she has been worse today than ever before, and she fears that her sickness may worsen in the future if not treated. Jenna decides to visit the library to see if she can gain more information on the Queen and her disease. Inside the library, a dusty area full of old book, some of which are brutally worn, she finds a man, Miguel, running the shop. “Hello, traveler, I have not seen your face around these lands, but all are welcome to The Library of Venus” Jenna continues to look around the library, including at books on disease. Jenna then asks Miguel about the Queen, and Miguel, feeling concerned, hints at her to meet outside of the town at nightfall.

Before the night ends, Jenna finds a small hut to stay in during her visit to Venus, and she finds another audio log of Cole’s. She plays it, and Cole begins to talk about some of the adventures that he had gone on before meeting Jenna. Jenna listens to them much as a child admires bedtime stories. A line near then end strikes Jenna, particularly, “Of all the adventures I’ve been on, this journey, right now, will be my favorite until the end. I felt like for the first time, I was actually helping someone beyond myself. When you realize that you have to power to save someone, to change things for the better, there’s nothing else like it, and you feel like you just need to keep working at it. I can’t wait to make it to Washington with you. I know it will have been worth it.” Jenna smiles, almost fighting tears.

Realizing the time, Miguel heads out to the front of town, and Jenna is quick to follow. Miguel introduces Jenna to another inhabitant of the village, Father Hampton, a former priest, and the father of Cassandra. Hampton tells Jenna the truth about the Queen. She is not a scam artist, and she really is special. She received radiation poisoning several years ago, and the radiation somehow affected her DNA, giving her incredible abilities, including the ability to read minds, but the radiation has been slowly killing her, as well as disrupted her mental capacities. Hampton also confesses that the area surrounding the village has been rigged with explosives and booby traps, including the interstate that Jenna was traveling, so that those who tried to get into the village would be tested on their abilities in dire situations, as the town was in grave need of a hero.

Jenna then asks what exactly the preparations were for, learning that the medicine that needs to be picked up is hidden at a lab somewhere in the ruins of Richmond, VA, and that the criminals and wild creatures surrounding the area make it nearly impossible for any of them to travel alone. By surviving the explosives, Jenna realizes that she may have the power to save Cassandra. Jenna and Miguel agree to travel together to the town to retrieve the medicine, and Hampton gives her a piece of paper with info on the location.

The village is very close to the city, and the two get by fairly easily. They have to get into the city and the challenging part of the journey, however, comes when they have to fight off various criminal gangs and wild animals, including bizarre mutation hybrids of animals such as wolf alligators. (This isn’t in a cute way a la Avatar: The Last Airbender) They eventually reach a small warehouse, where they find the medicine, and they are able to escape from the city and make it back to Venus, but not before one last attack. As they are beginning to make their escape out of the city, a criminal fires at Jenna, who receives a vicious shot from a bandit that also destroys Cole’s recording device. The one thing that Jenna had left from Cole was now gone, trying to piece it back together at a stop in the road, to no avail. She only gets to hear three more words from it, in very poor quality, “I love you.” She begins to cry at this loss.

Jenna and Miguel make it back to the village, much to the delight of Hampton, and they go to deliver the medicine to the Queen. The Queen calls Miguel and Jenna to her tent, thanking both of them for their brave service, but as her speech of gratitude continues, she collapses onto the ground as blood continues to drip from her mouth. Jenna begins to look on in horror, until Father Hampton comes in and shoots the dying body of Cassandra. Jenna learns that Hampton had lied to her about the medicine, and that he was using her to try and kill her. Hampton acted in this manner because his daughter’s beliefs clashed with his own, and he could not rest and let her fill the people of this town, and the world, with false hope. Now that Jenna had given the medicine, he could restore the minds of his townspeople.

Hampton explains that they can walk away from this together, and no one else needs to be harmed. The death on account of faulty medicine would be the perfect way of making her death seem natural, without any of the uproar caused by other means. No one has to take the fall for the death, and Hampton says that Jenna and Miguel should consider themselves very fortunate. Miguel attacks Father Hampton, but for an 80-year old man, he is able to hold himself very well, but Jenna tries to pull Miguel off. The town doesn’t need to fall into more chaos. She orders Hampton to leave Venus and never return, deciding herself that she will stay in Venus as well.

Later, a funeral is held for Cassandra, and nearly everyone still believes that she died of the poisoning. Jenna and Miguel agree to not tell anyone the truth, for fear that it may turn the townspeople to violence again. Aileen goes back to Jenna one more time, saying that she is thankful for her being supportive in these times of darkness, muttering to herself that Cole used to be like that as well. Jenna, feeling surprised, stops to ask Aileen about who Cole is. Aileen laughs and shows her a picture of him, looking like a younger, yet very similar man to the Cole she knew, and she finds out a fairly shocking truth: Cole was the daughter of Cassandra. Jenna looks onto the grave of Cassandra, then up at the sky, smiling as tears come down her face.


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Legacy of the Joestars: Phantom Blood


Director: Drake Brando

Genre: Action/Adventure (with elements of Period and Horror)

Date: March 1-3

Cast: Henry Cavill (Jonathan Joestar), Tom Hiddlestone (Dio Brando), Gary Oldman (George Joestar), Kevin Costner (William A. Zeppeli), Ryan Reynolds (Robert E.O. Speedwagon), Isaac Hempstead-Wright (Young Jonathan), Asa Butterfield (Young Dio), Paul Dano (Tarkus), Abbie Cornish (Irina), Toby Jones (Arsene),



The film begins during a Mayan temple-esque sacrificial ritual. A woman is tied to an altar while a man wearing a stone mask approaches her. He removes the mask to the woman’s horror (although we can’t see his face). We hear the sound of her screaming as he attacks her and as her blood flows from the altar onto the floor by where the stone mask is laying. We cut to 19th century England in a expensive bedroom as a woman, Eleanor Joestar gives birth. Her husband, George Joestar looks on worried. At the same time, in a small wooden house, Agatha Brando is also giving birth in much filthier conditions while her husband, Dario Brando, drinks a bottle of whisky and yells at her to shut up. Eleanor’s birth is a successful one and we see her and George cuddling their newborn son, Jonathan. Agatha dies in birth and Dario dumps their son, Dio in a closet while he grabs another beer. Several years later, the Joestar family carriage is travelling across a cliff road and tumbles off the edge. Dario Brando, who was watching, climbs down intending to scavenge anything valuable and finds Eleanor dead and George barely alive.


We cut to several years later at the Brando home. Dario is dying of an illness and he calls his son, Dio, now a young teen, to him. He tells Dio how, several years ago, he saved the life of a rich nobleman, George Joestar. George gave him a large payment as a reward and, upon hearing about Dio, offered to take him in when Dario dies. Shortly after, Dario succumbs to his illness. The only people to attend his funeral are Dio and George. George tells Dio that they should leave soon and Dio asks for a few minutes alone at the grave. After George leaves, Dio pisses on the grave, stating that Dario was a useless father but, for once, he did something of use to him. Now he can enter the Joestar family and usurp their fortune. But first he must deal with George’s only son, Jonathan and drive him away before he can claim his inheritance.


We cut to a young girl, Irina, being picked on by a bunch of bullies. However, they are distracted by the appearance of a young Jonathan Joestar who attempts to drive the bullies away. They beat the snot out of him, but he keeps them distracted long enough for a thankful Irina to get away. A bruised Jonathan makes his way home to the Joestar family manor. Once home, he takes a moment to admire an old stone mask his father recently purchased, as an antique. However, a strange man arrives, intending to purchase the mask from his father. At that moment, George arrives home with Dio. The two boys are introduced to each other and seem to get along well. However, as soon as George leaves to discuss something with the strange man, Dio turns on Jonathan, telling him to stay out of his way. Over the next few weeks, Dio turns all the other children against Jonathan by spreading nasty rumours. When Jonathan attempts to challenge him to a friendly boxing match, Dio cheats by poking him in the eye, before beating the crap out of him. All of Jonathan’s pleas to his father fall on death ears as George has been convinced by Dio that Jonathan is merely jealous of having a new family member to compete with. The only person to remain friends with Jonathan is Irina. However Dio, intending to drive the two apart, ambushes Irina one night and forcibly steals her first kiss. When Jonathan next sees Irina, she is strangely distant and won’t tell him why. However, he learns from one of Dio’s friends what happened. Furious, he confronts Dio in their house. Dio punches him in the stomach, intending to use this to finally push Jonathan over the edge to suicide but, to his surprise, Jonathan recovers and beats up Dio, breaking his nose. Some of Dio’s blood ends up splashing onto the stone mask and, to both their surprise, spikes momentarily sprout from the back of the mask. They are then interrupted by George who punishes them both for fighting.


We cut to 10 years later where Jonathan and Dio, now young adults, have long put their differences behind them and become close friends. Jonathan has become an archaeologist researching the stone mask. However, George has recently become deathly ill and the doctors don't think he has much time left. However one day, while Jonathan is in the family library, he finds a letter written by Dio’s father to his doctor tucked away in a book. In the letter, Dario talks about how he doesn’t have much time left and describes his symptoms which, to Jonathan’s growing horror, directly match George’s current ones. Jonathan realises that Dio must have poisoned his own father and is now trying to do the same thing to George. Jonathan confronts Dio about this, but Dio denies poisoning George. Jonathan decides to visit an infamous back-alley poison specialist in London to test his theory. Before he leaves, he advises his father not to eat or drink anything prepared by Dio. Dio, meanwhile, realising Jonathan is onto him, attempts to work out a way to kill Jonathan without raising suspicion. Suddenly, he spots the stone mask and has an idea…


Jonathan arrives in London and, while searching for the poison shop, is attacked by a group of thugs, led by the eccentric Robert E.O. Speedwagon. After a tough fight, Jonathan manages to dispatch the thugs, making sure not to kill any of them though. However, he is ambushed by an even larger group, but is rescued by Speedwagon who was moved by Jonathan’s show of mercy and guides him to the poison shop. Meanwhile, Dio plans to kill Jonathan using the stone mask. Having already worked out that the mask protrudes spikes when blood is splashed on it, Dio intends to kill Jonathan with it, making it look like Jonathan, who was researching the mask, died by accident when testing the thing. First, he decides to test it on a couple of drunkards one night. At first it seems to work, killing the first drunk but, when he is about to test it on the second one, the dead man comes back to life as a vampire, to Dio’s shock. The vampire is gifted with incredible strength and speed, easily killing the second drunk and draining him of blood before turning on and overpowering Dio. However, before he can kill Dio, the sun rises and turns the vampire to ash. Dio is left speechless as to what just happened.


When Dio arrives home, he finds Jonathan and Speedwagon waiting for him with several policeman. They had talked to the poison shop owner, Arsene, who positively identifies Dio as having bought poison from him. George has recovered, having been given an antidote and, devastated, accuses Dio of having poisoned him. Dio admits his crime, before attempting to stab Jonathan with a concealed knife. George, however, takes the blow for his son. Meanwhile, Dio places the stone mask onto his own face and uses George’s blood to activate it, telling Jonathan that he ‘rejects his humanity!!’ He is then shot multiple times by the police and falls out of a window. Jonathan comforts a dying George and mourns his death. However, his mourning is cut short when Dio, now a vampire, returns and brutally slaughters the policemen. Jonathan fights Dio, while Speedwagon and Arsene escape, but is severely outmatched by Dio’s newfound power, taking serious injuries. During the fight, the Joestar family manor is set on fire and thanks to a mixture of good wits and luck, Jonathan is able to impale Dio on a bannister. Jonathan is rescued from the inferno by Speedwagon and the manor collapses on Dio, apparently killing him. However, when Arsene looks through the wreckage, hoping to find something worth stealing, he is grabbed by Dio.


Several months later and Jonathan has mostly recovered from his wounds thanks to being nursed by a grown up Irina. One day, while out on a walk, they are confronted by the strange man who wanted to purchase the stone mask 10 years ago, who tells them that Dio is still alive. The man introduces himself as William A. Zeppeli and explains that Dio has set up a new base in Transylvania, slaughtering all the villagers leaving nearby. Those he didn’t kill, he turned into his mindless, bloodthirsty thralls who live only to serve him. Zeppeli has dedicated his life to tracking down and killing all vampires using the power of a special martial art, the Ripple. By adapting your breathing, you can use the Ripple to perform incredible feats of strength, slow your aging, transfer power from one person to another and even imbue your fists with the power of the sun, letting you kill vampires with a single punch. Zeppeli confronted Dio and tried to kill him with power, but Dio has, for some reason, grown more powerful and intelligent than regular vampires and Zeppeli was forced to retreat. To finish Dio off, Zeppeli needs help and, hearing of how Jonathan nearly killed Dio even without any powers, offers to teach Jonathan the Ripple. After some consideration and worry from Irina, Jonathan accepts. The two train for several weeks, but Jonathan is unable to properly grasp the basics of the Ripple, much to Zeppeli’s frustration.


While training, Zeppeli tells Jonathan a bit about his past. When he was a young child, Zeppeli’s father purchased a stone mask from a merchant. One day, his father accidentally activated it and turned himself into a vampire and murdered Zeppeli’s mother and nearly Zeppeli himself. Zeppeli was saved by a travelling martial artist who taught him the ways fo the Ripple. However, Zeppeli kept the stone mask and years later, got married and had several children. However, their eldest child, Tarkus, died of an illness. In desperation, Zeppeli used the stone mask to bring him back to life as a vampire, hoping he could control him. He couldn’t and one day, while Zeppeli was away, Tarkus murdered his mother and all his siblings, except one. Zeppeli returned and narrowly managed to save his last child before driving Tarkus away. After that, Zeppeli abandoned his remaining child in an orphanage and devoted his life to hunting vampires, including Tarkus, and stopping that same tragedy from ever happening again. Meanwhile, in London, Jack the Ripper has just murdered his most recent victim when he is confronted by a fully recovered Dio. Dio uses the Stone Mask to turn Jack into a vampire and sends him to kill Jonathan. Jack attacks Jonathan and Irina while Zeppeli is out. However, in desperation, Jonathan manages to learn the Ripple and uses it to save Irina and kill Jack, turning him to dust with a single punch.


Jonathan and Zeppeli meet up with Speedwagon and the three travel to Transylvania to confront Dio at his castle. After stealthily making their way through thrall-infested lands, they manage to reach Dio’s castle. Dio sets two of his most powerful servants after them, Brannagh, a powerful warrior who opposed Dio and was killed before being resurrected as a thrall and Tarkus, Zeppeli’s vampire son who joined with Dio after hearing of his exploits. The battle is a tough one, with the two being too smart to let themselves be hit by the Ripple. Brannagh is eventually decapitated by Speedwagon using piano wire, but Tarkus is too strong and manages to break Speedwagon’s leg. Eventually, Zeppeli is able to separate himself and Tarkus from Jonathan and Speedwagon so the two can fight alone. After a gruelling battle, during which Tarkus accuses Zeppeli of abandoning him, Zeppeli manages to hit Tarkus with the Ripple by letting him deal a mortal blow. Tarkus turns to ashes as Zeppeli weeps over his lost son. However, Zeppeli’s mourning is interrupted by Dio who plans to kill off Zeppeli, the biggest threat of the three, while he is weak and alone. Zeppeli and Dio fight and Dio reveals that has experimented with his undead status and has discovered a way to cool his body temperature to subzero levels and freeze whatever touches him. Using this method, he is able to freeze and snap off Zeppeli’s arm. Zeppeli, realising he’s doomed, sends his remaining ripple power to Jonathan who arrives just in time to watch Dio kill Zeppeli.


Jonathan and Dio face off. Jonathan tries to appeal to Dio’s humanity and the time they spent together as brothers in the hope that he’s not all gone. Dio laughs and reveals that the vampirism wasn’t what turned him evil. He was always this way. His humanity, their ‘brotherly bond’ was always faked. He even theorises that the reason he is stronger than any other vampire was because he always had the nature of one. The stone mask merely let him reveal that nature. He also promises that, once he has finished with Jonathan, he will return to England and finish what he started with Irina. Enraged, Jonathan charges at him and the two fight once more as memories of their childhood flash by. Jonathan’s newly received Ripple energy allows him to stand up to Dio vampiric strength and the two are evenly matched. In their battle, the castle is, once again, set on fire. Eventually, Jonathan is able to beat Dio by wrapping a burning curtain around his fist to bypass his ice powers and punching him out of a window with the power of the ripple. Satisfied Dio is dead, Jonathan breaks the stone mask, rescues Speedwagon and the two make their way out of the burning castle and home to England.


Back home, Jonathan finally marries Irina and the two decide to spend their honeymoon on a cruise ship. However, their happiness is cut short when they find the entire crew and passengers have been turned into thralls. It is revealed that Dio is still alive, having torn off his own head while falling out the window, before the power of Jonathan’s Ripple fist could disintegrate it along with his body. He was then smuggled onto the boat, still merely a severed head, by a thrallified Arsene so he could kill Jonathan and steal his body. Dio also learnt how to fire his eyeball fluid at a high enough pressure/speed to cut through human flesh and uses this to mortally wound Jonathan. Using all his remaining strength, Jonathan is able to get Irina to the lifeboat, along with a small baby they managed to rescue from the bloodthirsty thralls. Jonathan then sinks the ship and uses the last of his energy to keep Dio from escaping and taking him down to the depths of the sea with him…


Irina watches the ship sinking sadly, before being picked up by a merchant vessel the next morning. As she and the baby are brought aboard, she suddenly feels ill and vomits into a nearby bucket. One of the seamen, recognising morning sickness, asks if she’s pregnant. Irina simply smiles and looks out into the ocean as the morning sun rises.


Theaters: 3893

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Budget: $85m

Edited by Rukaio Alter
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Director:  Scott Charles Stewart
Studio: Arcturus Entertainment
Genre:  Found Footage Horror
 $1.5 million
Languages: English
Theater Count:  2301
Rating:  R
Release Date:  4 January
Running Time: 1 hr 33 mins


We begin in a very dim space; the structural supports of the mine shaft can be barely made out in the darkness. We hear a sound and we see something move and shift in the corner. As incandescent light begins to flood into the chamber, we can see that we are in a mine shaft that has collapsed on one side. On the ground, there is one hard-hat, with mounted camera and the remnants of a heavily duty coverall. We see one of the rescue crew reaching towards the camera. He detaches it from the hard hat and tries to turn it on and looks surprising when it actually turns on and even more so when camera begins to play-back the video.


We cut to the video footage now. We see the story of a team of American miners who are down in Chile on some rare-earth metal project. For a while, everything seems to be going fine until random tremors and guttural, bestial noises are heard. The miners start to get more paranoid and increasingly frantic as their boss/overseer forces them to go down, day after day. Then, one day as people are nervously going about their business we hear a scream as a miner disappears without a trace. From that point on, the entire mine fell into disarray as people tried to organise a search party but fails as the electricity cuts out and everyone is now trapped. Then the miners are picked off one by one as they try to climb to the surface, but keep getting lost or chased into side tunnels by an unseen/barely seen monster. Then as the last miner almost reaches the surface (we can see a pin-prick of light ahead), the tunnel in front of him collapses and he is terrified as he scrambles to find a way out. However, the beast strikes at this point and we cut to black. 

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The Red Pyramid
Director: Jon Favreau
Composer: John Williams
Genre: Fantasy Adventure
Date: March 22
Studio: Alpha Pictures
Format: Live-action, regular, 3D, IMAX, IMAX 3D
Budget: $150 million
Theaters: 3,892
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for sequences of fantasy violence and some scary moments
Running Time: 152 minutes


Jaden Smith as Carter Kane
Joey King as Sadie Kane
Dwanye Johnson as Julius Kane
Matthew Fox as Amos Kane
Zendaya as Zia Rashid

Jeff Bridges as Set
Tyler James Williams as Walt Stone / Anubis

Rose Byrne as Bast/Muffin 
Jean Dujardin as Desjardins
Rose McGowan as Ruby Kane
Max von Sydow as Iskandar
Bruce Dern as Mr. Faust
Jaclyn Smith as Catherine Faust



Because the summary is too long, view it here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1u97TmSEBpSdUyMAs-HlQ4rCkMF--RIJuYj7OOowzM-M/edit

Edited by Alpha
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The Best of You

Director: Lasse Hallstrom
Studio: Arcturus Entertainment
Genre: Romantic Drama
Tom Welling as Dawson Cole
Michelle Williams as Amanda Collier

Robin Wright as Mrs. Collier

Unknowns as Younger Dawson and Younger Amanda
Unknowns as everyone else

Budget: $25 million
Theatre Count: 3301 
Rating: PG
Release Date: 14 February
Running Time: 1 hr 51 mins



The film begins in biology class. The teacher calls for partners and everyone in the room immediately partners up (think of a stereotypical high school); One guy, Dawson Cole (Unknown), doesn't have a partner and looks around a bit helpless. The teacher asks for everyone to sit down now, so Dawson is forced to sit down alone. At this point, the door opens and Amanda Collier (Unknown) walks in. She has the stereotypical, rich girl and daddy's girl air around her. She looks around and sees no spot but beside Dawson and hesitates. It isn't until the teacher prods her that she goes to sit down. They are assigned a project and Amanda looks extremely upset to be working with Dawson. However, Dawson lets out a little bit of a smile. We see her gossiping and complaining to her friends about being paired up with the loser. Dawson overhears one of these conversations and walks away with a bit of a dejected look on his face. 


We cut to the title card. It says, 'The Best of You/ A Nicholas Sparks Movie'


We see them starting to work on their project. Although Amanda is initially reticent, she eventually falls for Dawson, who has always been in love with Amanda but never shows it and is reticent as well. Dawson always has something strange about him, but we can never find out what. Eventually they start going out, but Amanda's family finds out and prohibits Amanda from seeing a boy that is from such a 'disreputable' family. However, just as Amanda goes to break things off with Dawson, she finds him looking forlorn and sad and crying-ish. This is when we find out that Dawson has been abused by his family and Amanda decides that she doesn't really care about what her family does and decides to continue to see Dawson in secret. 


We see a montage of the rest of high school and then University, but Dawson's family finds out and forces/beats him into submission and forces Dawson to abandon Amanda. Amanda, heartbroken, decides to run away from her problems and goes to Los Angeles for the summer. We find out that she returns, but Dawson never works up the courage to go see her or contact her. 


We cut forward 20 years. We are in a chapel and we see Amanda (Michelle Williams) already seated in the service and Dawson (Tom Welling) walks in. They look at each other and Dawson almost wants to leave, but decides to stay. After the funeral they talk and they end up kissing and having sex. However, Amanda tells Dawson that she's married now and has kids, while Dawson confides in Amanda that he hasn't seen anyone since. However they continue. At some point in the next few weeks, Dawson's cousins, Abe and Ted, show up and Amanda, on a late night, clandestine visit to see Dawson (who isn't there), sees them arriving and finds out that they are here to kill Dawson. She's immediately very fearful. We cut to Dawson who's in a bar, drinking and contemplating. He eventually bumps into his cousins, who are now here to find him. He was about to go say hi to them, but he notices a young man getting beat up and goes to rescue him instead. However, it is Amanda's husband, Frank, who is beating up the man. He realises that the husband is not as nice as he seems (ex. violence, alcoholism, and etc.) and resolves to expose this Amanda in the hopes of getting her back. We know cut back to Amanda, who has stupidly run to her mother, Mrs. Collier (Robin Wright), and explain the situation, but her mother domineers her and tells her that what she thinks isn't always what is right and reality is different from fantasy and want. 


The next day, we see Amanda break it off with Dawson. Amanda also tries to warn Dawson about his cousins, but he basically ignores her and runs away. At this point, Amanda receives a phone call about how her husband and son got into a car accident. She rushes to the hospital to find that her husband had died and that her son was in critical condition, but pulls through after getting a pacemaker installed. However, he only has 20 years left to live and Amanda gets very contemplative and tells her son not to waste those 20 years like she has had, running away from Dawson. She resolves to ignore her mother and her son also gives her his blessing, telling her that he isn't stupid and oblivious and that she's obviously happier with Dawson. However, as she's walking out of the A&E department, she sees a man getting wheeled in as she's walking out. She looks over and sees that it's Dawson. His cousins had got to him. We see her break down in the reception room and cry and contemplate about her future, refusing all the assistance of the nurses there.


We cut to her at the graveyard and she's visiting Dawson's grave. She's giving a spiel about how she's been stupid and always loved him. We then here Dawson's Voice Over of, 'I know. Now go live your life to the max.' And cut to black. 

Edited by riczhang
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Alice in Horrorland
Director: Neil Jordan

Jodelle Ferland as Alice
Caitlin Carmichael as Young Alice
Roger Jackson as Cheshire Cat
Donald Sutherland as Mayor Elder
Lena Headey as The Queen of Hearts
Andrew Chaikin (Voice) as White Rabbit
Woody Harrelson as The Mad Hatter
Jarion Monroe (Voice) as The Caterpillar

Genre: Action Horror/Fantasy
Date: January 11th
Format: Live Action, 2D, iMAX and 3D.
Budget: $70 million
Theaters: 3,558
MPAA Rating: R for strong horror violence.
Running Time: 1 hour and 49 minutes


Alice is an orphan girl who had her parents killed in a fire when she was seven, it happened while she was reading the book of Wonderland and fell asleep, so she feels guilty and remorseful for the death of her family. From that moment Alice becomes an anguished, annoyed and twisted girl, consequently her wonderland also becomes so.

After attempting to commit suicide slashing her wrists, she became catatonic and is institutionalized in Rutledge Asylum, a precarious place, dirty and with blood of patients who banged their heads on the wall until they bled. Years later, when Alice is 16 years, the White Rabbit summons Alice to make a radical change in Wonderland under the rule of the despotic Red Queen. When Alice arrives in Wonderland discovers that there is nothing to wonder there. The land is dark, twisted, what a day it was a blue river like sky, now is a river of blood. We see a dead tree with a gallows tied and a skeleton. The sky is dark, is morning but the dark clouds cover the pale and weak sun..

With the Cheshire Cat as her guide and the help of other creatures from her past adventures , it was Alice 's task to kill the Queen , in order to save Wonderland and herself from the corruption . For this, Alice gets a knife,
learn to summon demons and use magic . The residents of the Wonderland Alice saw Their only chance to get rid of the Queen , due to the Rabbit stories told of the champion , so she was placed into the role of savior and Their Began her journey to face the Queen .

Alice Followed Rabbit but quickly lost him the he shrunk into a tiny hole and ran off without her . Along her search to find him , the Torch Gnomes of the Village of the Doomed told her que the Fortress of Doors held the secret to Becoming smaller, and Should she seek the Mayor Elder, who still lived as a free man.

Mayor Elder offered to take Alice to the Fortress of Doors, if she could return with a key to open doors. She managed to retrieve the object, killing several Card Guards in the process, and the two of them traveled to the Fortress. Inside the Skool within the Fortress, Alice and the Elder retrieved ingredients and made a shrinking elixir. After drinking the elixir about becoming small, Alice jumped into a portal which took her to the Vale of Tears.

Traveling through the valley looking for Rabbit again, Alice came across the Mock Turtle, unshelled and sobbing his eyes out. Although Turtle had not seen Rabbit, he said he would take Alice to the Caterpillar who knew everything, but first she had to retrieve his shell from the Duchess, who had tried to turn Turtle into soup. Downstream, Alice found Bill McGill, who had been kicked out of his own home by the Duchess, who was hiding out from the Queen.

After defeating the now-murderous Duchess in combat, and giving Turtle his shell back, he led her through the underground water tunnels to the Wonderland Woods. Alice finally found Rabbit in this area and the two went together to find Caterpillar. Unfortunately for them, the Mad Hatter was traveling through the woods and stomped on Rabbit, killing him.

Blaming herself and her bad luck, Alice broke down into tears briefly but quickly got control of herself again when Cat reminded her of her task. When she found Caterpillar, he told her that it was her own guilt and insanity that had turned Wonderland into a dark and twisted version of itself, and she was brought back to kill the Queen to save the land and herself. He then created a portal for her, which took her to the Fungiferous Forest. At the forest, Alice killed the Voracious Centipede and took a bite from the Mushroom of Life to return to her normal size.

Traveling on, Alice came across an oracle who told her she had to defeat the Queen's main defense, the Jabberwock with the Jabberwock's Eye Staff. Having already obtained one piece of the staff, Alice set off to the Pale Realm to get another from the White Chess Pieces. The White King asked Alice for her help to save his queen from the red side and gave her a pawn to help her. Storming the Red Castle, Alice arrived too late and witnessed the White Queen's beheading. However, after defeating the Red King, Alice used her pawn to revive the White Queen. As the White Queen went to battle the red pieces, Hatter appeared and knocked Alice out cold.

When Alice came around, she found herself in Hatter's Domain, and she set off to find him. After getting rid of Hatter's goons, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, Hatter arrived and commented on that Alice feared the truth, and returning to Rutledge Asylum, but all of that could be avoided. Although Alice asked for an answer from him, she did not get one and the ground crumbled below her. Alice quickly got to her feet, and moving further in, she encountered the Dormouse and March Hare, imprisoned and being experimented upon by the insane Hatter. As she could do nothing for them. Alice went deeper into Hatter's lair, and found the gryphon trapped in one of the cages. After learning from him that Hatter arrived at six o'clock everyday to check his experiments, Alice used this information to change the clocks to read six o'clock, which drew him out to her.

After killing Hatter, and gaining the second piece of the Eye Staff, Alice allied with Gryphon and they flew together to the Land of Fire and Brimstone. Alice found out that the oracle was actually Caterpillar, and he explained that when Alice answered Rabbit's call, she had began to recover from her madness, and only she can save herself and in turn Wonderland. Soon after, she faced the Jabberwock in battle, and although she did not manage to kill him, she did gain one of his eyes to complete the Eye Staff.

With Gryphon and some rebel troops, Alice stormed Queensland and the Queen's castle. During the battle, Alice witnessed Gryphon take on the Jabberwock alone, and die in the process. In revenge, Alice killed the Jabberwock herself, and continued with her mission. Just as she was about to finally face the Queen, the Cheshire Cat tried to tell her that she and the Queen were one and the same, but was killed doing so.

After a long and deadly battle with the Queen, Alice came out as the winner, and Wonderland became a peaceful world once again, with many of her old friends revived from death. In the real world, as part of the aftermath of her victory, Alice's mental state had improved greatly, and in November 1874, Alice was deemed sane enough to be released from Rutledge.

Edited by Blink23
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The CaveGenre: HorrorSub-Genre:AdventureDirector: Gareth EdwardsDate: February 15Theaters: 3,242MPAA Rating: R for Intense scenes of Violence and Heavy ProfanityBudget: $3 millionOC: Screenplay---Gareth Edwards Oren Mouermon Cinematographer---Seamus McGravery Composer---Alexandre DesplatRunning Time: 98 minutesCast: Scoot McNairy---Peter Joe Dempsie---Ashley Hunter Johansson---Alex Scarlett Johansson---Samantha Devon Murray ---Jason Elizabeth Olson---Karen Domhnall Gleeson---Vincent & Frank Welker(voice and Sound Effects only)---The JackalPlot: The leader of a group of cave-spelunkers, Peter, brings his group of friends to a unexplored cave. Discovering multiple cave paintings depicting a large beast and warning them to turn back, their ignorance gets the best of them. Jason ends up breaking his leg, forcing Karen and Vincent to take him back out of the cave. Never seen again.Ashley, without reason, along with Alex and Samantha. Believing he is losing his mind, Peter presses on further after hearing Ashley screaming and the roar of a large creature. Finding the lair, he discovers The Jackal and the body of Ashley. Discovering the Jackal can see the thoughts of its victims, Peter thinks up a bright flashing light, blinding the creature. As the Jackal begins to transfer itself into Ashley, Peter pulls out his flare gun and fires. The film ends going into white, leaving the viewer to put the pieces of the ending together.

Edited by Rorschach
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Numbers TheoryGenre: ThrillerCast: Liam Neeson (Shawn), Diogo Morgado (Joao Carlos), Bill Paxton (Horace), Alice Braga (Maria), Denis Leary (Rick)Directed By: Roger DonaldsonRelease Date: 2/1Theater Count: 3022 TheatersBudget: $37 millionRunning Time: 100 minutesMPAA Rating: PG-13 for some violence, some drug use and sexual content, disturbing images, and brief strong languagePlot Summary: INSPIRED BY TRUE BOF BOX OFFICE REPORTING EVENTS

Shawn (Neeson) is a respected independent financial analyst who uses complicated statistical formulas and historical models to make projections about the financial prospects of stocks, currency exchange rates, good values, and even guesses about film box office. He has a loving wife, two happy grown-up children, and even a prize-winning Newfoundland. His life is perfect. A short scene shows him and his wife throwing a party, one guest being friend Maria (Braga), a NYPD detective.One day Shawn meets with a new client, a Portuguese entrepreneur named Joao Carlos (Morgado). Joao Carlos wants to play the stock market via betting on the successes and failures of Hollywood studios. Shawn says he’ll get back to him. After a couple short scenes showing him doing research and his personal life, Shawn meets with Joao Carlos again. Shawn gives a presentation that shows that Numerator Pictures is about to release an action film starring someone in his 50s who until now has only done dramatic work, with total budget and marketing costs exceeding $120 million. The studio is in a financial tough spot and many Hollywood big shots have criticized the studio for taking such a big risk. The studio is publicly traded on Wall Street, so if the action film tanks, investors will start panicking and its stock will plummet. Shawn says that his research indicates that the film will indeed tank, making “$12-15 million on its opening weekend, with a final domestic run of $40-45 million, tops.” Therefore he recommends shorting Numerator Pictures’ stock in anticipation of the flop, but advises some caution because Hollywood is tricky. Joao says he trusts Shawn’s judgment and will short the stock to the tune of $10 million. As he signs the relevant papers, he asks Shawn “you’re not going to screw me over, are you?” Shawn says on this one he feels solid. “That’s good, because this is my big play” Joao says. He and Shawn shake hands and he leaves.We see time progress, Shawn spends some time with his family, is relaxed and having fun. He also has a short meeting with Rick (Leary), who represents a major hedge fund that is interested in using Shawn’s services. They briefly talk numbers. One day he gets an alert from Deadline Hollywood that the action film in question has opened to $35 million, nearly triple his minimum projection. Joao Carlos calls expressing concern. Shawn says he underestimated the audience appeal of the story and their connection with the lead, but that these action films rarely have sustained business. “Even if it gets to 100 million domestic, studios only take a bit over half that cut” he explains. “It would need to make over $250 million worldwide to have a shot at just breaking even.” Joao, concerned, says Shawn better be right.As the next several weeks tick by, we see that Shawn has closed a deal with Rick. We also see that the action film has obtained remarkable legs, cross $125 million domestically and more than equaling that overseas. The film has broken even, and is now on the way to netting a profit for Numerator Pictures. Shawn isn’t broken up, telling an assistant that it was one bad guess in a pile of good calls. Of course Joao doesn’t feel the same, storming into Shawn’s office one day. Joao says that because of the film doing well, Numerator Pictures’ stock has rebounded, which wipes out the $10 million invested. That was the bulk of Joao’s cash flow and now his business is on life support. “They said that you never let a client down. Well you fucked me” Joao says. Shawn tries to calm him down but Joao storms out. Shawn is briefly troubled, but by the end of the day he’s let it go.Things seem to go on as normal for Shawn. He meets with an investment banker called Horace (Paxton). Horace thinks he knows some inside information on a prominent oil corporation. Shawn is intrigued. A week later, Shawn is leaving his brownstone to walk his dog when suddenly it gets all agitated and yanks out of Shawn’s grip and runs off into the street where it is hit by an SUV that speeds off. Shawn and his wife are broken up by losing their dog to a tragic accident a driver wouldn’t stop for.The next day, Shawn is at his office when he gets an unmarked large envelope. Inside are several photos of Shawn leaving his house with the dog and the dog yanking free. There is also a dog whistle. Shawn is stunned for a moment, but then his face contorts into anger and he smacks things off his desk. At home he doesn’t confide in his wife, he instead simply tries to numb himself with drinks. The following day he calls up Horace and says they can work something out.A few days later he meets Rick, who notices his tension. Shawn shrugs it off but Rick says Shawn should loosen up and join him and a few other executives he knows on a night out. After some pushing Shawn joins them for some drinking. While he avoids doing some hard drugs, he still gets pretty drunk. So when he gets approached by an attractive woman half his age, it only takes a little encouraging to go with her. She takes him to a nearby hotel room and they start making out. Shawn starts to hesitate, but it isn’t until they’re just about to have sex that he thinks better of it and quickly excuses himself.Things seem to go back to normal. Shawn continues working out a deal with Horace where Horace will give him some information that he can use to advise clients on deals. It’s not quite insider trading, but it’s close enough to make his business life tricky if discovered.When Shawn comes home he finds his wife upset by some packed suitcases. His wife throws an unmarked envelope in his face, pictures spilling out. They’re pictures of Shawn’s encounter with the woman. Shawn says he’s been faithful, he was just very drunk. He adds that he didn’t sleep with her, he realized he was making a mistake. “Looks like you went pretty far to me” his wife replies angrily. She says she has no reason to believe him. She wants him to take his things and leave for a while.Shawn checks into a hotel, pissed off. He calls Maria and says he thinks someone is targeting him. He mentions his dog’s death followed by the envelope, and now the encounter with the woman followed by the envelope to his wife. Maria asks if he still has the things from the dog-related envelope since she can run some forensic tests on the items. She says she’ll do the same for the envelope and pictures sent to his wife.A couple scenes pass showing Shawn trying to convince his wife to let him come home and him agreeing to go further into his deal with Horace. This results in a scene where a pair of federal agents come into his office and ask him to come with them. At their place he is interrogated about alleged insider trading and stock fraud, the agents showing evidence they have that has his name attached. Shawn explains angrily what he had done and how it was legal. The agents aren’t convinced and show him more documents that show illegal market actions with his signature on them. None of them have Horace’s name on them. The agents say they don’t have enough to arrest Shawn yet, but one says “you better get a lawyer on speed dial.”Cut to Shawn in his hotel room. He calls Maria and gets her voicemail. He tells her what just happened and says he needs her help to locate Horace, giving his full name and all other information Shawn remembers about him. He calls his wife and gets no response. He then hears back from Maria, who says the forensics aren’t done yet but adds that she used Shawn’s information on Horace and she’s found nothing. The guy doesn’t exist. Shawn is in disbelief, since he met a person who talked him into the deal.We then see a scene with Shawn trying to keep his work going, but his clients are being evasive. Rick comes in to say his investors are nervous about Shawn’s legal troubles, so he’ll have to back out of their investment arrangement until things clear up. This makes Shawn want to get drunk. As he starts to do so, he gets a phone call. It is Joao Carlos. Sounding pleased, he tells Shawn he’s heard that he’s had a lot of bad things happen. Shawn puts things together and accuses Joao Carlos of screwing with his life. Joao says that after Shawn lost his $10 million investment, he lacked the funds to pay off debts and expenses when unrelated businesses went into trouble. “My entire portfolio collapsed, because you assured me you had me covered. I am glad you are now running into the same difficulties.” Shawn asks why Joao called. Joao Carlos says it’s because he wants to enter into another “bet” with Shawn. If Shawn can track Joao down, Joao will let him have evidence exonerating him. “Simple as that?” Shawn asks. Joao laughs and says that he might run into some “trouble” if he goes down this road. Shawn says he will find Joao Carlos and make him pay. “Good luck then” is the response.Shawn trashes his hotel room before calming down a little. He paces, trying to figure out a gameplan. Finally he gets a call from Maria. They meet and she tells him two things: first, that the Feds will be moving in to lock down his business and arrest him in the morning. Second, she has gotten forensic data back with trace DNA from the envelopes. It matches to a low-level thug for hire in Brooklyn. Shawn asks if she can look at the original financial documents from Horace. She says she can but says he’s risking more criminal charges if he tampers with the investigation. She thinks his best option is to turn himself in and let his attorney prove it’s all bogus. Shawn says he doesn’t want to beat the charges, he wants to take his life back.The following morning we have a tense scene as Shawn sneaks back into the building where his office is. He gets into his office, finds the originals of the financial documents of his deals with Horace, and gets back out just before the Feds arrive. He puts the documents in an envelope to mail to Maria with a note about how to contact him. He then gets a cab to take him to the Bed-Stuy neighborhood in Brooklyn.Shawn arrives in the neighborhood and is looking for the thug, whose name is Curtis. After some careful observation, he finds Curtis with some buddies. Shawn follows them from afar and sees that the car Curtis has is the SUV that ran his dog over. Liam Neeson is pissed.Cut to night, Shawn has tracked Curtis to a club. Shawn takes a metal bat and starts bashing the hell out of Curtis’ SUV, setting off its alarm. After a minute Curtis and some friends come out and Curtis is furious. Curtis steps to Shawn, and Shawn breaks a kneecap with the bat. Curtis’ groupies pull out an assortment of guns and Curtis wants them to kill Shawn, but Shawn is stone-cold about it and asks them if someone would come here alone to challenge them, hinting he has friends with guns of their own. The groupies buy it and back down. Shawn asks Curtis who paid him to kill his dog and send him the envelopes. Curtis is defiant, so Shawn breaks his other kneecap. Curtis then says a pimp and drug dealer named Isaac was the one who gave him the instructions. Shawn finds out how to find Isaac. Curtis then semi-apologizes about running over Shawn’s dog, saying he feels bad about it, unlike hurting people. “Apology accepted” Shawn says, before smashing the bat into Curtis’ groin and kicking him in the head.Shawn checks into a motel and is called by Maria. Shawn gives her the info he has on Isaac and Maria gives him additional details. Shawn says this must be the man who arranged for the “adultery” incident. Maria agrees but says that while Curtis and his men act tough but are cowards, Isaac will not bend over easily and his men won’t let Shawn walk up to him. Shawn says he’s made a living out of beating the odds.We get a short scene introducing Isaac, a high-end pimp who runs an “escort establishment.” He’s lounging in comfort when he gets a call from Curtis, who says a guy came and beat information out of him. Isaac looks to the side and we see none other than Horace. Isaac briefly explains the problem and Horace says they’ll make sure the police arrest Curtis for one of the myriad of crimes he’s committed. Horace says that this man will come looking for Isaac and hands him a briefcase containing “final payment” and says there’s a lot of money invested here, so his client expects Isaac to not betray trust.We see a short scene of Shawn’s wife leaving home and going about her day. FBI agents watching her and the house. Shawn’s wife goes to a complex in Midtown and in the big shuffle of people the agents briefly lose track of her and she is quickly pulled aside by Shawn, who asks her for five minutes. She reluctantly agrees. Shawn explains what is really going on. His wife says if this is true he should turn himself in. Shawn says he wants to find enough evidence to make it impossible to ignore. His wife is pensive and says she hopes Shawn is right, and asks him to be careful. She then leaves.We see Horace talking on the phone with Joao Carlos, updating him. Horace isn’t so sure Isaac will be silent. Joao Carlos agrees and tells Horace to use the rainy day fund to hire a cleaner.A couple scenes show Shawn researching Isaac. He creates an organizational table listing Isaac’s regular activities, his schedule, everywhere he goes and an average duration of stay for each place. He’s found blueprints of most of the places and from his observations details things like exterior cameras and guards. In short, he’s compiling massive amounts of data to find the one weak spot, because Shawn’s a motherfucking awesome analyst. And he finds one: When Isaac visits a hotel to check in on some “employees,” there is a blind spot in interior security.We follow Maria as she does some more digging into who this “Horace” is, though she’s hitting a brick wall. Her superior calls her into his office where two FBI agents wait. They question her about her relationship with Shawn. One of them insinuates a bit too offensively about her and Shawn, so her boss says that’s enough and tells her to get back to work.It’s op time. Shawn uses a laundry exit to get inside the hotel Isaac regularly visits. As he does this, Isaac arrives as expected and follows his routine, going to an upper floor to inspect some girls. He arrives in a suite to check on some but finds only Shawn. Shawn says they should talk.We see a previously unknown man, the cleaner Horace hired, arrive in the hotel’s parking garage. We see him take a few things with him, including a gun he screws a silencer onto.Shawn questions Isaac, throwing him around a bit. He wants to know who hired him to help set him up. Isaac objects, saying that all he did was supply an opportunity, Shawn can only blame himself for it. This does not improve his situation. After some more aggression, Isaac describes someone like Horace. He says he was contacted with a phone number. He says he’ll only talk further to the police. Shawn says Isaac is lucky he knows a policeman. He drags Isaac into the hallway, and a couple seconds later Isaac is shot. It is the cleaner. For a second they freeze, and then they move, the cleaner aiming at Shawn, Shawn running for a stairwell. Shawn is clipped in the right shoulder but makes it to the stairwell. The cleaner pursues and there is a brief footchase, but Shawn evades him in the underground levels. The cleaner tries to track Shawn via blood trail, but Shawn is clever to use a fake trail and slip around to an exit. Shawn gets in a car and calls Maria. He says he has some information, and he needs a first aid kit.Cut to Maria tending to Shawn’s minor gunshot wound. She tells Shawn he needs to stop, since clearly this Joao wants to close off all loose ends. Shawn says he can’t. He tells her the phone number Isaac gave him and she says she’ll take a look, but she’s starting to get some heat at work so she doesn’t know how much longer she can help out.Horace talks on the phone with Joao, saying that the cleaner eliminated Isaac, but Shawn got there first. He adds that Shawn escaped. Joao says he hired Horace because he had a reputation for getting the job done. He asks if he was mistaken. Horace says he’s never failed a client before. “The buck stops with me, I always say”. “It does” Joao replies. Joao then asks how Horace can be sure he won’t be discovered. Horace replies that he knows what the f to do.We return to Maria, who has made a few discoveries. First, she obtained security camera footage of a building across the street from where Shawn works and found a person matching Horace’s description entering Shawn’s building. Evidence point one. Second, her tracking of the financial records Shawn provided has produced a handful of shell corporations that are basically fronts for a single corporation, which she finds out is just a routing service for a LLC. Third, the phone number Isaac provided was a disposable cell, so it would be a dead end, but more digging showed that it was purchased by a credit card. The credit card was licensed by the routing corporation for the LLC. She looks up the LLC and decides to go visit it.Shawn is brooding in his hotel room. He gets a phone call. It’s Joao Carlos, who congratulates Shawn on making some progress, but says this won’t have your happy ending. Shawn says Joao should have hired tougher and smarter guys, since they’ve left plenty of evidence behind. Joao replies that it’s a risk you face with contractors, but adds that if Shawn does find the truth, he’d like to continue this chat in person. Shawn looks angry as Joao laughs and hangs up.Maria arrives at the LLC’s office, which is in an industrial area of Queens, and asks to speak to someone in charge, giving a fake story. Horace comes out to meet her and she avoids showing any sign of recognition. They talk briefly, Maria using her cover story. Horace plays it cool and says it must be some error, since his company has nothing to do with investments. Maria asks Horace what his company does do. Horace says they’re “strategic consultants.” He says they can talk more back in his office, where she’d be more comfortable. Maria, sensing some danger, declines, saying she thinks all of her questions have been answered. She leaves and when she gets to her car she starts shaking but quickly drives away. Horace meanwhile tells the few “employees” around him to start packing things up. He makes a call and tells the person on the other line that there’s additional work to do, and he’ll pay double for this one.Driving, Maria calls Shawn and tells him to meet her at her place as quickly as he can. She then calls her detective boss and says they’ll need to talk about a case very soon.Jump to Maria arriving at her apartment building, Shawn lurking in the shadows. He asks what’s going on and she tells him about her encounter with Horace. She says she has enough information to get a warrant from a judge, she just needs her boss to ok it. Shawn doesn’t want her to bring any cops into this and the two argue, until they’re interrupted by a muffled gunshot hitting a car by them. They duck for cover as the cleaner continues to fire. Maria arranges for Shawn to provide a distraction. This exposes the cleaner and she shoots him twice in the legs. She rushes over and subdues him. She radios on the police frequency that shots have been fired at a police officer and a suspect is in custody. Shawn reappears and says he’s not going to stick around, since the NYPD will just lock him up. Maria sighs and gives him the keys to her place, so he can take copies of her notes. As he goes inside, she takes a look at his car.Cut to police combing the area while Maria talks to her boss. Her boss says he dislikes Feds as much as any cop, but Maria should have known better. Maria says she wasn’t going to let a good friend get burned. Her boss grumbles and says it’ll take a little time, but he can get a warrant. He says he hopes Maria is happy, because they are going to get reamed by the Feds if they screw up.At the main LLC office, things are continued to be shredded or burned, while Horace makes a call to Joao saying that their partnership is now over. Horace says that if need be he won’t lie down for Joao’s future. He goes to his car to drive out of the area. He leaves the complex and is crossing an intersection when his car is slammed into by another. Horace’s car flips and rolls and finally stops. As Horace crawls out he sees Shawn walking towards him. Horace staggers to his feet and says “nothing personal, you were simply the next job.” “Destroying people’s lives?” Shawn asks. Horace shrugs. “Pays the bills” he replies. The two then get into an epic 50-something-year-old fistfight. After a couple minutes, Shawn is victorious. Horace tries to pull out a gun, but Shawn knocks it away. Shawn picks it up and tells Horace that if Horace tells him how to find Joao, Horace can walk away. Horace sighs and says that since Joao’s worth ratting out. He tells Shawn of a place in Staten Island along the harbor. He gets to his feet and asks Shawn if he’s keeping his word. Shawn says he is, and then shoots Horace in the leg. Horace curses Shawn out, to which Shawn replies “I said you can walk away, I didn’t say you could run from the cops.” Horace curses and staggers slowly away as Shawn walks to his car, smiling.We briefly follow Shawn driving to Staten Island, while Maria, her boss, and a unit of cops arrive at Horace’s company to execute a search warrant. One cop reports about Horace’s car being totaled with no one in it and Maria orders a team to sweep the area. Her boss says if there’s anything left they’ll find it. Maria nods and goes to call Shawn. He doesn’t pick up. She plugs a small device into her smartphone and a map comes up with a moving beeping dot.Shawn arrives at the location given by Horace, a secluded house overlooking the harbor. Shawn goes in and walks around the house, calling for Joao, but there’s no response. As he climbs up steps Joao emerges and tases him, Shawn seizing and then falling down the stairs.A short time later, Shawn wakes up tied to a chair, across from Joao. A couple guards are in the background. Joao compliments him finding him. Shawn reminds Joao about his promise. Joao laughs and asks if Shawn really believed that. He just wanted to motivate Shawn so they might have another meeting. Shawn says that Joao is overreacting, since he clearly has enough money to hire private contractors and hitmen. Joao says it’s not about the money, it’s about the principles. He trusted Shawn with a lot of money and Shawn screwed him over. Shawn rips Joao for being so petty. Joao replies “maybe I am, it doesn’t matter, the reason only has to make sense to the person holding the gun.” Joao asks Shawn to analyze the probability of him surviving a close-range gunshot. At that point police sirens are heard coming close. “Perhaps you should analyze the probability of you getting out of here alive?” Shawn replies. Joao tells two guards to protect the front while he tells a third to take Shawn and dispose of him. Joao meanwhile collects a few things and slips out the back. The first two guards follow orders and the third grabs Shawn and drags him towards a side area of the house. Shawn kicks and tugs and knocks things over, one end table having a pair of scissors. As the guard lumbers to re-grab him, Shawn grabs the scissors and stabs the guard in the leg. The guard falls and Shawn kicks him repeatedly until he’s knocked out. Shawn cuts a rope, allowing him to untie himself, and he runs to follow Joao as the sirens cut off and we hear a couple shouts and some gunshots.Joao is walking towards a pier with a small boat. As he gets near he is tackled from behind by Shawn. The two have the fight we’ve been waiting for. Liam Neeson is good at this stuff, but he is exhausted, so Joao gets the upper hand. He pulls out his gun to shoot Shawn, but he is shot in the shoulder by Maria. Joao fires back, missing but making her take cover, and he runs for his boat. Maria fires a couple times and one bullet hits near the gas tank. Shawn jumps into the boat as Joao starts it, the two continuing their fist fight into the harbor. As they fight, the gas tank starts leaking and friction causes a fire. Joao again gets the upper hand, but a wave rocks the boat and Shawn is able to counter and punch Joao into submission. Joao does one last gambit of grabbing a boat hook and swinging at Shawn, but Shawn parries and drives the hook into Joao’s side. He headbutts Joao, who falls down, and then jumps off the flaming boat. He surfaces and watches as a few seconds later the boat explodes. Shawn smiles, and starts swimming to shore.Things wind down at the house. Shawn is in custody, pending disposition of all the charges. Maria tells him she put a GPS tracker on his car while he was inside her place and it’s a good thing she did. Shawn asks about Horace. She says a unit found him hobbling a mile from his office and picked him up. He’s in hospital, soon to be in a cell. Shawn thanks her for believing in him. He’s taken into a cop car and driven away and the screen fades to black……It is a few months later. Shawn and his wife have reconciled and his legal issues have been settled. They’re taking a nice long European vacation to ease up their life. Shortly after the plane takes off, Shawn gets a phone call on his cell. It’s Joao Carlos, asking him if he likes traveling. Shawn says he’s supposed to be dead. Joao laughs and says he’s never liked flying, being cooped up in a narrow space with dozens of other people for hours. Shawn realizes what Joao is implying and asks where he is. Joao says that sooner or later he and Shawn will have some quality time. “It’s a Non-Stop flight after all Shawn” he says. He hangs up. Shawn looks furious, then determined. Because you don’t fuck with Liam Neeson when he tries to go on vacation.

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Where You Imagine
Director: Neil Burger

Logan Lerman as James Ottey
Dylan O'Brien as George Lambert
Saoirse Ronan as Janie
Rachel McAdams as Mary Ottey
Monica Bellucci as Mrs. Lambert
Ralph Fiennes as Sr. Lambert
Lena Headey as Karen
Sharlto Copley as Frank

Genre: Action/Adventure/Drama
Date: March 8th
Format: Live Action, 2D and 3D.
Budget: $75 million
Theaters: 3,432
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for sexual content, intense sequences of action and some disturbing images.
Running Time: 2 hour and 5 minutes

James Ottey is a 17 years old boy who lives with his mother named Mary in a little town in the United States. James has 2 childhood friends, Janie, a friendly 16 years old girl who loves studying science and precious crystals, and George, a 17 years old guy who live arguing with his parents and who James is passionate for. The two are neighbors of James, so they are constantly together.

Mary Ottey, mother of James, is a hardworking woman who works as a seamstress at home and struggling to support her family since her husband died 5 years ago. The financial situation of Ottey is enough to keep them alive, nothing else. James does everything possible to help his mother financially but his mother doesn't let him work for don't hinder the studies. James is in the last grade school.
On any given day during the school holidays, Mary gives some money to James and asks him to go in the market to buy some vegetables. When out the home, James sees Karen, his opposite neighbor, the curmudgeonly woman of the vegetables store owner   where Mary usually buy vegetables. Karen is very happy, she greets James, says goodbye and James responds to her with suspicion. Karen will almost hopping toward market as if had a great news to her husband. At that moment, something small and shiny falls from her pocket, James sees and tries to warn her but she is far away and can not hear.
James runs to catch the thing and give back to Karen, he stoops down and sees the thing, is a small and shiny stone. For a few seconds James is mesmerized by the beauty of the stone and then he shouts the name of Karen rising from the ground, when James looks up, it is no longer on the street, it is within a house. James looks at the stone not believing what had happened. He keeps the stone in his pocket and begins to walk around the house trying to find an exit. James goes into one of the rooms and sees lots of money and gold bars on the floor, James is impressed with so much money.
James leave the room and finds the outlet door. He unlocks the door and when he is going open it, he hears Karen and Frank, her husband, discussing why Karen did him leave the sale to look for a stone. James despairs and then touches the stone thinking in his house. James is now in the living room, his mother sees him and asks where the vegetables are, James says he forgot and is going back there in market. Mary is confused.
James tells of the stone to Janie and George, they do not believe, then James proves holding the stone, disappearing and coming with a full bag of vegetables a few minutes later. They are impressed. James bring the bag of vegetables to Mary and says her that he will come out again. Janie and George go with him.
When leaving home, James sees Karen furious and she accuses James of stealing something from her, James to disguise, asks what she missed. Karen gets embarrassed and says to James forget the accusationwhat she did. Frank comes out of his house screaming the name of Karen and saying he calledthe police. Janie and George look at James as if everything he had said about what happened when he found the stone began to make sense. The curiosity of Janie and George increased more. James, Janie and George go to a empty street.
James says it will bring them to another country and ask to Janie and George touch his arm on the fifth second, James is holding the stone and after 5 seconds when the time is right, the two touch the stone and are led into a jewelry store that is closed, is afternoon, James gets confused and says that he did not imagine that place, Janie admits that she was thinking of precious crystals but not exactly a jewelry store.
James looks through the closed glass door and see the Eifel Tower, some people are walking down the street. James says he knows what happened, the stone took them to a place among the  intermediary thoughts because James had though of the Eiffel Tower. George is asked what place he had thought, he replied that nowhere, all he wanted was to go away from their parents.
When James will ask what happened, someone in front of the glass door appears yelling and calling them thieves. James shouts to George to hold his arm, James holds the stone and when he holds the arm ofJanie, at the same time they teleport into a prison. James looks at the sides looking for George but not found. James holds the Janie's arm  and they teleport back to a jewelry store, but it is not the same jewelry that they were before, this is open and many people are looking for both of them suspiciously.
James, with tearful, desperate eyes, says to Janie get down on the floor. James breathe slowly for a while and then holding the stone he touches Janie.
They are teleported to the street where the jewelry store is located. James finds George handcuffed being led inside a police car by a few feet from where he is, there is another police officer, who is at the steering wheel. James holds the Janie's arm, both run toward George and James yells his name, George sees James and Janie running, George pushes the policeman with his arm and
runs toward the two, Janie holds the arm of George, James holds the stone with the free hand and the three return to the city where they live. The cops try to react but to no avail, everything happens very quickly.
The three are now at a park near the houses where they live. George is handcuffed. Janie says to James think of a place where selling staples to open the handcuffs. James says that staples are farces, George laughed a little. James also says that when he got to where George was, he had thought of George. James and George look at each other romantically and Janie smiles.
James holds the stone, George says that he goes with him but James refuses because he does not know what place he will teleport, just know only that the key will be there. James thinks of the handcuff key and disappears.
James is inside a sewer, he starts searching the key and the stone falls without him realizing it, after a while James feels the key and handle but when it will catch the stone, it is not in the pocket, he is desperate looking the stone but can not find it, your eyes begin to fill with tears. James has an idea, it is doubtful if it will work but he tries. James puts his hand in the sewage and closes his eyes, this time there is a tremor in the sewer.
We now see a beach, after 2 seconds appears James and all the dirty sewage is absorbed in the sand. James find the stone. People on the beach stare blankly James. James goes to an empty place.
James holds the stone thinking of George and teleports to the room of George, George is crying, when he sees James, he gets scared and wipes away the tears, cracks a smile, says that he could pass without the parents seeing the handcuffs and says Janie went her house. George cover his nose because of the stench of sewage and James points to a door and asks if it's the bathroom. George says yes and James entered. George picks up some clothes from his closet to give to James. James takes a shower and sits on the bed of George after wearing the clothes.
George says to James that he loves him and that the reason of the argues with his parents were because they did not want them to be together. James goes up George and they kiss.
It's early evening, James takes the stone that is in the pocket of dirty pants and says he has to go. Holding dirty clothes, James teleport to home.
James asks what his mother did while I was away and she complains because he was not there to help her. Mary also says Karen was arrested for stealing money, she was accused from her husband.
The days go by, James, George and Janie begin to venture out into the world going to several countries. Go to the moon and almost die without oxygen, and then saved, the three laugh by the fact. They save a man from committing suicide. Help the police to put prisoners in jail wearing masks to anyone recognize them.
James and George maintain a hidden relationship, only Janie know. They think of stealing money from banks using the teleport stone but they decide work for being more fun and less dangerous. The three begin to work in more than 30 companies such deliveries at the same time and making lots of money. James begins to help her mother with the money that is now receiving, saying that he got a job as delivery.
James feels that his mother is lonely, so he decides to surprise her using the stone. James puts the stone hidden in his hand and says to his mother imagine what she most wants at that moment and touch his hand. She does but nothing happens. James believes that his mother wants to be with him, talk. James crisand hug her. The two talked all night. James talks about his relationship with George and the parental disapproval of George, she accepts their relationship, she asks James to invite George to dinner at their house the next day and tells James to talk to the parents of George.
James decides to have the conversation that night and tells his mom. James uses the stone to teleport imagining George's parents back to him. James is teleported onto the sidewalk of a street and facing him is a car overturned with a chance of exploding, the car had overturned and the parents of George are inside. James pulls the two, which are passed out and take them to the hospital using the stone to teleport. People who are on the streets are confusing without understanding anything.
James is in hospital waiting George's parents recover and calls to Mary and George saying where he is and about the accident. After a while, George come in crying. George hugs James and James says everything will be ...
James faints.
James has cancer, the stone is radioactive and was it that caused the George's cancer, Janie gets the stone to study it and guard in a box made of lead. George's parents accept George and James' relationship, after James save them from death. George and Mary cry a lot in the hospital awaiting surgery for James to be able to go home. Janie is standing outside looking at them and crying quietly.
James is discharged from hospital, the doctor says it could not remove all the cancer and that James has to start chemotherapy as soon as possible, and that there is a high possibility of cancer be removed. George leadsJames on the wheelchair to home. We see Karen coming home and kissing Frank in front of their house, Frank bailed Karen (with stolen money that Karen hid and Frank found). Karen back very friendly and happy to return. George and Janie start doing cancer prevention and James asks for Mary to do well without explain the reason.
The families of James and George are meeting at the home of James and Mary, are all very happy and talking.
We see Janie in her bedroom with the lead box where is saved the stone. Lead inhibits the radiation and prevents the stone to perform the "magic". Janie opens the lead box, the stone is more glossy than before, but there is something strange about it, there are two stones.

The End

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