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Our Greatest & Spectacularly Tragic Box Office Predictions

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My Best, recently, would be The Revenant.

 I predicted it to make 163m DOM and 390m WW by 21st Feb, back in October.

It made 165m DOM and 381m WW.

And very very few predicted it to make even over 100m.


My Worst, recently, would be H8ful.

I predicted it to make 165m Dom and 350m WW by 21st Feb, at the same time as the above predict.

It made around 55m Dom and 150m WW.

In my defence, though, there were many expecting a >100m figure from it. 


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Right on the money: Edge Of Tomorrow: 100 million. Close to it:Fifty Shades Of Grey:155-160 million(166 million total), Ride Along 2:100 million(90 million total),Get Hard:97 million(90 million total), Transformers:Age Of Extinction:240 million(245 million), Godzilla:195 million(200 million), 300:Rise Of An Empire:115 million(106 million), Spy:105 milllion(110 million).Surprises:Deadpool:150 million(365 million), Kingsman:85 million(128 million), Home:95 million(177 million), American Sniper:85 million(350 million) , World War Z:66 million(202 million). Embarrassing:Ted 2:195 million(81 million), A Good Day To Die Hard:155 million(67 million), Unfinished Business:55 million(10 million). 

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