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Alpha's Y9 Top 25 (Coming Soon)

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For number 5...




I'll just go into detail why I put this film on such a high pedestal, when it's reviews so far haven't suggested anything special.


Here's the thing; I have a tremendous amount of respect for the original writer of this screenplay (Donald Glover), and to be honest, I think it's genius. I love The Boy's character progression over time, and his quest for trying to find the truth of why things in his life happen. I just love it. The storytelling, while just balls-out insane, is really, really cool.


I know it's not exactly gonna be everyone's favorite, but personally, it's my favorite film I ever adapted.

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Number 4...




This was the funniest film I saw all year. I know it's a riff, but it's just too funny. I don't usually laugh-out-loud while reading CAYOM comedies, but I cracked up while reading this. Rukaio, make more of these. I love them too much.


The top 3 will be revealed shortly.

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Full Top 25:


  1. The Battle for Brazil

  2. Train 38

  3. The Thin, the Fat and the Felon

  4. MST3K: Thomas the Tank Engine

  5. Because the Internet

  6. The Hateful Eight Redux

  7. Chuck Norris and Liam Neeson vs. The Underworld

  8. Cybernetic 7

  9. The House of Atreus

  10. The Adventures of Scrooge McDuck

  11. Sir Thymes Time 2

  12. Star Wars: Age of the Republic

  13. Lord of the Flies

  14. The Yellow Wallpaper

  15. Numbers Theory

  16. This is Not a Game

  17. Clear and Present Danger

  18. Suicide is Painless

  19. YZMA

  20. Life of Galileo

  21. Beauty and the Beast

  22. The Beast of Loch Ness

  23. Death Note: Eyes of a God

  24. 5 Centimeters Per Second

  25. Dauntless

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