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Crunching the Numbers: Year Nine (1st Quarter Reviews)

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Reviews will begin tomorrow, so get any final requests according to my earlier-mentioned guideline in by the morning.


Current Line-up:


Last Six Dos

Horror House 2



Train 38



Q2 Chronologically

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You know, I suddenly feel like suggesting Kansas. Can't imagine why.


Seriously though, it'll be interesting to see you review that.

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Dawn of the Last Six


In Which the Mythology Gets Mythology



Dawn of the Last Six is a curious film in that it takes the concept of the first film and then tries to expand it into new realms of mythology and prophecy concerning the formation, destruction, and reconstruction of the Godly Realms, but then decides to put a lot of it back into the box. The whole film is constructed around the Last Six's tensions caused by their continental separation and their need to return into a single unit, which is definitely a good dynamic since it feels like a scenario where the Avengers split up and tried to do their own thing in different places. There's definitely unresolved issues from the first film that the second rightfully brings back up, though the resolution of them is a little sloppy or forced a couple times. In many ways though, the film feels like a circle, bringing us back to essentially the status quo of the first film's conclusion, save for the introduction of Lust. Aside from some character development and some prophesying, not all that much really changes and you get the feeling that the movie is essentially saying "Wait for Film 3! That's where all the big stuff will happen!!"


I did like the way the film is structured. It's bold for a tentpole to spend so much time without any action at all and Last Six does it well, showing a brief montage of superheroness in the beginning followed by a lot of slow but careful and deliberate chessboarding of plot and characterization. This culminates in a massive action finale where, like always, a city is being torn apart by beings with superpowers. It's a wild and energetic finale, though the gender-bending gimmick definitely feels tired and over-used by the third act's conclusion.


In terms of acting, James McAvoy and Jeremy Renner get their cameos and do their thing, and Armie Hammer definitely seems to get the short end of the stick in terms of material. Top honors go to Andrew Garfield and Olivia Wilde, with Charlize Theron having fun vamping it up.


To sum up, Dawn of the Age of the Rise of the Last Six is an entertaining movie that requires some patience to let it set up all the pieces before charging into a thrilling third act. The film is narratively frustrating since it ultimately feels like a prolonged set-up for another movie, which hurts its value a bit.



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