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    Where You Imagine

    Well, it’s not the worse film of the year, I’ll tell you that. It was certainly entertaining, but I just felt it never really went anywhere. In fact, it just seemed like a generic adventure drama. Teenagers come across a stone that takes them wherever they feel like going. Actually I’ll take that back. What the film lacked was a solid villain besides cancer and Karen. I still wasn’t sure why she was still relevant to the film after she dropped the stone. Also, it sucked that they developed cancer after using the stone, but Karen didn’t? I was a bit confused there. In the end everyone lives happily ever after, but besides James and George not able to be together where they ever not happy?


    Logan Lerman and Dylan O’Brien barely saved the film with their performances and I felt Saoirse Ronan’s character was useless and could have been cut from the film. If there are sequels in the future, perhaps let there be an actual conflict that could keep audiences entertained. I just felt it was a big introduction to something that could have been better.


    C+ (With hard work, it could be awesome)

    Awesome review!


    Answering the questions:

    Karen used the stone a few times (To discover what the stone does and to steal money and gold), the film does not show that a few time was but mentions that Karen was going to tell her husband about the stone. times Karen used the stone were much smaller than James's times, so the radiation is not sufficient to give cancer to Karen.


    Karen in the movie serves as an example of what the stone could do in people (greed) and serves as a bridge between the stone and James too, but yes, I reread and agree that Karen could be removed without damaging the story. The movie there was no villain actually, was a movie about power (to go anywhere you can imagine) in the vision of James. The cancer was a twist and a consequence of the excessive use of power.


    Where They ever not happy?

    Well, actually, they were happy at that moment ("The families of James and George are meeting at the home of James and Mary, are all very happy and talking.") Because they are celebrating the coming of James, the recovery of parents George and the acceptance of James in the family.


    I agree with you, Sairose Ronan's character could be removed without problem. But

    if the film is successful I intend to follow up with her ​​in a major role (the final scene indicate this), so I preferred introduce her now.


    Thank you! :wub: I loved your review!  :D

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    So read pretty much read everything. Not gonna do reviews that are more than a few sentences long since I just got home and I want to wake up early to watch the Mexico game. Sorry about that, I'll also post my March predictions not that it matters lol

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    Sorry I skipped this: 


    The Cave

    Not the worse horror film of the year, actually decent and it did manage to give me a few scares here and there. 




    Black Cat

    Oh damn, I really enjoyed this film. Pretty solid entertainment but that's it. 




    Thin, the Fat, the Fellon

    Caught my intrest from the start. I found it pretty funny and it's a great western film and those are pretty rare to find now a days. The cast was brilliantly chosen and Pegg and Frost had real chemistry. Great direction by Edgar Wright! 




    Peace at Last

    What did I just watch? For an animated film I was bored out of my mind. 




    The Red Pyramid

    I wasn't here for the first Red Pyramid, but damn....it's a good movie, it was way too long though. I've never been a fan of Jaden Smith, not even in real life Karate Kid but he was pretty decent here. Other than that the cast did a great job, but I think Joey King stole the show. 



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    Well I finally got around to reading this. The first thing I want to say is it's not a bad film. I was expecting to see something really really contraversial. Don't get my wrong there's still plenty of contraversy but it's not the worse CAYOM film. There's no way of reviewing this film without adding my religious experience throughout my life. As I mentioned before I'm Mormon and I grew up into my religion. It's not evangelical christian or pentencostal christians, but we still believe in God and Jesus. Have I questioned my faith? Absolutely. But I never questioned my faith at an early age. It wasn't till I was probably a sophomore in high school that I started to ask questions and found some things my church does ridiculous. But still, I belive everything that I was taught from an early age. I can't see myself being any other religion. I felt this would have been more relatable if it was a teenage camp instead of a children's camp. It would be more believable. More so because in my church I can only recall there being youth conferences and youth camps. 


    Most people say my religion is extreme and while I do agree, it's not as extreme as what is portrayed in Kansas. We don't have a flag and our services are more quiet. I must say thought that I related a lot with the science book. Recently, I had an argument with my father because he doesn't belive in evolution and he got worried that going away for college is making me have less faith. I'm conflicted. Being a biology major and seeing all the evidence and being taught that God created everything as it is makes me so confused. 


    Now when it comes to church and state, I also related to that given that so many members of our church wanted to vote for Mitt Romney cauase he was Mormon and he shared our beliefs. I on the other hand didn't want him to win. I love going to church and I love reading the scriptures whenever I can as well as praying. It's something that is a part of my life. But idk I just didn't want any church rules or laws to be enforced upon the nation. 


    I can't hate Kansas. Sure, some of it is unbelievable but as I grow older I now see how church controls a huge chunck of how a person behaves and how he acts. Guilt is one of the things that came to mind when watching Kansas. More so because as I grew distant from my church starting from high school I began doing things I wasn't suppose to be doing and I feel the reason I became distant was because of the idea that I was suppose to attend my mission when I graduated high school. Only one in my church that chose to go to college instead of their mission. In a way Kansas inspired me to maybe write my own CAYOM film about my religious experience. We've all had different religious expriences and if this was Alpha's then I can't hate on it. 



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