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Lucy OS thread - 332.2M

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Yup, Italy and Uruguay yesterday, Paraguay today. That's all of its markets now, except for China.


So, somewhere over $400m without China, probably $450m when all is said and done.

Uruguay is a very small market and Lucy opened in 6th place. Unfortunately it's not even going to do $$0.1m there by the end of its run. And Paraguay is an even smaller market.

Let's hope for a good OW and good legs in Italy

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Excellent week for Lucy, almost $12m from holdovers. Lucy already at $406.3m and should get over $420m from existing markets before China opens.


Unless I missed something that puts Lucy at #12 WW this year (up to this point) with an outside shot at passing Lego's $468m total B)

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The real question is whether it'll cross the half-billion-dollar mark.

It would have to have a hell of a run in China, around $75m to manage $500m WW. Not impossible, but not very likely. I'll be happy as long as it does enough to pass $450m, anything over that is just gravy, although I suppose everything after $150m is actually gravy for a movie with such a small budget. ;):D

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Lucy, which has now opened in all Universal territories, plugged another $2.6M at 2,700 dates this frame. The Universal international total is $228.3M. Combined with the EuropaCorp territories, the weekend estimate is $3.2M, bringing the international cume to $286.2M.

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New totals:


Domestic:  $126,305,000    30.4%Foreign:  $288,700,000    69.6% = Worldwide:  $415,005,000




It slowed down a lot this week doing less than $3m, but should still have a few million left in existing markets. I am looking forward to seeing how it does in China.


So, do we have a date for China yet? The last I recall hearing was "near the end of October", which would be next weekend or the one after that.

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