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Blanked Out Reviews, Y9 (TOP 25!)

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HM: James Wan’s The Yellow Wallpaper


HM: Marc Webb’s Beauty and the Beast


HM: Chris Williams’ Me and My Shadow


19. Edgar Wright’s The Thin, the Fat, and the Felon


21. David Zucker’s Dystopia, USA


Top 5 will be posted after I get dinner with my bro

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Cybernetic 7, Battle for Brazil, Train 38 and Numbers Theory are the main ones I'm thinking. Not sure about the last one. Maybe Hateful 8, if he's looking at his own material.

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Top 10 Worst Films:


10. Horror House 2

9. Minnie’s Summer Vacation
8. Epicer Chase
7. The Ice Diaries
6. Samara
5. The Cave
4. Childhood Ruined 2
3. Vector
2. Tortoise Run
1. Kansas

Honorable Mentions:

The 39 Clues: Beyond the Grave

The Beast of the Loch Ness
Beauty and the Beast
Clear and Present Danger
Chuck Norris and Liam Neeson vs. the Underworld
Me and My Shadow
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Thomas the Tank Engine
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Part 1
Ship of Lies
The Yellow Wallpaper

Top 25:

25. Black Cat

24. Into the Dead
23. Suicide is Painless
22. Yzma
21. Dystopia, USA
20. 5 Centimeters Per Second
19. The Thin, the Fat, and the Felon
18. Star Wars: Age of the Republic
17. The Adventures of Scrooge McDuck
16. Legacy of the Joestars: Phantom Blood
15. Dawn of the Last Six
14. Dauntless
13. Fortune Hunters
12. Skyjumper
11. The Sky Crawlers
10. The House of Atreus
9. Walking Alone
8. Overdrive
7. This is Not a Game
6. Sir Thymes Time 2
5. Numbers Theory
4. Train 38
3. The Hateful Eight Redux
2. Cybernetic 7
1. The Battle for Brazil

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Yes! Top 2! And 8 films total! That BP nom for C7 is getting closer and closer. And Battle for Brazil may end up being one of the front runners to win, based on you and Rorscach's reviews

Anyway, I'll add your list to the Critical Consensus once I get up and shower.


EDIT: Also, I guessed all 5 correctly! Even if I didn't get the order.

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