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Disney's A Wrinkle in Time | 9th March, 2018 | Frozen's Jennifer Lee writing, Ava DuVernay directing. 45% on RT

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On 22/10/2016 at 3:57 AM, Porthos said:

At its core it's really about a Coming of Age story and the relationship between a young woman, her father, and her younger brother.  Throw in teenage feelings of attatchment and the first real stirrings of love (not lust, love) and it's not at all hard to see why this book (and its sequels) has been beloved for generations.  In fact, I would say that say that the book is about love, and what happens to people when love is stripped away.  Love of family, love of others, and, yes, love of oneself.


It also depicts one of the nastier versions of Evil ever put to print, children's book or not.  How IT is going to be put to screen and the society IT produced could make or break this film.  Well that and they absolutely have to nail Meg Wallace. Meg Wallace is a fairly nuanced character which could go wrong if not handled right.


Jennifer Lee was a great choice to tackle these themes. And now I'm sure DuVernay will be excellent in bringing out the poignancy and heartfelt nature of the story (especially after the news that it was she who advised they focus on Rey's facial expressions during the climactic battle in TFA to add in the intimacy and raw emotionality that really elevated that sequence). 

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So Zack Galifianakis, Andre Holland, Rowan Blanchard (across on Disney show) and Bellamy Young were all added to the cast. Also Levi Miller from Pan will be playing Calvin and Deric McCabe is playing Charles 




I wonder if this will actually be a hit though? Disney's Live action project aren't really going well and I don't know if the book is still popular with kids today. 

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4 minutes ago, tribefan695 said:


If they don't, Disney will make every effort to ensure they start again

lol I just don't know. The main target audience for this is Kids but I don't know if they'll have that much interest. Pete Dragon was very good but it slightly underperformed at the boxoffice . 100 million is a very high budget. I hope Disney knows what they're doing. 

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