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Frozen II | Nov 22 2019 | 2nd Most Profitable Movie of 2019. Disney does it again! | Documentary series coming to D+ June 26

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2 minutes ago, fabiopazzo2 said:

Disney Main channel on YT, 21M views +500K like, good hold

Film select trailer 20M views on YT+ 480K like

I can't recall a time where the views of a trailer were so evenly split between an official channel and a side channel. 


Regardless these are good numbers.


Facebook seems to have 3 main videos, 16m on Frozen page, 4.3m on MovieClips and 2.9m on Disney page.

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First Teaser Trailer of latest Disney/Pixar big movies on Youtube (Official Channel+FilmSelect)


          DAYS           VIEWS      COMS           LIKES
FR2           3    43.950.000    162.800    1.086.000
TLK         86    74.100.000    147.300    1.521.000
TS4         96    21.755.000      40.200       344.800
ALAD    128    28.390.000      44.100       344.000
INC2     516    90.250.000      45.600       548.500

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I say 1.5 billion worldwide is the good bet right now.


But then again, I was the only one crazy enough to predict 800m WW for the first one back when everybody dissmissed it as "Tangled On Ice" and then ended up making nearly 1,3 Billion WW, so IDK. This franchise is the ultimate Wild Card when it comes to BO predictions.

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Passing the first one would be enough of an outstanding victory for this considering what a phenom the OG was. As of now, this has the best chance of foiling Panda's all 2019 movies under their predecessors club IMO. Which is amazing in many ways.

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My wife and I watched the trailer together for the first time Friday night.

Then we watched it a second time.

Finally we talked about it.

After watching it a third time we know it is going to be huge!


So intriguing with not a line of spoken dialogue!! 

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I am so looking forward to this. I haven't been this excited for a movie since the first Frozen where I pretty much spent all my time in the Frozen thread, followed by the South Korea and Japan threads.

It helped that they put out one hell of a trailer to start the ball rolling.


I have little doubt it will beat Frozen's domestic total, but I'm not sure about WW as that ridiculously huge Japan number will be hard to approach.

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On 2/16/2019 at 3:21 AM, Snowman said:

Frozen is back 😭

The movie that brought me to the Forum.


Same! I was curious about how the box office might go and I wanted to see how it went. :) 


I remember a few of you guys from the first film's thread! Nice to be back with my fellow Frozenites!

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On 2/14/2019 at 3:06 PM, fabiopazzo2 said:

24 hours


Main channel


13M views on FB

11,5M views on YT

15,3M views in Twitter 

3,3M views on Instagram 

5 days

Main channel 

30M views  on YT(multi 2,6)

18,1' views on Twitter 

5M views on Instagram 

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Hopefully Frozen II can close Walt Disney Animation Studios' Resurgence chapter in a mic-drop fashion. Although initially unsure, the teaser trailer, if its any sort of tonal compass, has me reeling with uncontrollable excitement and brings me back to the days when I first joined the forum (as CelestialFairyIX). What a treat it has been to witness Walt Disney Animation Studios emerge out of the darkness of the 2000s and into the forefront of animation reminiscent to their Renaissance period. Let us see how the beloved studio's Jennifer Lee era develops and evolves for it may only be the beginning of another stellar decade.

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