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KRAMPUS | 12.4.15 | Universal | final domestic gross: $42,725,475

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5 hours ago, filmlover said:

This is going to bomb big time. Both buzz and the ad campaign are virtually nonexistent, plus horror and Christmas just aren't a commercially appealing combo.

Unless if it's done right. Why did Silent Night, Deadly Night underperform? Because it had the controversies due to its subject about a guy in a Santa Claus outfit killing people. Why did the Black Christmas remake just bleh? It wasn't memorable, it was the Weinstein's cash in. Why did Santa's Slay be placed into a small release and then DTV? Possibly because the film was being shit on by the studio and dumped into a small release. Krampus will probably do ok for a little bit, but it's legs will terrible for it.

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Its out in cinemas here already and I got to watch it.


Disappointing. So much potential, some damn good practical effects, but the pacing just seemed way off to me.


You know how in horror movies, the "something's not right" feeling is what dominates the first act?




In here, it literally takes half the movie to get things going as they would in the first 20 minutes of most other horror comedy flicks. Most of the audience seemed restless or were unashamedly checking their phones.



I know that Dougherty wanted this Gremlins kind of vibe, but the creatures don't get enough screen time (nowhere near the Gremlins in their own film). A shame cos there was clearly some thought put into their designs. 


First act and third act (the ending especially) were not bad for me, its just that the movie screeches to a near halt in the middle.


However, I think its more of a marketing issue (see Crimson Peak..). I'm not expecting word of mouth to be good, but I really hope its just me and you guys manage to enjoy watching this.






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24 minutes ago, Goffe said:


Is it anything like Drag Me to Hell? 


the trailer reminds me of that movie.


Hmm well our protagonists are responsible for all the bad stuff but they arent terrible persons (Though Drag me to hell's lead is debatable)

They're also both comedy horror and twisted in their own sort of way.  


Quality-wise, I enjoyed Drag me to hell wayyy more. 

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31 minutes ago, Goffe said:

Too bad...


And yes, DMTH is wonderful.


Hmm wait actually Krampus does give some serious Drag me to hell vibes..especially the whole moral lesson bit. 


Its just that its unevenness distracts a lot from any DMTH similarities.

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