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Shazam! | April 5, 2019 | 21st Most Profitable Film of 2019

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53 minutes ago, LouisianaArkansasGeorgia said:

The MCU box office is phenomenal; the quality, on the other hand can be...um...

with :gold:Captain Marvel being the latest mediocre MCU film to achieve gigantic BO thanks to the amazing reputation that the Marvel Universe has amassed (and thanks to riding the IW/EW coattails...)

That would be your opinion which globally many disagree with. I mean many liked JL and BVS despite my opinion that they were trash. To each their own.

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I already told you deserves got nothing to do with it. How many Oscar winner movies gross 500M ? People like what people like even if it's mediocre to you. Just look at Transformer everyone thought they were mediocre to trash but gross billion $. You can't dictate people just because you think the movie is great it deserves to gross more. Now if it was really the case as you say that Shazam is such a great movie then why are people not watching it. If a movie is really great then it doesn't matter whatever the competition maybe it will obliterate... But that doesn't seem to be the case and you still insist on it :sadno:

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19 minutes ago, Watchman89 said:


Shazam is doing well in the US and outside of it.


Will be interesting how WB treats it. A great start to build on or a franchise that doesn´t quite bring in the box office money.

is that intended as a joke? since when is a -53% drop on an empty weekend, "magic".

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On 4/14/2019 at 11:08 PM, chuck0 said:

Just saw this. Really a joy to watch. Ending drags a little, but overall a very pleasant movie.

Love that Levi got some more work... i did like him in Chuck quite a bit :)

I loved Chuck. So ridiculous but so much fun as well.

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Finally saw it on  Saturday. A lot of fun. I had a couple of reservations, but overall DC did a good job with this, showed they could do a comedy oriented Super Hero film really well.

DC has now released two good, solid, well liked films in a row..something they have not done.Yeah, a lot of people went to see BvS and SS, and the films made a lot of money, but a lot of people did not like what they had paid to see. With Aquaman and Shazam, people feel they got's their money's worth. A big step for the DCU;they have learned how to string a couple of successes together in a row, instead of up and down, hit or miss.

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