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Jason Bourne | 7.29.2016 | One week IMAX release on August 26 thanks to Ben Hur flopping

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Neo: 108M

Ethan Hunt: 103M


Cheesy Poofs: 88M


lilmac: 68M

jessie: 65M



Neo: 289M


Ethan Hunt: 284M

Cheesy Poofs: 264M

kowhite: 250M

DAJK: 215M

jessie: 170M

lilmac: 145M

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I'll comment with my full reaction here:

YESSS. I'm so freaking stoked for this. Greengrass and Damon are a dream team and nothing in the action genre has truly touched Ultimatum since it came out. 


I wouldn't mind if Renner was in this too, but I'm good either way :D

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July 2016 does have a lot of movies coming out, the question is how many will movie and how many of them will actually be big.Still, the demand for this will be there. But remember demand for Dragon 2 "was" there? The 9 year gap could hurt this as well as help. So I'm going lower with 75/215 just as an early prediction based solely on the fact that its happening and release date.Overseas, it will jump, but not huge. We will have to wait for a next one after this (if it happens) for that big jump. Still, 325-350OS is doable.

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