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Which Phase 3 film are you most excited for?

Phase 3 Film you're most excited for   

71 members have voted

  1. 1. Which one are you most hyped for

    • Captain America 3: Civil War
    • Doctor Strange
    • Guardians of the Galaxy 2
    • Thor 3: Ragnarok
    • Black Panther
    • Avengers 3: Infinity War Parts 1 and 2
    • Captain Marvel
    • Inhumans

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Inhumans. Simply because their the "oddball" of the group, so to say. I'm really interested to see how marvel will approach the film. 


All of the other one, especially Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War I'm excited for too. 

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Alright, not counting TA3, I'd say 1. Cap 3, 2. Panther, 3. Strange.


Cool to see a black character star in his own movie. Will Panther be set in jungles and shit (would be awesome) or is he an urban panther? Don't care about Thor (although since that movie is apparently very significant, I might have to check it out). Don't know anything about Captain Marvel or Inhumans.

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Glad I could vote for more than one but really I'm excited for 90% of them.

I voted:



Black Panther


I'm indifferent on Inhumans.

I've never been a Carol Danvers fan so Captain Marvel doesn't excited me. Would rather have had Black Widow or if not her Spider-woman(Jessica Drew).


The others I'm also stoked for but those are my top 3!

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The house would go down if spider-man appeared in civil war. But that could only happen if Sony and marvel keep their lips completely shut on any type of negotiations. Not saying it'll happen but it wouldn't be the first time marvel kept a secret to surprise fans

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Voted for all of them. How can you not be excited for the this bunch of movies. Starting with CW that kicks off the phase going into the magic side of the Universe then heading cosmic followed by "TWS" of the phase then off to Africa. Followed by a ground breaking earth shattering event followed by a movie that will take us cosmic and tie in the "Event" movie followed by a movie that will further expand the Universe ending with anepic conclusion to the phase.

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