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13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi | Michael Bay | 40M on homevideo sales so far (Page 20)

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Gee, if you are gonna bother with a #stickingit post, you could at least manage not throttling the grammar?


And I meant IN REAL LIFE! Either people don't know the name of the director of Transformer films or they bash him. Nobody knows his name AND adores him.


Steven Spielberg, The Futurist, Christopher Nolan, Baumer, James Cameron all do.

That s 5, that s a start.

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I can't stand Bay but I absolutely respect that he is an auteur. Just look at a Michael Bay film for 5 seconds and you can see it's a Michael Bay film. He may be rubbish but at least he is consistent and has a personal flair. I'm sure this will make money and I will probably hate it but I'm always open to my mind being changed. Hopefully it will be Bay's first good film (I say this every year and continue to be wrong :( )

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Looks like a wannabe Lone Survivor with elements of Argo. At least Bay looks like he really is trying here. I could see it being one of his better recent movies, with decent critical reception, but some criticism regarding the "dialogue".


Also, weren't those two trailers exactly the same? I mean, except for that one semi audible f-bomb of course...

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It's Bay.


I'm there.  Will be terrific like everything he does.  But why are there no recognizable names in here.  Krasinski is far from a recognizable name but that's the best they have.


Oh well, I'll still be there to see it.

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