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13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi | Michael Bay | 40M on homevideo sales so far (Page 20)

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I don't like Bay's movies at all, but it's kinda ridiculous he couldn't get a higher budget for this. From everything I've heard, he delivers his movies on time and under budget, and they've obviously been very successful.


His "serious" movies don't do nearly as well as his spectacles, though, so it's understandable that the studio wouldn't want to automatically pour more money into it.

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His "serious" movies don't do nearly as well as his spectacles, though, so it's understandable that the studio wouldn't want to automatically pour more money into it.


His Benghazi movie could draw the Lone Ranger/American Sniper crowds though, Pain & Gain was a tough sell.

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Bay on having to beg Paramount for more money


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I have my doubts this is anything but marketing.  This Hollywood wont let him tell the truth plays perfectly for the audience they are going after with this film.  Because it does not make sense otherwise.  Forgot for a moment that Paramount needs him for their biggest franchise and he has made them billions so what is 10 million to make him happy here.  This movie on its own merits would deserve a 10 million bump because this type of movie, aiming at this audience, on this date has been extremely profitable the last couple of years and this movie will end up with a lot more free publicity then even American Sniper because of Hillary Clinton and the primaries. 

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Bay had to get the budget for this movie before American Sniper.

Quite possibly before even Lone Survivor. But let's say he could use that movie as a comp.

Bottom line, unless you can point to Sniper...which I'm guessing Bay couldn't given how when budgeting was happening...

Zero Dark, Lone Survivior. You can bet the studio was looking squarely at those movies.

And quite simply...they both say...30-40m budget. I don't care if you're Michael Bay, this ain't your wheelhouse Michael.

Snipers success means, the marketing might get more play. Nonetheless I don't doubt this is true. I sure Paramount likes Bay, which is why this, and Pain and Gain were even greenlit. But if you're saying you don't buy the budget restrictions. You're saying Paramount would say to Bay...yes! Whatever you want, even though we fully expect to lose money.

I don't think Bay is bullshitting. They're letting him make the movie he wants. And they're giving him an appropriate budget given reasonable market comps. Unfortunately for Bay, Sniper perhaps came too late...

Now you may ask, how did they get 60m for Sniper then? Well...I guess Eastwood is just more convincing. Probably helps that project had interest from people like Spielberg. Or somebody just took a chance.

But...this makes sense regardless.

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