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Tomorrowland (2015) OS Thread | OS $115.2M Total | WW $208.6M

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Yeah, this will be a flop here in Germany.


But someone over at Disney should try to explain, why you would call the movie "A world beyond" over here, while the term "Tomorrowland" is million times catchier and even mentioned in the trailer.

Incredibly stupid.

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Worst news is in China its presales are < 1/10 of frickking I Frankenstein which is also opening on the same day. Its absolutely horrible. Also a week later San Andreas is opening and a week later Jurassic World is opening and so its screwed there as well. I could see sub 200m OS for this !!!!

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Brad Bird, what have you done?

Concerning the international market - I don't know if that was even a goal. The whole "Tomorrowland"/Disney theme seems like a very USofA concept to me; nobody in Europe knows anything about that background. I haven't (yet) seen the actual movie but if it catches on with US audiences, that's probably all Bird could hope for.

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