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PLAYMOBIL : The Movie | December 6, 2019

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Following in the footsteps of their Danish rival, LEGO, German toy company Playmobil is, Variety reports, developing its own feature film take on the company's popular toy line. Paris-based ON Entertainment is partnering with Wild Bunch and Pathe for an $80-million dollar animated Playmobil feature.
Dreamworks veteran Bob Persichetti (Monsters vs. Aliens, Shrek 2) is heading the development team, which will consist of the same creatives that made ON Entertainment's The Little Prince feature, set to debut in Fall of next year. 
The Playmobil movie is produced by Dimitri Rassam, Aton Soumache, Alexis Vonarb and Moritz Borman, with production set to commence in Montreal at ON Entertainment’s animation division for a worldwide theatrical release at the end of 2017, where it will compete against Warner Bros.' The LEGO Batman Movie.
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My young childhood


Exactly. I would care about this if I was still 11 years old. I would be freaking excited, actually. Playmobil were so, so, much better than Lego.


There's currently an animated series inspired on Playmobil, airing in most European countries, by the way.

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I got to say that I am kind of hyped for this thing, it would be on my number 2 in most anticipated movies if they didn't got the stupid one year rulle :P


No I'am not 13, I am 19 now. It's just I played with these toy for more then 5000 hours at least. And it's diferent then the lego stuff, they don't got all the famous persons (atleast not when I was young) so they could do something new. I just hope it doesn't disepoint!

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