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Directors in Animation

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After watching Big Hero Six and finding out the directors were from Winnie the Pooh and Bolt, I had a sigh of regret. Such a great concept wasted on very average directors. But then again, that's what Lasseter's mandate has been. Dan Scanlon did nothing with MU. The toolbag that took over Brave didn't do much.


Anyway it seems that generally if a film is directed by someone with some pedigree it will turn out pretty good or rather, you can tell how the next film will go with their resume.


Brad Bird did fantastic with Incredibles and Ratatouille.

You had DeBlois and Sanders with Lilo & Stitch, HTTYD, Croods and HTTYD 2.

Unkrich with Toy Story 3.

Docter with MI and Up.

Stanton with Nemo and Wall-E.

Cloudy and Lego Movie directed by that Jump Street duo.


Then the guys doing Shrek 4, Puss in Boots etc. you just knew they wouldn't make a good movie.


Which directors do you like? and whose films do you look forward to?


I have little to no hope for the next "Don Hall/Chris Williams" project.

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