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How long do you think Dreamworks can continue for?

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Dreamworks really needs a huge facelift, and needs to promote quality over quantity and pointless sequels.


It's strange though because the gags and jokes that Dreamworks pulls are the stuff that kids usually go for. It says a lot that they can't even sell the dumb gags to the easiest audience out there.

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Well, they have a new logo now. They attached it to the Trolls teaser poster.




I can't remember if "The dream is everything" was always their tagline or whether I'm noticing it just now.

I just noticed that too... I don't believe they've ever done that tagline before or I just never noticed it before but regardless, I like it! :D 


PS: Trolls is giving me, "The Croods" vibe. 

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DreamWorks will be fine for a LONG time. Home was a hit, and while I'm not as optimistic as Mr.FantasticGuy34, I think KFP3 will be a MASSIVE global hit, and will be able to cover any losses for Trolls... assuming Trolls isn't also a hit.


I wish B.O.O had happened though :(

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