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SOUTHPAW | 07.24.15 | The Weinstein Company | final domestic gross: $52,421,953

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Trailer is terrific....love that they channeled Clubber Lang in the scene where he tells his wife that she should be with a real man.  

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Looks like Jake's performance has tremendous potential from the trailer but the rest looks a bit too cheesy and over the top. Could be different when its seen as part of the whole movie though.

Also, I have never seen 50 Cent give a good acting performance and he doesnt look any better from those clips.

I would have loved to see them fill those roles with different actors. Maybe Denzel Washington or De Niro instead of Whittaker, and Terence Howar instead of 50 Cent.

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Moves up a week. So now we have Pan, Pixels, Paper Towns and Southpaw (Damn you Southpaw for spoiling the 3Ps)


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Just call it PAW.

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I was interested in this since it's Jyllenhaal, but I just saw the trailer and it looks pretty bad. Also why did he decide it would be a good idea to use a voice which is completely unintelligble?

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His best performance is still Jack Twist. In a sense, it's a shame that he got overshadowed so badly by Ledger, since Gyllenhaal is fantastic in it, but Ledger completely deserved the attention and awards he got, since it's a truly astonishing performance (and is better than Jake).

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