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Dreamworks Animation: What Went Wrong?

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I gotta hand it to Dreamworks, they may have been on a franchise-happy trend the last couple years, but they seem to have delivered three straight solid entries. It may not have worked out for them real well at the box office so far, but their filmmaking reputation is no worse for the wear.And now I'm really looking forward to this long streak of non-sequels they've got planned.

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I know what you are getting at but you are wrong to think it. All studios in Hollywood are guilty of going with adaptations and they do it because they want to avoid risk. Why do you think there are so many re-hashes of Star Trek and why do you think Disney bought Marvel?However, to answer your question there are some examples of original work by DW, eg: Kung Fu Panda, Monsters Vs. Aliens, Madagascar, Shark Tale, Megamind, Bee Movie, Antz and then there are some 2D films which I didn't mention. In the future, there is the Croods and Turbo to name a few.

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