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With Poltergeist moving up two months (!!) to May 22nd, we still have a horror movie released wide in every month of 2015, aside from this month, March.

Nothing on Somnia (May 8th) which makes me move it to the Limited/VOD section, although it's still "Wide" on BOM.

Gallows, the film from NewLine opening in July doesn't have a poster or trailer yet. So I'll keep an eye on that one.

Adam Scott (urgh) and Toni Collette (Yay) have joined Krampus, which opens in December from the director of Trick R Treat.

IT is scheduled to start filming this summer, however the director (of True Detective season 1) has said that he's still looking for the perfect Pennywise.

On YouTube channel "Beyond the Trailer", Grace Randolph said that UNFRIENDED is expected to open way above last weekends Focus. No surprise there with the trailer views.

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That actually looks ok.

I prefer the old title though, but that trailer is quite good. Thomas Jane looks different!

IT FOLLOWS is headed for $100,000+ from 4 theaters this weekend after a $40,000 Friday. 95% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Well I suppose discussion of that will be limited to this thread since the BOD thread I made broke some sort of rule.


It Follows is expanding to 1000+ theaters next weekend in light of that number.

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Trailer views update: includes all video content on the films facebook page.

UNFRIENDED: 65million views (YouTube and Facebook)

BEFORE I WAKE: 2 million (YouTube and Facebook)

POLTERGEIST: 21million views (YouTube and Facebook)

INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 3: 17million views (YouTube and Facebook)

CRIMSON PEAK: 6.5million views (YouTube and Facebook)

Note: surprisingly Unfriended already has 1million "likes" as a page on Facebook. Poltergeist has 200k, Before I Wake 7k and Crimson Peak 65k. Insidious has 4.5m but includes all three films.

No other horror films have trailers out yet. Although Sinister 2 trailer appears on April 9th.

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THE GALLOWS is still being released wide on July 10th. Footage was shown during WonderCon Blumhouse panel.

NewLine/WB better get a trailer out very soon.

I'm sure I seen the trailer for it last year. It was a found footage film about a stage show, from Blumhouse. Although at that time it was called 'Stage Fright'. The trailer has been removed now though.

Apparently it's test screenings have been fantastic, despite being PG-13.

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