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What boxoffice runs are unbelievable in retrospect?

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This year I think I would say I Can Only Imagine, Black Panther, and oddly enough Super Troopers 2 and so far Mamma Mia 2.  


In a disappointing retrospect nothing this year in that regard. 

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On 5/25/2018 at 1:32 PM, Juby said:

Another version of E.T. worldwide number before 2002 re-release:



"The previous record holder was Spielberg's own "E.T." (USA/1982), which eventually grossed $701 million." So, without domestic gross, OS should have been around $301 mln... Maybe.


Another article proves that E.T.'s numbers on Mojo (and everywhere alse, cause almost every site copy data from Mojo) are bullshit. Foreign gross is overestimated around $23M.



'E.T.' grossed $359.2 million domestically and $281.3 million overseas in its initial 1982 release, and tacked on another $40 million domestically and $20 million overseas during its re-release in 1985 for a combined $701.4 million worldwide.

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