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What boxoffice runs are unbelievable in retrospect?

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On 1/29/2019 at 12:51 PM, Joel M said:

As someone who was born in the mid-80s Elton John is the guy that sang in Diana's funeral and that's about it. His only song I knew growing up was Tiny Dancer because of Almost Famous and that movie is not exactly a huge classic that everyone remembers. He was huge but his music hasn't crossed over to new generations like the other ones mentioned. For all we know teens of today might think he is Ed Sheeran's dad and that's why he is famous.


An Elton John greatest hits album is currently 30 spots higher on US iTunes than Taylor Swift's most recent studio album.

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On 1/24/2019 at 9:41 AM, Charlie Jatinder said:

There are others as well but since it's recent one. Bohemian Rhapsody.


I watched film last night, its just good, something that should have finished at $250-300mn but its doing $550-575mn internationally. That's ridiculous.


And it's not that it opened big but its the legs that are ridiculous IMO. I generally like leggy runs but when I don't like any film that much, it becomes nuisance to me.

It's somewhat inexplicable/embarrassing, but I guess their catalog of hits (which is quite strong, to be fair) is that indelible with the public. 

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I can see leggy blockbusters becoming increasingly rare and we'll see fewer performances like ASIB, BR and even smaller films like Green Book. Studios will want to get as much boxoffice as possibly - quickly - before moving their films to streaming platforms.

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On 2/1/2019 at 5:34 AM, peludo said:



The difference between both is what each did in USA and in China. If we exclude those 2 countries, and next to Titanic and Avatar, both films are the only ones which did $1b OS without China (1.010b IW and 1.007b SW7).

In terms of box office gross, I'd agree.  In terms impact on box office trends and cultural influence, I'd have to go with neither TFA or IW, but the first Avengers.  


The Avengers single-handedly catapulted the superhero genre into what it is now.  If the Avengers hadn't happened, the box office landscape would look completely different.  I mean, there'd still be superhero movies, but there wouldn't be multiple billion dollar grossing superhero movies each year.  Superheroes would just be another genre at the box office instead of the genre.  I doubt we'd have gotten something like as risky as Deadpool, characters as obscure as Black Panther and the Guardians, or a concept as out there as Spider-Verse.  While TFA was a monster hit, I don't think you can say that it changed the Box Office landscape meaningfully.


The second point (cultural influence) is a lot harder to prove.  My personal experience, among my social group and the online communities I frequent, is that The Avengers is a lot more memorable than TFA.  The circle shot. 'I understood that reference' 'I'm always angry' 'We have a hulk'.  I'll admit this could be due to self selection and that there are going to be plenty who disagree.  Ultimately, I do think the proof is in the pudding though.  The cinematic universe spawned by the Avengers has been much more successful than the Sequel Trilogy and spinoffs spawned by TFA.  

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