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Most Cringeworthy Scenes (or the Worst Scenes)

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Which parts of the series just get under your nails and make you curse "Avada Kedavra!" at the idiocy of those scenes?I dislike just about any scene containing Ginny. One of the worst lines in the series: Ginny and Harry are in the Room of Requirement and Ginny goes to hide the potions book of the Half Blood Prince, when Ginny says, "You can hide me up here, too." I responded, "I wish he would, and then no one would ever find you."

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You beat me to it. All scenes involving Ginny. Although she was even more infuriatingly annoying in the books. Other than that, all the Lavendar Brown scenes in Half Blood Prince. I guess they thought that was cute or funny but I thought it was awful, out of place, unwatchable. Her brightest moment was being eaten by Frenir in DHII.

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SS - Honestly can't think of one at the moment. The closest may be when Harry catches Neville's remembrall and everyone cheers. Or the horribly obvious CG in quidditch. But, knowing how they had to do that for the first film, I can't be too mad at that.CoS - The end with Hagrid... by farPoA - Definitely "HE WAS MY FRIEND!!!" Though I can't fault Radcliffe that much. After all, it was only the 3rd film and Alfonso should have had him try some other way of doing that. The freeze-frame at the end is dorky as all hell also.GoF - So many ...

1.) The entire Quidditch World Cup from Arthur/Amos/Cedric floating down stupidly from the Portkey to "I love magic" to the stupid-ass song they sing while abusing Ron about his love for Krum. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

2.) Entrance of the Beauxbatons students. Wouldn't have been so bad without the loud audible "siggggghhh" that they had them do.

3.) Hermione explaining to the Weasley twins why their potion won't defeat the age line. Hate, hate, hate, hate how she overacts that scene. The whole put-down-the-book-deliberately-then-turn-head-dramatically thing angers me to no end.

4.) Seamus kissing the egg and Harry saying "who wants me to open it?"

5.) Madame Maxime eating a bug out of Hagrid's beard. I mean REALLY?

6.) Bathtub scene in prefect's bathroom. They tried to make Myrtle funny there, but no.

7.) Harry flying out of the black lake and landing on the platform. Looked completely stupid.

OotP - Truthfully, the only scene that makes me cringe a bit in that one is the Room of Requirement montage where Harry is giving his "motivational" speech. Oh and Petunia's streetwalker "dress" in the beginning. WTF was that?!HBP - I don't have an opinion either way on Ginny, but the three scenes in this that bother me are the RoR when hiding the HBP book, in the Burrow with the "shoelace" and when she feeds him at the Burrow during Christmas. Ugh.DH1 - Can't think of any at the moment.DH2 - Maybe the Neville professing his love for Luna line. Seemed out of place.
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Lyrics like "boogie down like a unicorn" and "groove around like a scary ghost" don't sound like lyrics for songs people above the age of six listen to. :D

Why not? Have you ever actually listened to lyrics of songs that real teenagers love nowadays? Not exactly Bernie Taupin. :lol: Besides, they actually have unicorns and scary ghosts in HP magic world.
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